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direction one Belle dating amie

Belle Amie - Axed Belle Amie slam Simon Cowell for spending too much time with One Direction - 1 Direction - X Factor - Xfactor - Celebrity. One Direction star,Cher Lloyd, was spotted kissing the Belle Amie singer after Sunday's final, fuelling reports that they are in a relationship. Belle Amie were an English pop girl group based in London, consisting of members Esther . She was dating Zayn Malik from British-Irish band One Direction, but later broke up. In January , Lane left the group. Geneva stated it wasn't the.

Maybe it was just me being a bit of a dick. I had already direction one Belle dating amie a bond with Rebecca during Bootcamp and that was apparent so naturally a strong direction one Belle dating amie grew between Geneva and Esther who also had a lot in common.

This was not one of our suggestions. As good and classic as the song is we were initially quite panicky about it being an older song. We wanted to be able to appeal to the younger viewers, for people to think that we were relatively cool and we thought that meant singing a song from the last decade at least.

The vocal coach and production team asked us to bear with them and gave us our parts. In Geraldton Slut went through it and actually we were pleasantly surprised, not to buzz off ourselves too much but it suited all of our voices well, we harmonised like pros and knew that the song would give us the chance to be original with it.

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We were happy and the X Factor team gave us great feedback increasingly our near non-existent confidence. We then went into choreography where the performance aspect was added to our song. Again it all went surprisingly well considering that none of us were dancers and were all somewhat physically awkward. Everything felt good and right and we were starting to believe our hope of impressing whichever judge we would be performing too in the coming days.

It all kind of seemed too good to be true. Next we were direction one Belle dating amie onto a coach direction one Belle dating amie taken to a hotel near a London airport.

Now obviously at the time I was like you confident little shit in a little brother kind of waybut it was only the other day they were described as exactly that on some E!

But then it was a game and maybe he was just being objective rather than personal. It direction one Belle dating amie interesting to feel the competition really begin and with that there was bound to be some shift in relationship dynamics.

Typical boys. But then really give me back those hours I wasted on aimlessly making up shit band names any Czech Sex texting Republic in. In the end band names mean jack all. I hardly slept that night, I felt 7 again waiting to get up for Disneyland.

We were taken to the airport still clueless about where we were going. We were asked to gather around to be filmed opening an envelope informing us of our destination. However we had already kind of guessed it from the departures board. Naughty us. We screamed a lot. I don't regret anything.


Being part of the band brought out the best in me. It really helped build my confidence as a performer. The X Factor is a good platform to start a career with. I've met a lot of people and learned a lot from seeing that side of the industry. Are you a fan of any of the new music that your former fellow X Factor contestants have been releasing? I'm not gonna lie, I direction one Belle dating amie a fan of Cher Lloyd from her first audition!

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She's doing so well, we're all so proud. What kind direction one Belle dating amie music are you listening to at the moment? I listen to a lot of music! I'm very open-minded and am always looking for new artists to listen to. I'm having a bit of an Ed Sheeran phase at the moment. I think he's awesome! A brilliant songwriter and all round performer. We're all busy doing our own thing. I'm just looking forward to the future and focusing on my music. Are you dating anyone else?

What about celebrity crushes I am single, I'm happy direction one Belle dating amie I'm loving it. I think John Mayer is a bit of alright ; What can we expect to hear from Geneva Lane in the future and do you have an 'ultimate career goal'?


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