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Disneyland is less than 30 minutes' drive from this hotel. All rooms feature cable TV with HBO film channels and free WiFi. Chateau Inn and Suites Downey: Prostitutes,drugs and threats from patrons of the establishment. Also, hotel staff is aware of issues but not helpful. - See Downey [] 2 S.C.R. Reverse onus provision -- Accused convicted of living on avails of prostitution. Present: La Forest, L'Heureux-Dub, Sopinka.

Look at the pic with the battery for a button. Ruined everything. They didn't even apologize Downey Prostitute in the stupid air not working. Two fucken ppl were banging on the door yellin that the 2nd floor was flooded from the jacuzzi. The floor wasnt even wet. They came in i had no god damn clothes on and these asshole bitches didnt care. Door wide open and i had no fucken Downey Prostitute in on. So fucken embarrassing. Never again.

Racist asshole bitches. Save your money!


Whole room Smelled like cigarettes!!! Place looks dirty, towels looked used some even had stains!! The bed sheets looked as if they just remade the bed instead of applying new sheets At night people were arguing in the parking lot and kept us from falling asleep.

The guy at the counter looked dirty and unprofessional, was eating and smacking Downey Prostitute in food while we checked in, when he asked for a 1 bed he offered Downey Prostitute in room that had 2 beds but said " I have a 2 bed u can use but only one bed is available" Been here a couple times each room was an experience.

Downey Prostitute in is Downey Prostitute in affordable. I deffinatley made the best of it. Bring your own blankets, sheets and pillows like i did. This hotel Downey Prostitute in really get rated or inspected by the city it's the most disgusting unsanitary place to stay!

Straight came up on our money didn't even give me the money for the second day back after not staying both days! Fuck y'all! This place is a real gem. They are getting a star for their polite front desk attendees. I should have known better, but last minute pre-Christmas accommodations on a budget are tough.

When I was told my deposit would be refunded upon return of the television remote which didn't work I knew it was bad. This dump needs Downey Prostitute in be shut down Horrible night. The fire alarm went off all night long. We woke up to fire trucks sirens and loud running from fire fighters for about 2 hours.

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The windows are nailed shut and i froze all night. A lot of prostitutes too. Shut Downey Prostitute in down!!!! Multiple times a week police catch armed criminals at this location!!

The Downey Patriot

It's nothing but trouble and is drastically hurting the city's property value I've heard nothing but bad things about this place. Stay Away. Called the front desk night shift 2: Don't stay Downey Prostitute in room there is a black rat there under the beds.

This place deserves zero stars Room It's was super horrible, from the door key, bathroom toilet seat, hand towels and rusted water handles to holes on the wall, tagging on the wall and lamp shades. Never returning here again. I Downey Prostitute in the room out of nessesity But after seen the room, the dirt, the disgusting bedding I am still grossed by it I LEFT.

First the place is disgusting! Then the place just looks Downey Prostitute in out shady. Drug dealers everywhere! Police always here! My phone was stolen here by the maids smh so then I start walking around looking and asking for Downey Prostitute in phone and then the front desk Asian lady yells at me and tells me to stop waking and running around the hotel because the cops are gonna come.

Downey, CA - inheron.com

I left. Nasty ass hotel needs to get shut down "Don't """" Downey Prostitute in rude staff and not safe at all family ,belongings and your vehicle " Don't even think about staying in this hotel besides unpleasant stay but also staff is so rude and room far away from being clean housekeeping smoking cigarettes while cleaning the room and supervisor even worst she has very bad appearance Downey Prostitute in in drugs or something this place over all is not safe worst place ever If you stay here, there's a high probably you'll either die, get some strange disease, see some crazy things orrrrr you're a street walker just looking for a one night Downey Prostitute in romance.

Just saying the rooms are beyond disgusting, it's filth.


Walked in and all was good Not even a discount for the inconvenience. Oh and their was a pair of nasty underwear that Downey Prostitute in even ours, shows how good they clean!!!! Opted for a jacuzzi tub since we were celebrating my husbands bday. Room was typical for the price.

Nothing too nice but definitely not the worse hotel we've stayed in. The guy at the front desk showed a pic of Downey Prostitute in he said the room looked like, it didn't. Much more outdated. Checked for bed bugs when we first got in the room, I was nervous about that since a review mentioned them.

No sign of any so that was good.

Downey Inn Luxury Suites, CA - inheron.com

Side note, you should always check for those, even a really nice hotel can get bed bugs. About 2 hours after checking in we did see two small roaches, which of course freaked me out. I hate those things. But it was only two,and not at the same time. There was Downey Prostitute in randomly thru the room, a bit on the wall, and junk table, and on the couch. The TV was total garbage, lots of static.

The guy at the front desk was nice. There are cameras everywhere so I felt safe enough. It's located with in Downey Prostitute in distance of the Downey mall.


Overall, worth the money. In human sex trafficking, young girls are held by fear, fraud, deceit, coercion, violence, menace, threats to themselves — or — most insidiously — threats to another person.

True or false: Teen-age prostitutes work willingly, for the pleasure of it, get paid Downey Prostitute in their work and can Downey Prostitute in away at any time if they want to leave.

Prostitution all over the parking lot - Days Inn by Wyndham Downey

It is a myth that they are Downey Prostitute in, and a misconception that they can easily break away. They are in a downward spiral of doom. Who is this? Once involved with a pimp, girls go through an emotional roller-coaster. First they are lured by the romance of male attention. Typically a girl will leave her pimp times, always returning. There is the glimmer of a bright side — courts have come to see the prostitutes as victims, and special STAR courtroom are set aside for juveniles to be tried.

Once convicted, they are set on a path for rehabilitation. Briefly, Court and Probation have partnered to provide referrals to specialized services for underage victims of sex trafficking. Development of the Succeed Through Achievement and Resilience STAR Court was aimed at providing intervention and assistance to youth caught up in the perils of human sex trafficking.

The outcome of the program was the creation and continued success of the STAR Court that provides often life-saving services and intervention for minors who might otherwise be lost to the streets forever.

The unexpected benefits are the collaborative participation and efforts of a multidisciplinary team Downey Prostitute in players who are invested and passionate In Pag fucking Xxx providing intervention services for youth.

More about this in later Hubbubs. Child prostitution has become big business. Plus it is very high risk. On the other hand, prostitutes are a self-sustaining Downey Prostitute in, to put it in economic terms: Gangs have gotten into prostitution in big ways, said Detective Kenny. Asian gangs operate in massage parlors and nail salons.

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