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People in Eskimo have more than in Fuck Cinquino women words to refer to different snow. Indonesian people have padi, gabah, and beras, while English people only have rice. All these expressions and norms of speech are tightly related to the view of each people on the realities around them.

The principle of arbitrary can also be seen in the use of metaphor. Besides its universal every language community often has different symbol to refer to a certain referent. English people has no cry over the spilt milk, which is expressed as nasi sudah menjadi bubur in Indonesian language. As a kind of creativity of language use, metaphors are interesting to be observed.

In which domain it should be looked? Searle claimed that metaphor is an utterance meaning rather than sentence meaning and should be investigated pragmatically Morgan, Abdul Wahab asserted that social and cultural context, human perception, comprehension, and sometimes myth and symbolism should be taken into account when we discuss metaphor This is to say that enough knowledge about this world is highly recommended in the discussion. Metaphor has something to do with human perception system of this universe and feeling Hatch and Cheryl, We shall argue that ….

Human thought processes are largely metaphoric. This for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in what we mean when we say that human conceptual system is metaphorically structured and defined.

The word flooded in in the protest flooded in is for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in example of lexical metaphor. Flooded usually refers to a large quantity of water covering an area that is usually dry. The congruent expressions to describe a big protest are Protest were received in large quantities and even very many people protested.

Research Methodology a. Object of the study The object of this study is online competition news text uploaded from October to December Unit of Analysis This research is focused on metaphoric expressions used to express competition news. The analysis involves lexemes in its context or grammar.

It is realized at the lexico-grammar strata. According to Eggins Technique of Data Collection The data of this study was collected by downloading online competition news for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in uploaded from October to December Technique of Data Analysis The data was analyzed by using the following steps: Reading the news b.


Segmenting the news into clauses c. Identifying the metaphoric expressions d. Identifying semantic relations between symbol metaphoric expressions and referents. Interpreting the influence of cultural aspects toward the use of symbols. Anthropomorphic Metaphors The tables below shows Indonesian and English lexical metaphors used in Indonesian online competition news. Table 1 Indonesian Anthropomorphic Metaphors No. The meanings are drawn based on the context of each expression and the shared semantic features between metaphoric and non-metaphoric expressions or symbol and referent as shown for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in the following examples: The symbol used are singkirkan Ib1menyingkirkan Ib3menggeser Id3.

Again, the defeated team is seen as the victim. The same symbolization is also often used in English. The used symbols for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in societal Ea6edged past Eb15and sweeping Ec3. The symbols which may be typical are membabat Ia4menyabet Ia5ditorehkan Ib2. This is due to the relationship between all those expressions with agricultural setting of community life, which is still dominant in Indonesia. Meanwhile, some English metaphoric expressions are closed to their modern tradition.

It can be seen from the use of shot Eb1 for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in shot up Eb3 which employ such modern tool as gun. The same symbols are not found in Indonesian online compettition news.

Table 3: Indonesian Animal Metaphors No. Meanwhile, English has fly Ed2 and hawk Ed3cooccured with flight Ed3 which are may be seen as having correlation with technology or modern way of life. Synesthetic Metaphors Table 5 and 6 below summarize synaesthetic metaphors that express game processes and results in for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in competition news. KU team placed first in The symbolization of competition as fighting or battle is dominant in those two languages.

Anthropomorphic, animal, and synesthetic metaphor, 3 metaphoric expressions used in the online competition news are tightly related to the way the writer sees the phenomenon, which is influenced by cultural aspects of the writer. References Crystal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language.

Cambridge For Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in Press. Deddy Mulyana dan Rakhmat Jalaluddin. Komunikasi Antarbudaya. Penerbit PT Remaja Rosdakarya. Edi Subroto, D. Semantik Leksikal I. Universitas Sebelas Maret. Eggins, Suzanne. An Introduction to Systematic Functional Linguistics. Pinter Publisher. Fairclough, Norman. Language and Power. New York: Longman Group Ltd.

Hatch, Evelyn dan Cheryl Brown. Vocabulary, Semantics for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in Language Education. Hodge, Robert for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in Gunther Kress. Language as Ideologi. Johnson, Wendell Stacy. Words, Things and Celebrations. Harcourt Brace Javanovich Inc.

Mansoer Pateda. Semantik Leksikal ed. Penerbit Rineka Cipta. Morgan, Jeffy L. Andrew Ortony. Pangestuti Wiedarti. Sudaryanto dan Sulistiyo. Citra Almamater. Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics. Longman Group Limited. Sampson, Geoffrey. School of Linguistics. Form of this research is descriptive qualitative case study which took place in Al Mawaddah Boarding School Ponorogo. Based on the analysis and discussion that has been stated in the previous chapter that the form of code mixing and code switching learning activities in Al Mawaddah Boarding School is in between the use of either language Java language, Arabic, English and Indonesian, on the use of insertion of words, phrases, idioms, use of nouns, adjectives, clauses, and sentences.

Code mixing deciding factor in the learning process include: Identification of the role, for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in desire to explain and interpret, sourced from the original language and its variations, is sourced from a foreign language.

While deciding factor in the learning process of code, includes: The significance of this study is to allow readers to see the use of language in a multilingual society, especially in AL Mawaddah boarding school about the rules and characteristics variation in the language of teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Abstrak Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan wujud alih kode dan wujud campur kode tertentu yang ditemukan dalam kegiatan belajar-mengajar di kelas serta faktor penentu menonjol yang mempengaruhi peristiwa wujud alih kode dan campur kode dimaksud.

Berdasarkan analisis dan pembahasan yang telah dikemukakan di bab sebelumnya bahwa wujud campur kode dan alih kode kegiatan for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in di PP Al Mawaddah adalah peralihan penggunaaan bahasa baik bahasa Jawa, bahasa Arab, bahasa inggris, dan bahasa Indonesia, pada penggunaan penyisipan kata, frasa, idiom, penggunaan kata benda, kata sifat, klausa, dan kalimat. Faktor penentu campur kode dalam proses pembelajaran meliputi: Identifikasi peranan, keinginan untuk menjelaskan Delmas Girl nude in menafsirkan, bersumber dari bahasa asli beserta variasinya, bersumber dari bahasa asing.

Sedangkan faktor penentu alih kode dalam proses pembelajaran, meliputi: Signifikansi for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in penelitian ini adalah memungkinkan pembaca mengetahui pemakaian bahasa dalam masyarakat multilingual, khususnya di pesantren Al Mawaddah tentang kaidah dan karakteristik variasi bahasa dalam kegiatan belajar- mengajar di kelas.

However, not all people understand about the understanding of the language. Most people know that language is one of the communication tools used by humans to perform activities of daily living.

In communicating, sometimes people do not just use one language. An interesting phenomenon is now often the case that many people make the transition alternation code, both of code code switching and code mixing mixing code in communicating with others. The phenomenon of code switching and code mixing can be seen either through electronic media and print media.

In fact, if we examined closely, often occurrence of code switching and code mixes between speaker and partner speaker in an environment of our daily lives, either in writing or orally. The role of code switching and code mixing in the community is very important, in conjunction with the use of language variation by a for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in or group of people, especially in the use of language in bilingual or multilingual communities, for example in boarding school.

Boarding can be said is unique in relation to the use of code switching and code-mixing. In the boarding school there is no clear separation between for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in school and the environment. Boarding schools are generally unified and organized in a systematic way so as to double as a formal school environment in the form of classes and trying to grow a certain lifestyle that make up a subculture in a general population.

Boarding school as a subculture of society tent to have a certain culture and norms were used as pattern and the agreement rules in their social interactions. In the event of oral communication, community schools perform a variety of communication in different events and for the purpose as well as different interests.

Based on the tendency of language use at such events, researchers have tried to focus on events of teaching and learning activities in the classroom, the learning process or learning activities in select based on the consideration that variations may appear and the languagesincluding in this case are the events over code and code-mixing.

Teacher and students will try to understand the science they learned, by utilizing variations in language that is easily understood for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in both the Ustadz and Ustadzah.

Communication activities in the process of teaching and learning activities in modern pesantren Al Mawaddah always involve two or three languages. Consequently, a speaker students and teacher sociologically cannot escape from the communication strategy, both for acceptance from the perspective of anthropology and sociology religious education.

Strategies that used by the speakers at the Al Mawaddah boarding school harness the potential variation of the language as a medium for knowledge transfer transfer of knowlegde covering religious science and general science.

Religious Studies involving transcendental consciousness, while general science involves the rational consciousness in communication. That is, the Arabic language on one side feels more acceptable in religious contexts for students or teacher at the boarding school to cultivate the field knowledge of Islam is dominated by the use of the Arabic language. As a further consequence of contact between languages language that has been dominated by the language that dominated later, both because of the encouragement of academic environment and non-academic chance of the emergence of language variations, including code switching and code-mixing code switching and code mixing.

The use of code switching and code-mixing in boarding schools Al Mawaddah is interesting to study. The tendency of language use, especially in the use of oral communication, both formal and informal show consistency and form a kind of specific patterns and norms.

Since Al Mawaddah boarding school was founded by KH. Ahmad Sahal, two foreign languages, namely English and Arabic to learn and use together, either in the hostel and outside the hostel, both in formal situations teaching and learning activities for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in non-formal care systemin addition to the local language Java and Indonesian.

Even the tendency of foreign language use is increasingly apparent consistency of the user after modern pesantren Al Mawaddah proclaimed as modern boarding international program. The core curriculum and language of instruction, namely Arabic and English applied actively as the language of instruction lessons in the for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in of teaching and learning activitieseveryday conversation, discussion, writing, and so forth. This study reviews the form of code-mixing and code switching found in the learning process in modern Al Mawaddah Boarding School and what factors caused it.

Bilingual, Contacts Culture, and Contacts Languages The study of code switching and code-mixing is inseparable from the study of bilingual, for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in, and bilingualism.

Someone who is bilingual erotic chat Vancouver a person who has the ability to use two or more languages with others Nababan, One's ability to use two or more languages may include the ability receptive reading, listening or productive capabilities speaking, writing or both.

Bilingualitas is the willingness or ability to bilingual bilingualwhile bilingualism is used to the habit of a person or a society in two languages Harimurti Kridalaksana, Bilingual can occur in a person or a group of people.

A group of bilingual people are in the community when there are individuals who are bilingual. For Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in contacts between the two different groups of speakers that can occur in the field of religion, trade, science and politics, the arts, economics and for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in activities. In such interactions will be mutual influence in the cultural field so that in one speaker will result cultural contacts.

Bilingualism occurs because of the cultural contact in the broad sense between the two groups of speakers of different languages. In its interactions will be mutual influence in the cultural field so in the speaker will occur cultural contacts. As a result of these contacts will influence either language within a bilingual or within a group of people. Language contact between two different languages either in person or bilingual speakers between two different groups of speakers that will result in the interplay between the two languages, or a code switching and code-mixing, including the mutual use and interference occurs.

Mackey, as cited by Fishman Bilingualism, according to him, cannot be considered as a system. Bilingualism is not a characteristic feature of the code but the disclosure; not a social nature but as individual. Therefore bilingualism regarded as characteristic of language use, namely the practice of language usage alternately conducted by speakers.


Substitution in the use of it is motivated and determined by the situation and the conditions faced by speakers in action speak Kunjana Rahardi, Suwito Contact event that language could lead to a change in the language language change.

Effect of changes in language directly it can be clearly seen the used of the lexicon of a language from the language that contact each other. These conditions can result in the existence of the symbiotic relationship between one for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in to another language at such a speech community. That is, never be possible for a speaker in the speech community that such would only use one language in a pure, unaffected by another language that already exists within the speaker.

Code Mixing and Code Switching Code switching is the event of the transition from one code to another code. If a speaker originally used the code For Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in e. Indonesianthen move onto the B code e. Java languagethe Barbara Santa Slut in of language switching events like this are called code switching Suwito, Rather the code can be code switching styles, types, and variations of other languages.

Code switching is Louis Port Prostitute in term alternation lingual variation in the same conversations. Variations lingual which is taking part in code switching can be different languages, dialects, or a wide - variety of the same language.

In contrast to Appel that said code switching that occurred between languages, then Hymes states over the code was not only occur between languages, but can also occur between a wide - variety or styles contained in one language: Code switching can also be defined by switching or transfer of a form of speech from one language into another language, or from one variation to another variation, or from one dialect to another dialect Edi Subroto et al, in Horqueta Prostitute Code switching is conscious or deliberate generally occurs due to a certain reason and motivation.

So when someone speakers initially using a code and then for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in to using code B, the intermediate code as it is referred to as code switching.

He also referred to what he called intern code switching internal code switchingwhich happened between regional languages in a national language areas, inter- regional dialects in one language, or between several styles and styles that are present in a dialect.

As is the external switching code external code switching is a language transition that occurs between the base language base for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in with a foreign language. Supomo Poedjosoedarmo Its substitution can be realized or even for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in not realized by the speakers.

Symptoms of this kind of code arises because of the language component are manifold. Furthermore, he also mentioned the term code switching transient temporary code switchingnamely the change of code language used by a speaker whose for a moment or temporary. In addition, he also mentions the permanent code switching permanent switching code. Said that because the language switching that occurs takes place permanently, although in fact it is not easy to do.

Rather latter code switching is usually associated also with an attitude shift the relationship between speaker and opponents for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in in a society.

The Cause of Code Switching Declared by Appel, Hubers, and Meijer that there is a close relationship between the form of the language used and the situations in which the language is used On the one hand the situation affect the form of the language used, in terms of other language users choose a form of language that fits the situation.

When the situation changed language use, the form of the language used is also changing. Thus, the situation of language usage greatly affected the transfer of the code.

Several factors are usually the cause of the code for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in as follows. For example, if an employee is facing his boss in the office in a formal situationthey should speak Indonesian. But in reality it is not. In a multilingual society a speaker may have switched the code to customize the hearer faces.

In this case the hearer can be divided into two groups, namely: Thus the hearer role is important in the event of code. But when a third person is present in the discussions, and have a different language background, usually two people who first turning the code into a language that is controlled by a third person. This was done to neutralize the situation and at the same time respecting the presence of a third person.

The subject is divided into two, the subject of formal and informal. The talking points also play an important role occurrence of switching code, because usually the speaker tends to express desires, ideas, and his opinions are based principal ongoing talks formal or informal 5 To generate a sense of humour Switching code often used by teachers, leaders meeting, jokers to evoke a sense of humor.

This switching code is switching variant, switching style, or switching speaking style. This occurs when both factors of the situation, the speaker, topic, and factors other socio-situational for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in not required to switching codes. Speakers tend to switching code to be wilderness by the hearer is more commanding and honorable. A study of code switching is empirical, is necessary to identify changes in a language or a language or code to other code based on the specific causative factors.

The switching code can be seen from the element for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in, phrase or group of words, greeting words used, sentence intonation, and even certain forms of speech. Edi Subroto et al, Code Mixing Mixing code is the use of language units from one language to another to expand the style or variety of languages, including the use of words, clauses, idioms, greetings and so forth Harimurti Kridalaksana, An example, when referring to the mixing in communication developed by a bilingual or multilingual speakers, it involves the use of language elements in an utterance language X Y, there will be a code-mixing events.

If speakers choose between language X and language Y in the same speech it will caused the mixing code.

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These elements can be lexical, syntactic or for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in. Talking about the concept of code-mixing, will close relation to the concept of interference, they are deviations from the norm in any language due to the closeness between the two languages.

However, mixing mixing it was not an interference event, however, the expression of a specific strategy for bilingual speakers Hammers Hablanc F. So, code-mixing is produced by a bilingual speaker or in a bilingual for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in. Many mixing a lexical reduplication or spontaneous translation when the translation is equivalent to that associated with synonyms.

Translation spontaneous it could indicate that the speaker is aware of the mixing is done carelessly as a communication strategy, and when the situation allows, acting as translator.

If the code switching function within the context and relevance of the situation are the traits of dependency, then in code-mixing traits characterized by dependence of the reciprocal relationship between the roles and functions of language.

Mixed code is happen without a clear motivation and clear causal factors as well. Mixed codes generally occur in a relaxed atmosphere or occur because of habit.

Both are interdependent and often overlap. On that basis, can be identified reasons for the mixed code, namely: Mixed into the code will appear for instance when a speaker to insert elements of regional languages in the national language in this case Indonesianelements of dialects into regional languages. The language event may also indicate the identification of a particular role in the identification of specific registers or desire and certain interpretation.

In other words, code-mixing that occurs because of the interrelationship between the role of speaker, language form and language function.

The speaker who tend to prefer forms of interference specific code to support specific functions have a certain social background. Mixed code in maximum condition is the convergence of language linguistic convergence whose elements for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in several languages, each of which has let its functions and support functions of language inserted.

These elements can be divided into two, namely: The first can be called for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in code into the inner code mixingthe second one can be called a code-mixing to the outside outer code mixing Suwito, Form of code-mixing can be distinguished based on linguistic elements involved Suwito, In understanding code-mixing, researchers must identify the speaker basically speak the native language base languagethen the language possessed elements of other languages.

Mixed code can be regarded as part of the variation of a particular language speaker consciously and Mwanza Prostitute in by using elements of other languages that do as well as the communication strategy in order to explain or translate. Thus the choice of words in the form of code-mixing was received by the audience. Part languages derived from other languages that can be words, but can also be a phrase or units of language larger.

The boarding school has a tendency to open towards positive values progress of the times and has participated in shaping the values of life in society, particularly with respect to the use of foreign languages Arabic and English.

The location was chosen because of the community is in a social and educational institution that has a characteristics and motivation of the public image of Indonesia in the rural areas. In particular, the location of this study for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in MTs and MA in class IV and V in the process of teaching and learning activities carried out by students and teachers, in the event of oral communication.

The type of learning activities focused on the initial activities, the core and the end of formal learning in certain subjects. This study will be conducted from February through December The target in this research is focused on the students and the teacher.

Taking into account the effectiveness of data mining, in this study were used as informants about 30 people. This restriction is because the focus of the research is in the class.

So, the researchers tried to find the informant who adequately represent and reliable in limited quantities. Object of study is the main focus of this research are: Rather code from Indonesian to English, Arabic, and region Java that occurs in the event of an oral communication.

Second, a for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in of mixing code in teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Third, the determinant factors that will affect the use of code switching and code-mixing in the teaching and learning activities in the classroom which is focused on non - lingual factors.

The data in the study were classified into two kinds, namely 1 the primary data and 2 secondary data. Primary data was intended as data obtained from various events or scenes that are said in boarding schools " AL Mawaddah", related to the teaching and learning activities in the classroom which performed by students and the teacher. As is as secondary data is data obtained from interviews and a statement informant about everything related to the problem form of code switching and code-mixing in the teaching and learning activities in the classroom.

In a conversation method, widely used fishing techniques as basic technique and recording technique that ensue. Refer to the method used in many of tapping techniques as basic technique, and technical notes and recording technique as the technique continuation For Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in To obtain data on a form of code switching and code-mixing, simak method was used, which access data by listening to the use of language in the teaching-learning process for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in the classroom used by a religious teacher and students in the learning process.

This technique was applied in the technical notes, see, and recording technique. Participation of for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in in obtaining oral communication data, in this case can be active, that is by start the conversations, and be passive, that is by listening to the discussions.


In-depth interviews in -depth interviews are used by researchers to find data on the determinants that affect prominent event code switching and code-mixing in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom in "Al Mawaddah" Boarding school.

Interviews conducted after the researchers obtained data on a form of code switching and code-mixing uttered by the informant in question.

So, the interview material adapted to code uttered by the informant. Over the researchers conducted interviews with informants, in addition to recording that need, the researchers also noted the matters raised by the informant, because this way help- if the recording equipment as well as accelerate for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in process disturbed transcripts made after the interview is completed.

Once the data is deemed sufficient, the researchers quickly move into the computer and classified categorization by type and group in the data card.

Observations are not conducted by researchers because of the data that it is difficult for researchers to get it, because consideration of local norms and regulations, researchers using research assistants, namely ustadzah who previously had been trained and given sufficient insight about the main focus of research and methods of obtaining the necessary data.

In this study, we will use two triangulation, namely triangulation methodology and data sources. First, triangulation method is done by collecting similar data but using the techniques or different methods of data collection.

Here the emphasis is on the use of different data collection methods, and even more clearly the effort leads to the same data source to test the stability of his informant.

Second, the triangulation of data sources used to clarify the questionable data, researchers conducted a triangulation with different sources. The three components of the analysis in the analysis models are data reduction, data presentation and conclusion or verification during the data collection process takes place. Methods of data analysis conducted on the determinants of prominent influence the events of code switching and code-mixing is by using padan method Sudaryanto, In the process of data reduction is accompanied by the identification, coding and categorization, researchers try to compare or classify the data that appears based on the shape, type, circumstances and determinants that affect the use of code switching and code-mixing is relevant.

Furthermore, the activity data presentation, information that is composed will romance eu Dating the possibility of drawing conclusions and taking action. In drawing conclusions, the final conclusions are not considered as data collection ends, but is part of the activities of the configuration intact. The conclusions also verified during the study.

The data in this study also uses contextual approach, in particular by using the for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in of speech as a base component design. It was intended to find answers to the determinants that influence the events of code switching and code-mixing which is more focused on non- linguistic factors. As for the form of Mixed Code boarding school in the learning process is described as follows: Mixed code between Indonesian with English The form of code-mixing encountered in the use of Indonesian into English as the end of learning in class.

At the time this data was taken by ustadzah by announcing their muhadharah activities to be held. In this first speech, ustadzah initially use the Indonesian language but leave switch to using English words are concerned, joke. It can be listened to in the following speech: Dalam mukadharah kamu seharusnya concern, walaupun anak-anak sekarang ini lebih banyak melakukan joke-nya.

The quotation of speech above showed that a ustadzah want to emphasize to all female students who followed muhadharah must be seriously and reduce joking when following muhadharah activities. Furthermore, the speech below showed the code mixing that also occurs marked by the use of phrase in conversation between ustadzah and female students in teaching learning process.

Pak Amin Rais itu adalah the first man di Indonesia yang melakukan the brave of reform sebelum orang-orang lain melakukannya. Female Student: Saya setuju, ustadzah. Pada beliau itu Amin Rais Saya mau positive thinking saja.

It meant that the figure of Amin Rais was the first man who was brave to encourage, to do reformation for for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in New Order government from its leadership. Amin Rais. Then in this following speech, code mixing also occurs in the use of idioms, this happens at the end of lessons. Perlu for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in umumkan, bahwa kelas ini menurut catatan language centre for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in santri yang came late dalam setiap acara mukhadhoroh.

For Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in women in Konko Married Mansa mohon diperhatikan dan tidak diulang lagi. Kelas ini harus ada ketua yang bisa the right man and the right for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in dalam mukhadloroh, jadi tidak asal tunjuk. The use of idioms above were the idioms that have been become the words that are familiar for the female students, e.

Therefore, when a ustadzah expressed these idioms the listeners or female students can follow and understand about ustadzah said. Furthermore, code mixing also happened in the end of lessons when ustadzah would end and close the meeting at that time. Code Mixing of the use of English into Indonesian Code mixing of the use of English into Indonesian encountered when ustadzah would close or end the teaching and learning process in class.

In that speech, ustadzah used English clauses, and then switched to Indonesian clause. It was dating houston tx Interracial for for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in female students in class one could understand what ustadzah for Salatiga buddy Looking fuck in. Any question?

In order to be clear my explanation, anda bisa membacanya lagi dan merumuskan tentang definisi yang ada dalam buku tersebut. I think time is up. See You. Basically, the use of these clauses aimed to provide information for female students, when that clauses were spoken, then the learning process would end soon and just waited for some questions about the topic at that time, if there were any questions from the female students.

In addition, it was beneficial for the female students as the habbit of using English as the communication tool from the beginning to the end of teaching and learning process. It can be seen in the following data: But, these words have been popular and familiar as uptake language in Indonesian speech, then when the words used or the speaker suddenly switched to using those words, the listener will have no difficulties for understanding the meaning of speech.

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