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See more ideas about Destinations, Beautiful places and Bosnia and herzegovina. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia Y Herzegovina, Mostar Bosnia, Voyage 8 Ways Camping Enriches Your Life — The American Woman — Medium Wanderlust:: Gypsy Soul:: Discover more outdoor travel ideas + inspiration. Book your stay at Hostel Nina in Mostar today. Best prices So close to the Old Bridge and all the main attractions you want to see. USA, Female, Herzeg Day Tours: The water green as the eyes of a girl - See traveler #1 of 19 Outdoor Activities in Mostar Mostar city tour - where East meets West .. I absolutely want my guests to experience the very best in personal service and.

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Bookmundi is member of the Danish Travel Fund which guarantees for any payment made in girl Wanting Mostar outdoor to meet us. Your money Gulu Prostitute in safe. Qualified companies. All partner companies have been carefully vetted. The remaining balance will be charged 45 days prior departure.

For any bookings within 45 days of departure, the full tour amount will be charged upon booking. Travel Insurance We advise to take out Travel Insurance to cover for any unforeseen circumstances. Bookmundi recommends World Nomads' travel insurance.

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Other Practical InformationCan I book on my own? Sure you can! A lot of people do. How big will the group be? This trip will run with a minimum of 4 people.


The maximum is Please note that if there aren't 4 people on the trip, your booking will either be rescheduled or cancelled. The food is local, fresh, home-cooked and hearty. Common food items include domestic cheeses and other dairy products as well as dry meats, fish, freshly baked bread and pastries and local fruits and veggies.

Can my dietary needs be accommodated? Just let us know at the time of booking.


How fit do I need to be? Bosnian mothers will baby you until you are sure you are better, but take every precaution to make sure your health stays at the top of its game.

Gender Roles Bosnia is incredibly traditional when it comes to gender roles. In American society, feminism is a large movement, trying to prove that women belong in certain roles the same as men. For newer generations, the roles are in girl Wanting Mostar outdoor to meet for the most part; however, families that were getting started during the Bosnian War remain more traditional and handfuls of new generation families still cling to old traditions.

Gender roles in sports are quite segregated. But joining sports for women is much more difficult and there is less to choose from. In fact, a woman simply going to a fitness center is seen as in girl Wanting Mostar outdoor to meet and will surely provoke odd looks. With time it is becoming more common to see both genders participating in sports, but for now the roles remain overall traditional in most respects.

Stray Animals After the Bosnian War, homes were destroyed and left in disarray and pets were included in the chaotic mess that was left standing. Since then stray dogs and cats can be found on every street, often scrounging through garbage cans for food. Some Bosnians set out food for stray animals, such as scraps from their meals or specifically bought cans of tuna for the kittens living underneath garbage barrels outside their back door.

Typically, Bosnians are more aggressive towards animals, shooing them away or kicking them if they get too close.


Bosnian woman sometimes chase them away with brooms and men often just in girl Wanting Mostar outdoor to meet the dogs if they are being bothersome. Be extra aware of dogs in the winter when food is hard to come by, but the majority of the time stray animals remain kind and apathetic.

Eating Eating in Bosnia-Herzegovina is a treat. Being a big eater is something you will never have to be ashamed of, instead you will begin to take pride in it. Every social event contains food, whether it be a traditional dish, such as burek, cevapi, musaka, or pita, or just desserts.

Coffee joins this gathering rule as well.

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Always remember: Walking Although public transportation is an easy and attainable option to get around, more often than not, people walk. Sometimes public transportation can be unreliable, if GRAS goes on strike or the transport is merely off schedule, walking is the number one way to be sure you can get from one place to another on time.

Many people wear flat shoes to walk on cobble stones and uneven pavement, however there are the few women who have mastered wearing heels down in Old Town, in girl Wanting Mostar outdoor to meet is nothing but uneven walkways.

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