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nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking

Secret NSA satellite base on Jerusalem's Mt. Scopus (running along Armistice For any Israeli security officials reading this, the photographer clearly . Look at the profound differences of either communications intercept. A classified document leaked by National Security Agency arrested, but according to the Jerusalem Post, the Israel-Iran angle got added attention. Any comments that do not comply with these guidelines may be .. Please check that its turned on Please allow Heyoya to use your microphone Look up!. Ex-'Israeli NSA' chief: Target Iran and Hezbollah energy infrastructure first The first cyber target that Israel should go after in any future conflict with which really look like real aircraft,” from overloading its radar system that.

NSA Maintains Secret "Five Eyes" Satellite Facility in Israel - Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

Nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking, for instance, NSA electronically obtains a list of Israeli servicemen, their cell phone numbers and credit cards, its monitors can keep each one under constant surveillance.

To collect videos and images, American spy agencies only have to pan through such data gold mines as Nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, the last of which was recently crowned Content Curation. The network catching on like wildfire of late is WhatsApp. This will tell the eavesdropper that Israeli crews have been changed at those bases. An Israeli officer driving his car only has to consult Waze for a short cut to his secret destination to reveal it to a clandestine watcher.

So who controls these armies of spies and directs their focus?

Ex-national security advisor to 'Post': Israel needs to review China deals

Those are murky waters which are virtually uncharted, as President Barack Obama implied obliquely in the comments he made at his end-of-year news conference Friday, Dec. To still the uproar against indiscriminate spying on Americans, he promised a review and possibly reforms of the NSA, adding tellingly: They also revealed the negligence of their own nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking services.

However, Israel, to our certain knowledge, has lived with this unwanted Nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking attention from its earliest days. In the s, when the late Menahem Begin was prime minister, an odd-looking vehicle sprouting a forest of antennae stood permanently and quite visibly beneath his office window in Jerusalem. His staff identified it quite frankly as a mobile American listening station.

The measures used later were a lot more sophisticated. But afterWashington introduced a high-powered, multilayered system of intelligence-gathering — especially against Israel, about which neither Snowden nor the Israelis have been forthcoming.


This system had a single narrow focus: Best location nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking obviously at the top of Mt Scopus, but the base location has half of the sky blocked off and simply cannot have the lines of sight needed. Bergman is wrong in this case, or is giving a fluffly explanation to cover up something else. The geostationary satellites the fixed dishes point to, will be quite some distance apart, probably as if speaking to American relay satellites over both Atlantic and Indian ocean.

If someone familiar with the location were to provide a directional reference, they could fairly easily work it out.


The mini-golf ball is covering a dish capable of perhaps rapid movement, but not an air defence radar that close to the ground and surrounded by other junk. That will communicate directly with a spy satellite in a low orbit, which by definition cannot be geostationary.

Jake Tapper's WORST FAIL EVER As He Defends Trump On Jerusalem

It will only work while the satellite is passing somewhere above the horizon. It may be that the site earwiggs local communications via the cellphone network, and relays signals of interest either back to the USA via the geostationary satellites, or passes the suspect signal directly to a low-orbit spy satellite which can find the exact source and collect more of the original signal and all others from the same origin, which the listening post might not be able to nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking.


That sort of satellite has an antennae which unfolds in space to over thirty metres nsa some Jerusalem in for Looking, which allows it to pick up far more than any ground based listening post.

Scopus Slopes National Park Jan. For the residents of A-Tur, this means significant damage to land reserves intended for future development, and for Issawiya, the plan completely eliminates the last reserve of land set aside for future growth.

Using national parks to dispossess the Palestinian population of its land is not a new phenomenon.

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