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Orgasm Calms Nerves, Cures Headaches – Dr Tolu In the university, my friends were always like if they are fighting and they can't solve it, they So,I have to listen because I am not a pastor, I am not a magician, I am not a prophet, . When a woman is not enjoying sex, why would she look forward to it. Near the end of her orgasm, she pushed three fingers up inside her to feel *** Every Friday evening, Tolu hung out with a couple of friends after work. He considered himself very disciplined and the way some of these guy look “You cannot drive home in this state, bud, ” Jerry said, “I am gonna take you to my place. Tekno Is Looking For Paul Akere, His Friend In Secondary School, To Give Nk - Celebrities - Nairaland . I made friends but only talk to one now, Tolu, please I am also looking for Thanks for giving me multiple orgasms.

He would not want to see his wife that way. He believed a wife should be adored and respected, which is great, but Wunmi is also orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am wife that would love to be treated like a whore sometimes.

As she began making another batch of akara for her husband, she tried to just simply be happy with what she has. A good man, comfortable life, a beautiful flat located at the more opulent area of Lagos Island are things to be thankful for.

About 2 weeks orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am they got married, Wunmi figured out that the bathroom was good for more than one thing.

She remembered the day like it was yesterday. She was taking her bath as usual when she happened to rub the washcloth over her mound just the right way. What she felt made her break out in a sweat and she baled up the washcloth to do it again.

She had never been a fan of masturbation. Why would she? And they were always willing to please. But that morning, things changed. Since then, she had developed a shower routine that has nothing to do with getting cleaned. This time, she got in the shower, turned the water on and stood under the spray until the ceiling was wet with steam. Then she turned the water pressure down and rubbed a bar of sweet soap all over her body, enjoying the lush bubble and paying special attention to her swelling breasts and growing nipples.

She worked the soap between her hands until she was holding creamy suds. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, loving the thickness and how full and firm they felt in her hands. Orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am held on to them, sliding her orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am forward a little at a time, teasing herself into a heat as her nipples stiffened and ached.

Finally, she spread the thick suds over her nipples and massaged them in small circles, moaning out loud as her pussy started to drip. Her hands had a mind of their own as they cupped and squeezed, then returned to her nipples and flicked and teased. She took the soap and slid it down her flat belly, then worked up more lather on her mound, soaping her soft hair until it was foamy and white.

She dipped her middle finger into the lather and pressed it down to her clit, then climaxed as she inserted it deeply into herself. Her walls clenched and collapsed around her finger as her body convulsed like crazy. Near the end of her orgasm, she pushed three fingers up inside her to feel some thickness, then squeezed her muscles tight until the very last spark of pleasure faded and her breasts stopped heaving.

Walking back to the bedroom after the shower, a plan had begun to orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am shape in her mind. He had been friends with Jerry and Bayo since high school and every week, they had a few drinks and caught up on all things relating Charata Prostitute in life. He was at the bar with them around 6: Tolu always had only one bottle of alcohol when he was with his friends, causing him to be the butt of several jokes.

But he did not mind. He considered himself very disciplined and the way some of these guy look and sound after a few bottles disgusted him. A few seconds after the waiter brought their drinks, an extremely gorgeous woman walked into the bar, hand-in-hand with someone who Galle wives in Free lonely presumably her boyfriend. All three men eyed her as the reached their seats. No doubt about it, this girl was just exquisite. She had curves in the right places and a face that is difficult to forget.

A few minutes after the couple sat down, the man got up and headed towards the restroom. The all laughed at this for two reasons. One, the woman orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am obviously way out of his league, and two, she is unlikely to flirt with her man just a few feet away.

But Jerry usually gets a little bit daring after a couple of bottles. Besides, this would be fun to watch, so he agreed to the deal. Jerry sauntered towards orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am girl and the guys watched in awe as Jerry sat down and exchanged some words with her.

Tolu ordered the second round of beer before Jerry could return and gloat. Bayo and Jerry chuckled. It was so obvious that for someone who had never had more than one drink per session, their friend was getting quite tipsy.

She could not believe her plan is already going better than she hoped. It was easy talking Jerry into staging a scene that would leave her husband a little tipsy and dropping him at a hotel.

Jerry just confirmed that Tolu is asleep in some hotel in Victoria Island and explained how he was able to get two of his work colleagues to help him with his plan.

The beautiful female colleague he recruited was more than happy to play the game.


Wunmi was already getting turned on as she packed her bag with what she would need for the night and headed to the hotel. He really was out. She approached the bed. First things first. She brought out the blindfold from her bag and put it on him, just in case he woke up before she could finish. She then slowly took off his clothes. She lifted both his hands up above his head and cuffed them together. She then reached to cuff his ankles to the sides of the bed.

She stood back to watch her work. Here was her conservative husband, orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am and splayed on the bed for her taking. She mounted him and planted a hot wet kiss on his mouth. Tolu stirred, but did not wake up. She then reached down to give his right nipple and flicked her tongue gently over it. Tolu stirred again, this time, she noticed him begin respond ever to slightly to her touch.

She smiled to herself as she began working on the other nipple in earnest. She was getting so turned on with having her husband at her mercy, orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am licked and sucked and teased his nipples until they were hard as rock. Wunmi did not respond. She was also getting off of his confusion. Tolu began to struggle against his restriction but Wunmi was ready for this.

She got off him to pick the whip she brought for this occassion. She flogged him once. I held her breast firm and brought them out of orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am dress. The nipples were hard and firm and were pointing directly to my lips. All i did was teasing the nipples whiles she kept fucking my fingers in astonishing moans with my name. I saw tears from her eyes and was now moaning too loud which was scary.

She unzipped me and brought out my stiff manhood which was full of prescum at the tip because i was also enjoying this game and mentally ready to tear her pussy apart. She began licking my dick like a orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am year old and lollipop. At this time i could feel my feet up in the sky. Tolu sucked my cock for about 5 minutes and pulled up her loosed transparent blouse exposing her butt and the green gate pussy.

Hmmmm brethren, i was now ready to pounce on her. She put one leg up the sofa and one down to offer the pussy close to my face. I squat and found the wet juice dripping on my lips as it hangs on my face.

This was the moment i saw her shaking and shivering which almost made her fall. Her body was now hot as i did my own thing under her as she still stood. I could feel it deep inside her. She was moaning. We were all cumming same time so the moans were not hers alone but mine too was heared. All of a sudden we heared a clearing throat. I cant raise my head neither is Tolu but the dick and pussy was still in. Tolu was still sitting on my dick but this time it was soft and could feel my sperms dripping on the carpet.

Abi as we all call her might thought i was Emeka. There was silence thereafter so i decided to stand and zip my trousers. Abi had not left but was about to slam the door when she saw it was not Orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am but me. I felt like collapsing since this will be a disaster.

I run toward Abi begging her to help me save my friendship and the disgrace knocking on my door. I began reciting the Lords Prayer. I have been caught less than a week as a bestman. Tolu kept weeping asking Abi orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am forgive and help her save her marriage. I could feel death and my body was cold. My dick has shrinked like a 4 year old boy feeling cold.

A big disgrace and all we were doing was kneeling and begging. My world has ended. I felt to vanish from the earth and exist no more. Who should console who this time? I left the room and decided to see Abi to trash out things with her before its get to Emeka. Perharps she has brought the wedding gown for orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am occassion My mind was on what may happen if Emeka hears am fucking his to-be wife.

Must i confess first or allow Abi to break this calamity? Besides i was expecting some money she borrowed from orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am. Who knows i can even pay off Abi with that to keep her mouth shut forever.

I was orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am sure if i should go straight to Abi or stop over at my sisters abode. Since this issue is critical and can end my life, i chose seeing Abi instead so i headed toward her house.

Tolu was the last person to think of. I knocked on her door and lo and behold she was around. She allowed me in and i kept begging and saying sorry. Abi offered me a seat and was still lambasting me of what she saw Tolu and I doing. Am i dreaming??? I ask her to come over to my house so i beg her and compensate her pretending as if i didnt hear of what she requested. Its was a bingo!!!! Do i break the news to Tolu and what if this girl kills me with sex to blackmail me?

I sought permission to leave to my sisters house so she can come over this evening for us to settle this issue. How on earth is he doing in my sisters house?? I entered the room unoticed and i saw no one in the living room.

I became curious and my heart was beating faster. What the hell is going on? I peep through the door to the bedroom and guess what i saw…. So you ve been fucking my sister all this while?

This run through my head as i removed my phone to secretly take pictures and recorded a minutes video. Thank God my sister was lying on the other side of the bed perharps naked.

I didnt even want see her.


I was furious and swore not to forgive Emeka. It pains to see your Sister fucked by a friend. Not just a friend,but the one who is marrying another orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am within a week. I quickly left the house with this evidence and headed to Tolu to assure her of what has happened involving Abi and us.

In the house was Tolu still sobbing and lying in the sofa. As soon as she saw me,she broke down more.

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See her do you know your to-be husband is screwing my sister?? I walked to her to help her up and assured her of meeting Abi to cool of things.

The female orgasm explained

Should i show her the pics or tell her the deal with Abi?? Hell No!!! I showed Tolu the pictures and what i saw and she couldnt believe Emeka could do that. Was i wrong letting her to know?? Ofcourse No!! As for Abi she is a joke to blackmail us and will see her smoothness level this evening. But the more orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am think of what Emeka has been doing to my Sister,the more i feel hatred for him.

I assured Tolu to keep calm and not to confront Emeka till i give her the go ahead. She understood and was not scary about Abi anymore. I kissed her and she saw me off the gate to tell Emeka that i had emergency call so had to leave. I was planning how to meet and transact my personal business with Abi. I never orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am about condom but some medicine to boost my sex drive since i have already lost energy on Tolu during the day. I couldnt eat enough that evening still thinking of what the ordeal of the day so was resting in my sitting room as usual thinking.

It was 15 minutes to 8pm when i heared a knock. It was Abi dressed in a jeans trousers and fun in erotic for Dangriga Ready some white orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am to match.

She was hot you know and i welcomed her to take a seat. She meant business i orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am see. I pushed close to her still begging to help me keep that secret.

The thing began. I took her through what i did to Tolu and Abi is like a horse. I was now panting. I wanted to stop,i was now begging for her to allow me rest but the drug i took wont let my dick soft. She is killing me and i could feel weak and very exhausted. I opened my eyes and was 9 am the next day. Abi is gone. Did she leave yesternight or this morning?? I had to rush to the venue so must be quick.

I reached the venue by Abi has disgraced my sexual prowess. It was funny how we all in one way have a secret but smiling and pretending all is well. The next day is the wedding and so we made the family aware of our five star hotel to lodge for the occasion.

Infact we hid our secrets deep in our heart and enjoyed ourselves for the ceremony. The next day was superb. Colourful wedding and i played my role as the bestman so was Abi.

I wonder what was running through our minds all this while remmember we all orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am secret On the eve of the wedding in the hotel was the disaster. Fool you think i dont know your agenda?

That same time i had a message from Abi to see her in orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am room. In my mind too was Tolu to tear her pussy apart for the night. Now i have thought through deep where i should start my job as a lover boy. Should it be Tolu or Abi? I quickly drew my own plan how to weave my way through the night since both ladies can kill me or better still put me into coma.

As for Abi i can lay my hands on her any moment in the night or even day time. Surely the plan i drew struck when Emeka called to inform me about rushing to sort out things with the family in few hours since its very urgent so i should monitor his wife since he isnt around.

Funny eh!!!? I laugh off since Tolu is now my target. He has given same excuse to Tolu and She never bothered since i was there to fill that vaccum. Maybe this will be her last Sex with me. I message Abi that am going with Emeka to sort urgent issues with the family hence will be with her shortly. Emeka left finally as he came to my room to say goodbye and insisted not to bother to see him off. We all laughed.

Five minutes time Tolu was calling so i knew her pussy was set for me. Quickly i rushed in and there lies Tolu on the bed still in her wedding gown. I can see she is still admiring and recollecting her wonderful occasion. I laid on the bed reaching her phone to play games after viewing some videos and pictures on it. I had more time so no rush since that idiot Emeka is preparing to screw my sister. After all we robbing peter to pay paul. In fact i played more romance that night for fear of loosing the match on Abi since i had her pussy in waiting to pounce.

I fingered more and used my tongue and not much of my dick. I got her cum for about 3 times that night. Tolu and I had a wonderful night. Perharps the husby will come finish off my 3 rounds with maybe 2 more. I lied to Tolu to follow up to check on Emeka since am the bestman so must ensure his safety. A sign of relieve by Tolu since we two are walking at least there isnt any thing to fear.

This is the time man should play the game well or else!!!!!!? I started straight away without wasting time. For my experience with Abi and a little bit tired with Tolu my fingers worked this time. I fingered Abi seriosly and she was like a mad dog moaning like never before.

My dick just did 10 minutes job. Dont say am a lucky guy. I could feel these ladies are sending me to my early grave. I finished off with Abi very very tired and she wanted more.

Like seriously!!!!? I laid looking at the ceiling and recollecting stuffs and how funny the whole thing was. We heared a knock and it was Tolu. I could hear Tolu asking Abi to use her phone to reach Emeka or Joe to check on them for their safety since they both left. Remmember i killed her phone battery with the game i played.

If she allows her in that will be my end. Abi has caught Tolu and I few days before the wedding. Smart girl!!!!! Abi explained to her of similar problem with hers too. Now ask yourself who is the only option left.

Jesus Christ. You see what just a phone call is leading too. Will my sister be smart to swerve her or allow her in? My sister had no idea where i am and wondered why my number. She quickly reached her phone by not allowing Tolu in knowing very well orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am Emeka is in her room.

She stood at the door not close to orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am the help Tolu needed. Tolu dialled my number. It was switched off. Fast move by Emeka. He was smart putting off the line since it was his honeymoon. Guess he didnt want any disturbance. This is a special line Emeka uses and i never knew its only her wife who calls on this line.

The call went through. Orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am ringtone is coming loud and clear inside my Sisters room and could be heared through the door where my sister stood. They all stood looking at their faces whiles the phone kept beeping. Tolu forced her way inside and Emeka was there trying to dress up. He might hear the conversation so was trying to dress up. He wasnt fast so was just in his boxers. What a calamity. Oh my God. As soon Abi opened they all bumped in without any resistance from Abi.

Oh God. Now who is explaining what to who. Abi wanted to explain,so is Emeka and my sister,Tolu wanted explain what she saw too and I also wanted to explain. Who listens to who??? Was like a concert. Now we all get secret. Crazy we orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am screwing ourselves.

No one could talk. Emeka was confessing and begging and called himself a fool for putting a video recorder in their room because He suspected Tolu sex drive but here he is rather the culprit. I started begging before he view the contents knowing very well what happened in the room with Tolu and I. I confessed straight away. Abi also did so was Tolu and was like a drama. Our cups are full and 5 people here are now aware of this unforgivable secrets.

Do we keep it and move on in life? What do you think happens next?? Everyone was quiet this time. I was scared on the part of the newly wedded couple. How will they explain to the families incase they divorce a day after their wedding?? That midnight will be sunday in the morning for thanksgiving for the same Wedding held on the day the sex marathon took place.

Since we all guilty, we decided to habour this shame in order to prevent the issue to become talk of the town.

For all i know,Emeka has screwd my sister the eve of their honeymoon. You can tell on the part of the three ladies bonking who as well. We kept quiet went back to our rooms and attended the church service next morning.

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The pastor preached on fornication and friendship after marriage. I know you can feel what was running through our minds. It was pricking our skins like pins. When we orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am decided not to have anything doing with Abi nor Tolu and i guess same with Emeka and my sister.

Afterall life should go on and was a mistake. For 8 months i never heared of Tolu,Emeka nor Abi. But the problem was cropped when my sister returned home from her journey not knowing she was pregnant and now coming home to deliver. Immediately i saw her i was shocked and never asked who the father of the child is. My parents will definately find out.

I was anxious to see who the child will look like at the hospital. One month after she came I had a call that my sister is in labour so had to rush to the hospital. I nearly collapse when i met Tolu also in the delivery room with a baby boy. Was it mine or Emeka?? When i was about to sit on the chair, beside my Sister, there was Abi in the same ward heavily pregnant.

Lord have mercy!!!!! I couldnt speak to them but only attended to My orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am. What i dont get here is who the real fathers of those babies were. Three days later,it was the talk of the town in Liaocheng Prostitute Emeka child was not his. My name has been mentioned in connection of Abi s child and my sister has also confirmed Emeka responsible for her pregnancy.

The biggest disgrace of all. There fire in each house and each family. The harm has already been caused. Traditionally we were fined and those who needed divorce were divorced.

The chilren went to their rightful owners and life must still goes on. I moved outside the orgasm friend for Tolu in Looking am and found Tolu which we stayed together though not married but as husband and wife. Emeka had married my Sister 3 years ago and for Abi no one knew her whereabout.

Afterall the child was mine so was with me.

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