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In the distance, on a clear day, you can see right across to the Andes on the other side.


The Andes are the backbone of South America and they run right across this Puerto Where hookers Varas to find in falling abruptly into the ocean at Tierra Del Fuego. The town of Puerto Montt has a busy port and bus terminal and is the main transport hub for the south. I must admit that when you first look at it, it does give the impression of being a little seedy and disreputable — like a wench or prostitute who looks at you alluringly but only wants to take your money.

Most Puerto Where hookers Varas to find in heading south will end up in Puerto Montt at some point. Most will however, take one look at the aspect of this town, wince their eyes, crease their foreheads, and decide to head on.

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So what does Puerto Montt have to recommend it? Not much from a cursory glance — but once you stay here a while your eyes relax and you begin to notice that it is not so bad after all. There is a respectable shopping mall, a cinema and various other outlets. It even has a theatre, some half-decent coffee shops and a McDonalds. It has a lively fish market and an open air market that rings with the cacophony of medieval commerce.

For most of its denizens it is home sweet home. Not Puerto Where hookers Varas to find in tourists come here. Those that stay beyond a couple of days, start seeing hints of pleasures that lurk in the shadows.

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Like a women you first see and are not attracted to, but after a day or two in Puerto Where hookers Varas to find in company, you start noticing the black lace underwear. In my brief sampling, there was no relationship between the price asked in Chile and the quality of girl or service.

If you don't speak Spanish, you will have trouble, since only one working girl that I met spoke some English.


Most girls work out of apartments departamentos - but they don't put the exact address in their adverts. Get a Puerto Where hookers Varas to find in map or print a few area maps from maps.

In Vina Del Mar there are a lot of apartments within 5 blocks of the Casino. In Santiago and Vina Del Mar the addresses are pretty easy to understand. In La Sirena they mostly work out of "cabinas" which are small beach holiday cabins, but there are dozens of such places and I never found any of the places from the instructions given to me by the girls - the street addresses were very confusing.

In Puerte Montt in the south there are girls advertising, but I missed that town.

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In Easter Island there is no P4P that I could find, although there are many attractive young Chilenas walking around who might be available. Are hotels chica friendly?

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