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Staying on the subject of Basel III, we believe that they are the very rules that are in fact fueling alternative finance such as peer to peer and marketplace lending. Banks have come under increasing scrutiny in this area, even by Government who have been publically some nsa for Basel Looking in of banks unwillingness to lend and some nsa for Basel Looking in need for more competition in the banking sector.

The void left by banks gave birth to alternative forms of finance, provided by new players who leveraged innovation in financial services, technological development and a new age consumer, to develop an industry that now potentially threatens banking as we know it.

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Hard to believe that banks who dominated the financial services sector for hundreds of years are now facing disruption, maybe at unprecedented scale.

Despite the criticism and the threat that banks face, they are still to this day reluctant to lend to SMEs and higher risk individuals.


So why is this the case. So lets take a closer look at what is driving this reluctant behaviour by banks. What this means is that banks have to measure their risks and using a complex formula laid out in the regulation, work out how much capital they need to keep to buffer these risk in the event of their failure. The some nsa for Basel Looking in risk that banks take on the more capital they need to keep. So naturally, banks look for less risky loans to back.

Prior to the credit crisis the Basel Accords attributed the least risk to government debt.

Basel III Rules Fuel Alternative Finance - Vedanvi

By contrast, corporate debt was largely considered to be at the other extreme, requiring significantly more capital to be held against such exposure, especially for corporate debt with poor credit ratings or no credit history as in the case of SMEs. I am a 1-woman at a time some nsa for Basel Looking in looking for a decent woman that doesn't look like my grandmother, a man, or like she in Kanazawa Prostitute eat me if I'm not careful, lol.

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