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Date published: 9 July Last updated: 18 October On a clear day you can even get a view of Asahikawa City area. The best time to visit the zoo is. Completed a launderette, Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Takasago 6 Weekly ยท Monthly and other hotels that are ideal for long-term stay and travel base. Only a 5-minute drive from JR Asahikawa Train Station, Asahikawa Toyo Hotel offers Western accommodations with free wired internet access. Check-in Date.

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You can only see this in the morning or afternoon A highlight here is the indoor pool that is 3m deep. You can get a side or bottom view of the hippo in the water! To create an environment term Asahikawa in Long dating to their natural habitat, warthogs and ostriches are kept in the Term Asahikawa in Long dating. The reticulated giraffe also lives in the same environment as the hippo, so the Kirin-Sha Giraffe House was build right next to the Kaba-Kan.

The Kirin-Sha also has other animals that live in the same environment such as the pelican and helmeted guineafowl. And they live in the same space as the giraffes.

Keeping animals living in the same natural habitat in the same space, they call this the symbiosis exhibit, which is a unique method used at Asahiyama Zoo.

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Feeding time is the best time to see the animals in action! The feeding schedule for animals are set in the morning. The feeding time for each animal is displayed on their website and a bulletin board in the zoo. Use this as a reference to tour around the zoo. However during the mogu-mogu time they place the food in the water and you can definitely see them swimming around!

With limited space, they have put restrictions on entering the term Asahikawa in Long dating.


After about 10 minutes the next group goes in. You must see the seals swimming in the glass pipe if you visit the zoo! A popular viewing spot in the building is the Marine Way, the glass pipe. A thin pathway is connected from the bottom of pool, which leads to the surface through the glass pipe.

Since seals are mammals they have to go up and down to get fresh air, so seals frequently use the term Asahikawa in Long dating pipe. Many people come to watch the mogu-mogu time.


So the inside viewing space is empty at this time. However as soon as the feeding time is over, all the seals go term Asahikawa in Long dating in the pool.

This is the best time to head to the Marine Way a more leisurely viewing experience. The penguin walk conducted every winter when it snows is very famous. Are they talking to the penguin!? Hard to choose between mogu-mogu time and the penguins. It all depends on when the mogu-mogu time will be held on that day. Also for the penguin walk held in the wintermany people stand by the walking route in the freezing weather.


If you want to look at the penguins up close, it might be better to secure a spot early on, and make sure to stay warm! Breaks, Lunch and Gifts!

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With all the walking around, you will definitely need a break. In zoo there are various places to take a break, eat lunch or buy gifts. Some places are near the main gate, west gate, Azarashi-Kan near the center and east gate. There was space to work as well as term Asahikawa in Long dating kitchen where you could cook. The beds were stock beds but with Tatami flooring. It was rather spacious for accompaning so many people. Miriam, Japan Easy, straight shot from the station and is very close to city hall and is near the main center of town.

Staff was super helpful when I arrived late on top of that! Lovely cozy place. Bunk is spacious, soft pillow and fluffy blanket.

The designs are cute, everything seems meticulously thought of. And Tama the cat is bonus! Martha, Indonesia The owner has a cat who is very friendly. Good wifi. Pailine, France Bed is big and confortable.

Only 10 mins walk from the station. There are some term Asahikawa in Long dating restaurants nearby.

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