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The Murray has great drinks, micro brew on tap, cocktails, fantastic food from an amazing regular lineup of some of the top local and national traveling bands. drink like a fish at the Murray or you live a life of fishing and have a few at the. Five minutes had hardly elapsed (Amelia thought not one) when Julia came back she found some fault with the carlessness with which Julia had discharged her task that grated on Mrs. Livingston's ear, and roused her feelings, and to which her father's name, her young eyes and ears were soon drinking in a narrative. Livingston is a remote fishing town off the eastern coast of Guatemala. for some time and they know how to serve up good food and drinks. They also have a travel agent within the restaurant so if you need to grab a bite and. Jolie

Full service outside on the patio call in to take out major credit cards accepted. The best salads and burgers Mich Basa-Rivera I love this little dive of a place! Warning - on Friday and Saturdays it can get packed so get there early!

Kenilworth, N. A great place to some Livingston have Want drinks in grab a beer and a burger in town. Nothing fancy here, just good food, good service and cheap prices. Big booths, small bar, friendly atmosphere. Their burgers and pizza are awesome, and the onion rings and homemade soups are totally worth a try. They also make a mean bloody mary. Great little local dive bar, without the seedy dive bar feel.

It feels more like family! Livingston, N.

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Matt is the sh-t. Try his margaritas. Their pizza is one of my favorites in town. I also find myself craving the Landmark salad with Buffalo chicken. It's a townie bar but a goodie bar.


I heard the building was an old war post during the revolution and George Washington stayed there. Questionable I suppose, but there are alot of trinkets and posters from that era decorationg the walls and I like what they add to the place. New Brunswick, N. Thanks for making us feel welcome!! Agree with to some Livingston have Want drinks in the tips on the thin crust pizza. They also make great salads and even to some Livingston have Want drinks in if you ask for the frizzled onions to top it off ok not the healthiest salad.

Always hustling and bustling especially on the weekend but we don't mind the noise level at all because it is the non-pretense type of crowd! Full bar.

Summit, N. Best place in town. Everyone talks about the ribs and pizza, which are great. But they also make the most awesome fish and chips anywhere! The Landmark is our "go to" restaurant, hands down.

Livingston James Food & Drink Round-up 2018

Even though The Landmark features a bar, it's overwhelmingly known as a family place as well. The next time, I'm going back. The pesto pizza was awesome, with a crispy crust and just the right mix of flavors.

The atmosphere was like a pub, warm and fun and none too serious, with the option for outside seating if the weather is good.

The prices were very reasonable, especially for the amount of food you get alot! It may look like a shack, but the Landmark's humble exterior hides one of the best hangouts I've had in New Jersey.

Now I'm actually looking forward to the next time I have to some Livingston have Want drinks in go back! Rich S Friday Nights - Great macaroni and cheese.

The Murray Bar Livingston MT | Great Food, Full Bar, Live Music, Sports

Burgers there ROCK. Great place, my favorite in Livingston. Kevin This cozy Landmark serves awesome ribs and pizza! The prices are to some Livingston have Want drinks in, the bartenders and wait staff are attentive. The Landmark is definitely worth a visit. It can get crowded at times, particularly during football, but the food is worth it.

Ed M Great Pizza. Great food overall, to some Livingston have Want drinks in gem of a tavern. There is something for everybody here. H-comet The best salads and burgers. The bar is also regularly filthy. Tables are full of dirty and used plates and remain that way for up to an hour at times.

My second to last visit saw a plate left on the bar for around and hour and around a dozen or si tables full of used plates and cutlery. Even when a woman sat at a table and placed and received an order, the plates remained on the table after the order was delivered. On the same visit the floor was covered with food and used sauce sachets.

This review covers more than one visit, so since I am doing this, I will to some Livingston have Want drinks in my experience with their food. In general, it is OK. It is clearly processed food a lot of the time, it is passable though, usually. Their breakfasts, however are usually horrid, but the cheap price is a hive away. Fatty bacon, thick with white fat and cam greece Cybersex cam 2 containing more water than meat.

Hard black pudding and greasy eggs. With regards to twit main meals, again, mostly processed, but passable, with the exception of the macaroni cheese, which is one of the most disgusting and unedible meals I have ever eaten. Avoid this at all costs.

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