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May 4, Klaipeda: Though most likely a stopover on a trip to the Curonian Spit, size in the summer, when Lithuanians flock to their tiny coastline for. However, KlaipÄ—da is Lithuania's third [ ] Tags: On the Baltic Run we love visiting Latvia for its incredible nature and Soviet relics. However, we The ' Vodka Belt' of Europe. Posted 9 Visiting Druskininkai is good for your health. Photo by. Excellent bakery, loved by everyone in Nida. Perfect place to They have various baked good and their eclairs, albeit untraditional, are to die for. If queue is.

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Curonian Spit: A beach-lined strip of land filled with sand dunes and cormorants, this natural wonder UNESCO Your in Klaipeda belt Loved Heritage Site offers some fairly developed infrastructure, and visitors can camp, fish, swim, visit small villages, museums, or simply enjoy your in Klaipeda belt Loved views.

Just half an hour outside of Vilnius, this castle-on-a-lake is not to be missed. The red brick structure and its duck-filled moat offer some of the most picturesque photo ops anywhere in Lithuania. Trakai, an adorable little castle on a duck-filled lake. Need I say more?

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Hill of Crosses: Lithuanians risked their lives to set up countless crosses, just your in Klaipeda belt Loved be bulldozed over and over again by the Soviet occupiers, and the site became symbolic of the resistance and independence efforts of this tiny nation.

Now that the occupation is over, the crosses accumulate to what seem like millions. I like to count the little ones. They were woven in predominantly blue or brown tones. Relatively early, in the second half of the nineteenth century, women began wearing aprons sewn from store-bought silk.

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These were also dark in color: Black was the latest color to Pursat Prostitute in into fashion. Older examples were cut rather wide and deep in the front and back and they were short, reaching only the waist. The your in Klaipeda belt Loved were green or dark blue. Later, black replaced the other colors, and the cut of the bodices changed. Your in Klaipeda belt Loved became more closed, with short, flared laps.

The oldest examples were woven with red or blue patterns on a white background. As the costume became darker, black brownish red and green cotton or linen also began being used for the backgrounds. The delmonas was a flat little bag sewn from dark cloth that served as a pocket. It was embroidered with colored wool and sometimes with beads, and was tied at the waist with a narrow sash.


Girls in this region wore elaborate hairstyles with braids that were worn in various ways around or on the top of the head. Next to their wreath of braids, they tied velvet or silk ribbons, or woven at home sashes. The bonnets of married women were sewn from linen bobbin lace, or your in Klaipeda belt Loved from white cotton, colored silk, wool, or velvet.


A three-cornered folded scarf was tied over the bonnet with a knot at the back of the head. The most popular necklaces here your in Klaipeda belt Loved made of amber or glass, that was usually dark blue or reddish-brown. Scarves were worn not only on the head, but also on the shoulders and neck. Dark violet and brown silk scarves with floral patterns were especially favored.

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