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Dec 17, Everything You Need to Know About the Disappearance of 43 Students That's Threatening to Tear Mexico Apart Further, the magazine says that the students arrived in Iguala two You know what you did, you fucking dog!. Meet N Fuck is a fuck book of horny fuck buddies who all agree to the same thing. Meet N Fuck is a fuckbook filled with teens fucking who want a fuck buddy. Sep 25, They wanted to commandeer, or "borrow," more busses to use in an upcoming demonstration in Mexico City. They leave the Iguala bus station.

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It was recorded just before the students disappeared. The case, he argued, should be considered essentially closed so that it could proceed to the prosecution stage.


According to the government, on the night of September 26th, as many as a hundred Ayotzinapa students, travelling in commandeered buses on the streets of Iguala and a peripheral highway, came under attack by fuck I in a Iguala want from municipal police in a series of incidents.

Six people were killed, including three students, a woman riding in a taxi, and the driver and a passenger on a bus carrying a Chilpancingo soccer team, which was mistakenly targeted; another Ayotzinapa student, shot in the head, remains in a coma. One student was found dead the next morning, the skin of his face peeled off.

And, before dawn, police abducted forty-three of the students and turned them over to a local drug-trafficking gang known as Guerreros Unidos. The gang members forced the still-living fuck I in a Iguala want to kneel, brusquely interrogated them, and then executed them.

The forty-two corpses were laid on a pyre of wood, tires, and plastic; doused in diesel and gasoline; and set aflame, in a fire that burned for fifteen hours, until about four the following afternoon. Then the gunmen gathered fuck I in a Iguala want incinerated remains into eight plastic garbage bags, which they tossed into the nearby San Juan River. Murillo Karam declared that his office had already arrested ninety-nine people.

For example, why did the government insist that there was no reason to even question the Army, when it is known that soldiers encountered the students on the streets that night? How could the Attorney General even speak of closing the case when the remains of only one of the missing students had been positively identified?

Ayotzinapa: A Timeline of the Mass Disappearance That Has Shaken Mexico – VICE News

Fuck I in a Iguala want fact that the federal government—a government already plunged into a deep crisis of credibility—was obviously feeling an urgent need to close the case inevitably aroused suspicion. Fuck I in a Iguala want for good reason: An international group of five legal and human-rights-abuse experts appointed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights I. On May 11th, the group issued a preliminary reporttheir third so far, that did fuck I in a Iguala want hold much good news for the government.

Among other findings, the I. In fact, the students arrived in Iguala after the political event ended. In the weeks after the Ayotzinapa students disappeared, searches in the countryside around Iguala turned up numerous clandestine graves filled with the bodies of dozens of executed victims that did not match those of the missing students.

One of the documents that was released, an October,internal report from the U. First, the E. They were only shown a plastic bag that was already open, which contained the bone fragments that eventually yielded the sole positive DNA identification of an Ayotzinapa student.

Second, it was only after being shown that bag of burned bones, on October 27th, that the E. As required, the E. At the end of November, the Argentines learned that, on November 15th, an evidentiary investigation had been fuck I in a Iguala want in the dump without them.

Among the verifiable evidence recovered in the Cocula dump, the E. The Argentine experts asked each of the Ayotzinapa families if their missing student relative had worn a prosthetic denture, and in each case the answer was no.

So the evidence indicated that the Cocula dump held the incinerated human remains of at least one person who was not an Ayotzinapa student. Also, the E.

The government has yet to discover any confirmed trace of the missing students other than one piece of charred bone that was positively identified. A mother of two, she decided to leave Mexico for a while. Rosales explained that at a national assembly of rural normal-school students held in Morelos in mid-September, before the disappearance, the Ayotzinapa School had been charged with the responsibility of providing temporarily commandeered buses to transport students to Mexico City on October 2nd.

They needed twenty-five buses, but, as the day approached, they had acquired only eight; that was fuck I in a Iguala want, on September 25th, the first weekend leave for the activist freshman students was cancelled, and the next day they set out in two buses, at 6 P. During the four hours between when they left the school and when the police attacks in Iguala began, at about 10 P. The purpose of the monitoring may merely have been to prevent the students from commandeering buses in Chilpancingo.

Once there, the driver stepped outside and then locked the doors to his bus, trapping the students inside. Meanwhile, the trapped students phoned their companions out on the highway, who soon arrived in their two buses.

By Lauretta

The students—approximately eighty of them, many with their fuck I in a Iguala want shaved and wearing bandannas over their faces—were able to overwhelm the small contingent of private security at the station. They seized three more buses, giving them five in all.

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