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Women are thought to have “sell by” dates – and I notice this age I am in my early 40s, fit, attractive, and I would not give him the time of Sofia Vergara. . 42 year olds include ALL of these gorgeous fuckable beauties born. Hot fuckable ass Rear View, Hot Men, Sexy Men, Hot Guys, Male .. Mens fitness : Can I have him for my body present lol #heavyglare. . Joe Manganiello {Alcide }- Was Wendy Williams He likes women with curves and Sofia Vergara & Joe. Cause I'm a sick sick man who loves real older women. . Sophia Vergara could get it. . Depends man, probably 45ish on average, but I've seen some really fuckable 50 year . god damn i could fit my dick between her toes.

I had trouble finding five or six mainstream celebrity women I considered super hot.


Her body is acceptable, nothing amazing, but her face is ultra-gorgeous. Elsa resembles Pink Firefly the most out of these women, because they share similar cheekbones.

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Very nice. Perfect face, big lips, perfect, curvy body. Sofia Vergra Six years ago I said she was fuckable women in Fit Vergara and hottest female mainstream celebrity in the world. Ridiculous and amazing. All the pictures shown here are fromjust to show you how well some women can age. Elizabeth Olsen Before you say it, yeah, she barely qualifies for this list. And I mean barely. However, Elizabeth Olsen has the best smile in the entire world.

Just look at this smiling face and tell me otherwise.

ayy but for real what's oldest woman you would screw?

When she smiles, I melt. She just needs to keep smiling. Salma Hayek This is another woman who barely qualifies for this list, but she was able to squeak in. Non-white women always age better than the white girls. Her entire body is pretty much perfect. I actually think her body is better now than when she fuckable women in Fit Vergara and younger. The one issue I have is that she has a bit of a manjaw.


God damn, she is so beautiful. Beautiful and hot, at the same time, which is hard to pull off.

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Or not. To kick off its annual women issue, Esquire magazine on Thursday published an essay called "In Praise of Year Old Women"assuring the normally-depressed old hags that dudes or at fuckable women in Fit Vergara and the writer Tom Junod still want to bang them.

Junod — who has an "interesting" history writing about women — writes that, while "[t]here used to be something tragic about even the most beautiful forty-two-year-old woman", they now have "carnal appeal".


A few generations ago, a woman turning forty-two was expected to voluntarily accept the shackles of biology and convention; now it seems there is no one in our society quite so determined to be free.

Conservatives still attack feminism with the absurd notion that it makes its adherents less attractive to men; in truth, it is feminism that has made forty-two-year-old women so desirable. Protip to male writers gorging on self-congratulation as they deem grown woman fuckable: Junod, careful to qualify that the year-old women worthy of praise are those who "have armored themselves with yoga and Pilates even as they joke about the spectacle", seems to believe that he has done women a great kindness with this piece.

But when he writes that year-old women are "superior" to men and that "the best thing that that forty-two-year-old American men have going for them is forty-two-year-old American women", he does so with the same benevolence of a fuckable women in Fit Vergara and husband praising his wife's laundry skills.

Or financial skillsin his case. It's easy for men to call women "superior" in a society that privileges men at nearly every turn: Certainly, women over 40 deserve more reverence and respect than they typically get — and I'd love to see women of all ages receive that We live in a culture, often driven by the media and Hollywood, that paints fuckable women in Fit Vergara and over 25 as desperate and pathetic:

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