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10 Songs That Have Hidden Messages When Played in Reverse . Is a Religious Experience — Literally, Every Song References the Bible. Listen: 15 creepy, filthy love songs for Valentine's Day it can be painful and trying and sometimes it can be downright terrifying, creepy, gross and uncomfortable. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. . I' m thinking I might have better survival rates with the bus (think Mean Girls). This Valentine's Day, take a listen to these 35 K-pop love songs. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. .. Not Fall In Love” encompasses the scary moments that accompany the start of a relationship. .. This atmospheric power ballad puts the Girls' Generation singer's emotions in.

But my favorite part is when that woman in the bar is being harassed, and Benatar and her band of women come to her rescue—dancing, raging, and scaring the crap out of the harasser. Girl love songs playbacks Intimidating love that the waitress in the video looks real: And you better treat her right.

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There is nothing like it. I get inspired without having to do much at all besides pressing play. Definitely badass, and eternally relevant.


I can get behind that. And Cyndi Lauper? Still the one of the coolest, quirkiest artists out there. The song is girl love songs playbacks Intimidating call for her to stand up for herself and set some very necessary boundaries.

The eerie crackling helped to set the mood, but when the words "Here's to my sweet Satan" echoed through the speakers, I thought he said "Santa" and started to laugh and ruined the mood. I hated this song for years.

Here Are 5 Love Songs That Will Leave You Feeling Sprung

Continue Reading Styx, "Snowblind" If you play this song backwards for about girl love songs playbacks Intimidating minutes, you'll finally understand the hidden message: The Beatles, "Revolution 9" During my backmasking heyday, I played my aunt's Beatles album backwards just for the hell of it, so imagine my surprise when I heard: I still shiver when I hear Paul McCartney's voice.

Slayer, "Hell Awaits" Slayer didn't need to jump on the backmasking wagon, and I didn't need to listen to their hidden message - "Join us" - over and over to purchase their album. I was hooked as soon as Kerry King raked his pick across the strings of his demonic guitar. Soundgarden, "" Some enthusiasts claim that when Girl love songs playbacks Intimidating Cornell used, "I love you Santa, baby; Santa is my king" as his hidden message, he was simply parodying girl love songs playbacks Intimidating Satanic bands who hid messages from the dark lord in their lyrics.

Joe Dirt, an elderly custodian who sometimes travels with the band, claims that the rock star meant to say "Satan," but he just pissed off the wrong sound mixer. Marilyn Manson, "Tourniquet" "This is my lowest point of vulnerability," explains Manson when you play this song backwards. It's an unusual message. But never fear, Manson is notorious for backmasking other messages, from "I'm gonna kill you, kill yourself, kill yourself" in "Dope Hat" to "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world" in "Revelation 9.


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