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The skull is often on the move, to different Catholic shrinrs to be adored and venerated. A true believer in Jesus the Messiah, will never in Arjona Prostitute rotten remains of mortal men.

We worship Jesus alone, and we worship Him in spirit and in truth. This kind of religious wickedness, is promoted by the Pope.

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He is the head of the cult of his saint. They bow before skull, copses and bones. In Arjona Prostitute in this way they mock and defame the true faith in the Messiah. These in Arjona Prostitute do not represent the Messiah. Please open your Bible, and get connected to the truth. And the truth shall set you free.

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Peter Claver, the patron saint of human rights who ministered to Cartagena's African slaves in the early s and became known as "slave of the slaves. Pope Francis is "up top in the Vatican, and it's us here living the day-to-day who need to take the steps," Alamar said. When Alamar inherited the dining hall, food was cooked over a few stones on the ground, and stray dogs circled as the children ate seated on the ground.

You don't get used to it. Consuelo In Arjona Prostitute, who has been doing this ministry in Cartagena for almost two years. Franciscan Sr. From the outside, the dining hall is a simple coral building in Arjona Prostitute a in Arjona Prostitute road, next door to colorful concrete shacks.


Many of the children who scramble into in Arjona Prostitute sisters' dining hall come with empty stomachs, as their last meal was the day before at the same dining hall. They start trickling in at Some are in uniforms, either fresh out of school or about to in Arjona Prostitute in, while others wear bright, mismatched outfits.

The majority are of African descent. Often, parents don't send their kids to school so they can sleep later and in Arjona Prostitute be hungry for breakfast, the sisters said. Most fathers drive motorcycle taxis or fix up houses, and mothers either work as maids or take care of their children.

Many children have a parent in jail.

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That's how gangs form early, Alamar added: In Arjona Prostitute the past three to five years, kids between 11 and 16 already have learned how to intimidate, and they start to organize themselves as a gang.

InEl Tiempoa Colombian newspaper, reported in Arjona Prostitute authorities identified more than street gangs in Colombia. But in Cartagena, gangs were mostly made up of adolescents involved in lighter crime, such as stealing.


When one young boy got kicked out of school for consistently disruptive behavior, the sisters intervened and worked with the administration to readmit him. They continue to defend him to keep him in school despite his disciplinary issues. Outside in Arjona Prostitute school, he's been caught robbing purses and once assisted in robbing a motorcycle.

How do you change his surroundings?

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