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Paraguay - Chapter IX

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The National Constitution of the Republic of Paraguay recognizes the cultural diversity of the Paraguayan population and includes a series of specific provisions on indigenous peoples, establishing a favorable legal framework for them.

The Constitution is consistent with the constitutional trend seen in the last decade in Latin America, [7] as it in phones Horny Vietnam ladies provisions to recognize the rights of the indigenous peoples.

Paraguay is defined, in its Constitution, as a multicultural and bilingual country. The Constitution, at Articles 62 through 67, recognizes the existence of the indigenous peoples and defines them as ethnic groups whose cultures pre-date the formation and organization of the Paraguayan State. In addition, it guarantees them the right to preserve and develop their ethnic identity and the right in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife freely apply their systems of political, social, economic, cultural, and religious organization, making express reference to recognition of their customary rules for regulating community life within the indigenous peoples.

As regards the right to property in the land, the Paraguayan Constitution recognizes that the indigenous peoples have the right to community property of sufficient size and in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife to conserve and development their particular ways of life; the Paraguayan State undertakes to convey such lands to them free in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife charge.

In addition, it guarantees them the right to participate in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife the economic, social, political, and cultural life of the country, in keeping with their in Baoji Prostitute usages, the Constitution, and the national laws; and it exempts the members of indigenous peoples from social, civil, or military service, and of the public charges established by law.

The Paraguayan Constitution provides as follows on these matters: Article 62 Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Groups This Constitution recognizes the existence of Indigenous peoples, defined as ethnic groups whose culture existed before the formation and constitution of the State of Paraguay. Article 63 Ethnic Identity The right of Indigenous peoples to preserve and to develop their ethnic identity in their respective habitat is hereby recognized and guaranteed. They also have the right to freely apply their systems of political, socioeconomic, cultural, and religious organization, and to voluntarily observe customary practices in their domestic coexistence as long as they do not violate the fundamental rights established by this Constitution.

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Indigenous customary law shall be taken into account when deciding conflicts of jurisdiction. Article in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife Property Owned by the Community Indigenous peoples have the right, as communities, to a shared ownership of a piece of land, which shall in Kolding Prostitute sufficient both in terms of size and quality for them to preserve and to develop their own lifestyles.

The State shall provide them with the respective land, free of charge. This land, which shall be exempt from attachments, cannot be divided, transferred, or affected by the statute of limitations, nor can it be used as collateral for contractual obligations or be leased. It shall also be exempt from taxes. The removal or transfer of Indigenous groups from their habitat, without their express consent, is hereby prohibited. Article 65 the Right to Participate The right of Indigenous peoples to participate in the political, socioeconomic, and cultural life of the country in accordance with their customary practices, the Constitution, and the national laws, is hereby guaranteed.

Article 66 About Education and Assistance The State shall respect the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples, especially regarding their formal education. At their request, the In Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife shall also defend them against demographic decline, the degradation of their habitat, environmental contamination, economic exploitation, and cultural alienation. Article 67 Exemptions Members of Indigenous groups are exempted from the obligation to provide social services, civil or military, as well as from discharging those public duties established by law.

With respect to labor rights, Article 88 of the Constitution provides that there shall be no discrimination among workers on grounds of ethnicity, sex, age, religion, social condition, or political or trade union preferences or affiliations.

Among the duties and powers of the Public Ministry, the Constitution provides at Article the power to bring public criminal actions to defend the public and social heritage, in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife environment, and other diffuse interests, as well as the rights of the indigenous peoples.

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Article 12 of the Constitution provides that the rights of detained persons include access to an interpreter when necessary. The purpose of this law is the social and cultural preservation of the indigenous communities, the defense of their heritage and traditions, the sexy cam Privat of their economic conditions, their effective participation in the national development process, and their access to a legal regime that guarantees them property and other productive resources in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife the basis of equality with all other citizens.

That law provides that: The indigenous groups separated from their communities, or disperse, already grouped together, or who, for carrying out the purpose of this Law, should be in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife together, constituted by at least 20 families, should be located on lands appropriate to their living conditions.

Among its principles it sets forth legal recognition of the indigenous communities, respect for their traditional forms of organization, the use of customary law to regulate their community life, and the duty of judges to take account of customary law in proceedings involving indigenous persons. In addition, it contains provisions on the settlement of indigenous communities, calls for the creation of the Paraguayan Indigenous Institute INDIthe official government institution entrusted with implementing indigenous policy, and establishes the administrative procedure for processing land claims before the Institute of Rural Welfare IBR and INDI.

This law considers settlements of indigenous communities to be constituted by a physical area made up of a core of houses, natural resources, crops, plantations, and their environs, linked insofar as possible to Kowloon Facetime phone sex in cultural tradition.

As indicated in the chapter on economic, social, and cultural rights, supra, legislation alone cannot guarantee human rights. While the legislation currently in force in Paraguay offers a favorable legal framework for the indigenous peoples, it is not sufficient for the due protection of their rights if not accompanied by state policies and actions in Fuck Pozo Colorado my wife ensure the enforcement and implementation of the norms to which the State has sovereignly bound itself.

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