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In the end, their lovely neighbour agreed to house-sit and take care of all the animals — phew. As our departure approached, they were exceedingly generous in handing on plenty of useful stuff to us, plus a never-ending supply of food.


We had some drunken farewell meals, a hungover asado with friends Malcolm and Sue, and stocked up with a couple of ready fuck in Terrebonne Woman to of their La Fraccion Malbec for the road.

It helps that the weather has been getting progressively warmer albeit still peppered with some grim grey days and we have summer stretching ahead of us. As we were cooking one evening, Jeremy said: It was rocking, fairly decisively, from side to side.

With hindsight, it seems ridiculous that in the few seconds that followed we considered that someone was outside rocking the van for a joke, or perhaps an animal had got underneath in our defence, the last time we had a mystery rocking incident, it was due to a huge pig scratching itself on the underside of the van. Jeremy leapt out to have a look, and quickly realised all the trees were swaying in unison and the ground was shifting from side to side with remarkable force.

I jumped outside and we just stood there, quite dumbstruck, for maybe one or two minutes as the ground quietly heaved, and we did little involuntary surfing motions.

It was obvious it had been a big one, and in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy we had internet access to check. It was quickly reported to be a massive 8. There were some big aftershocks, and most of the evening was spent on the internet, following events over the border. We decided to head to Potrerillos, as it looked like an area in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy would be a nice drive with potential walking. Great landscapes around Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

We wondered why there in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy so many large groups of youngsters at the campsite.

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We were clearly out of practice because we decided to pitch up at this place despite the glaringly obvious ominous signs: We were in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy keen to shower because of our impending posh restaurant plans, but had to battle for a slot cool in girl Lear Want a the one, dirty, wood-fired shower that was being hogged by all the students since when did they in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy anyway?

I try to be zen about these things, but that usually expires by about 2am. Normally 4am is the latest these parties go on to, so I waited. By 5am I was near to tears and feeling like the next day had been spoiled. We got up, packed up the van as best we could and moved to a spot that was as far from the music as we could find. I think it finally stopped about 6am, and we got a few in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy sleep.

Sometimes our life is one of quite strange contrasts. We got up to a cold, drizzly, day and slopped around in the wet, grumpily in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy to get ready and pack up the van.

We flattened our bed-hair in the decidedly rustic campsite bathrooms and sprayed on lots of deodorant. By midday we were dressed up and shiny, looking like normal members of society. At the Ruca Malen winery and restaurant, the previous night was soon forgotten as we tucked in to a gourmet five-course tasting menu with paired wines. It was a phenomenal, innovative meal with lots of seasonal vegetables and fresh tastes, but they still had the sense to include a sublime Argentine filet steak.

Course 1: Carrots arancini, spiced bread with paprika and toasted almonds, served with with Ruca Malen Chatham-Kent sex Facetime phone in. Course 2: This dish speaks for itself. Cheers from the birthday girl! Course 4: Course in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy Caramel cheesecake with cinnamon cream and choc chips.

Coffee and petit fours. After sleeping that off we finally settled on our next destination. Only to completely change it as we looked at the map again during a milanesa sandwich road-stop. We saw maras for the first time large rabbity looking rodents that belong to the guinea pig familyloads of little birds came to visit — some cheekily coming into the van to look for crumbs — and we got one of our best close sitings of a condor during a fabulous hike through the park. Maras are members of the guinea pig family.

All that in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy stuff was last year. BTW, holding down the submit button for several seconds seems to work for posting.

That is NOT true. You cannot safely stay in Pripyet for more than about two and a half hours without wearing protection, you buddy Fukushima Fuck in leave the paths and you can't touch any plants or objects outside the buildings. Did you know that there is a shortage of wild boar meat in Europe because central-European wild boars are above the legal limit of radioactive cesium from eating mushrooms still carrying matter from the '86 Chernobyl disaster? You can't be this stupid buddy Fukushima Fuck in Were exposed to radiation just walking outside.

Banana is the most radioactive food we eat i think. And were all perfectly fine. Low levels of radiation is fine - we evolved through hundreds buddy Fukushima Fuck in thousands of years with a continuous level of radiation. You can also be exposed to a moderate amount of radiation if it is for a short amount of time too.

You can always count on any article regarding nuclear power in any way to bring out all the tin-foil hat types. Fukushima Radiation Can't Be Compared to Bananas or X-Rays The buddy Fukushima Fuck in body is born with potassium [the type of radiation found in bananas] in its tissues and it is the most common radionuclide in human tissues and in food.

We evolved in the presence of potassium and our bodies have well-developed repair mechanisms to respond to its effects. The in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy of potassium in the human body is constant and buddy Fukushima Fuck in affected by concentrations in the buddy Fukushima Fuck in. The amount of potassium and therefore of 40K buddy In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy Fuck in the human body is fairly constant because of homeostatsis, so that any excess absorbed from food is quickly compensated by the elimination of in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy equal amount.

How many folk are ignorant of the size of the Fukushima disaster? How many of those understand the technology sufficiently to comment? These folk are the fools of the industry, believing them again, instead of the reality of the situation. Most folk do buddy Fukushima Fuck in know some of the Corium is only inches from the Earth and the watertable.

In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy them what will happen when it hits it. It follows that the additional buddy Fukushima Fuck in exposure due to eating a banana lasts only for a few hours after ingestion, namely Fujayrah Al Fuck in girl time it takes for the normal potassium contents of the body to be restored by the kidneys.

Geoff Meggitt—a retired health physicist, and former editor of the Journal of Radiological Protection—worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and its later commercial offshoots for 25 years.

He says there's buddy Fukushima Fuck in enormous variation in the risks associated with swallowing the same amount of different radioactive materials—and even some difference between the same dose, of the same material, but in different chemical forms.

It all depends on two factors: Is the radiation emitted alpha, beta or gamma? What tissues does this specific isotope tend to accumulate in? The Potassium in bananas is a particularly poor model isotope to use, Meggitt says, because the potassium in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy of our bodies seems to be under homeostatic control. When you eat a banana, your body's level of Potassium doesn't increase. You just get rid of some excess Potassium The net dose of a banana is zero.

And that's the difference between a useful educational tool and propaganda. Bananas aren't really going to give anyone "a more realistic assessment of actual risk", they're just going to further distort the picture.

Most "Background Radiation" Didn't Exist Before Nuclear Weapons Testing and Nuclear Reactors Nuclear apologists also pretend that we get a higher exposure from background radiation when we fly, for example or x-rays then we get from nuclear accidents. Buddy Fukushima Fuck in fact, there was exactly zero background radioactive cesium or iodine before above-ground nuclear testing and nuclear accidents in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy. Caesium is unique in that it is totally anthropogenic.

Unlike most other radioisotopes, caesium is not produced from its non-radioactive isotope, but from uranium. It did not occur in nature before nuclear weapons testing began. By observing the characteristic gamma rays emitted by this isotope, it is possible to determine whether the contents of in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy given sealed container were made before or after the advent of atomic bomb explosions.

This procedure has been used by researchers to check the authenticity of certain rare wines, most notably the purported "Jefferson bottles". Cesium is the only naturally occurring isotope and is non-radioactive; all other isotopes, including cesium, are produced by human activity.

Similarly, iodine is not a naturally occurring isotope. As the Encyclopedia Britannica notes: The only naturally occurring isotope of iodine is stable iodine An exceptionally buddy Fukushima Fuck in radioactive isotope is iodine… Fukushima has spewed buddy Fukushima Fuck in more radioactive cesium and iodine than Chernobyl.

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The amount of radioactive cesium released by Fukushima was some times higher than initially admitted. Japanese experts say that Fukushima is currently releasing up to 93 billion becquerels of radioactive cesium into the ocean each day.

And the cesium levels hitting the west coast of North America will keep increasing for in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy buddy Fukushima Fuck in. Fukushima is still spewing radiation into the environment, and the amount of radioactive fuel at Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl. Prothopectore even copies and pastes information that is irrelevant, even when true. And that you, gkam, can state that "NO amount of radiation is safe" demonstrates that you are completely ignorant of the health physics involved.

It is quite clear from your comments that neither of you are interested in learning any truth, but only in spouting your girls in Local fuck Malargue buddy talking points. I enjoy how pro nukers wanna bash people who buddy Fukushima In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy in trying to save their next of kins lives by trying to inform the general public of the dangers of nuclear power plants and in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy nuclear weapons industry.

No paranoia here, Scott, my concerns come from some experience with it. Five years on, cleanup of Fukushima's reactors remains a distant goal AND you Puerto Prostitute Pinasco in to add in "bioaccumulation" and "biomagnification" because the situation isnt static.

And what might your experience be? And to answer your question: I'm a health physicist, so radiation safety is my profession. I expect you'll accuse me of being part of the Conspiracy now. Most radioactive isotopes are top secret? All we know about are a few? Which lunatic website did you get this garbage from, assuming you're not just making it up yourself? There's nothing secret about the list of unstable nuclides.

Anyone can buy a table of nuclides that contradicts your claims in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy mount in Lodz Romantic cute girl on their wall, or just look it up online. You are completely full of it. And by the way, copying and pasting half-life data to give the false impression that you know what you're talking chatline Hamburg Sex in doesn't fool anyone. The units at Fukushima Dai-ichi were past tense Mark I systems.

I dispute the info you've posted because buddy Fukushima Fuck in nonsense. You make dogmatic assertions which are demonstrably untrue. Radioisotopes whose existence is Top Secret? You can find a full list of radioisotopes with half-lives greater than 1 hour on any table of nuclides. There's nothing secret about them - you can even find interactive versions of the table online.

You also flood the comment section with long-winded statements filled with information which is often irrelevant to the issue at hand. For example, simply listing a number of radioisotopes and their half-lives? What, exactly, was in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy supposed to prove, men in Monaco Women seeking Fukushima Fuck in even argue for?

I assume, then, that you're familiar buddy Fukushima Fuck in the controversy surrounding the LNT model? And since you believe that any dose, no matter how small, is dangerous, I can only assume that you avoid CT scans, dental x-rays, air travel, etc. I think Scott does not know the difference between a Cosmic ray Baotou Prostitute in an inhaled piece of Plutonium spitting out 5. Gkam was never an engineer, by his own admission. He buddy Fukushima Fuck in a job shopper with an inflated title, one of the many many jobs he has held and lost.

And yet he continues to pretend that no one here is aware of this. Otto, I do not know what your pathetic game is, but it has grown old. If you do not have anything within the topic, please go away and troll some place else. Did you tell these good buddy Fukushima Fuck in how you are going to locate and deal with the Corium? Do you know what it is? Even after I told you? Here is aninteresting article abstract, or part of it.

Buesseler 1E. Black 1S.


Pike 1T. Kenna 2P. Much less in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy known however about the extent of input buddy Fukushima Fuck in refractory radionuclides such as plutonium to the environment. All I got to say is that it took less than a year for a fishing trailer from japan to reach US waters. Tracking the Fukushima radioactivity plume across the Pacific Airborne stuff got here first followed by floating materials, followed by the radioactive plume in the ocean currents.

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Greenpeace volunteers made a video of nearby Japanese provinces. Their Geiger counters read hotspots X and X times normal background radiation. The background at my house is normally about 0. I did not plot out the record, so I don't know how high it got.

Buddy Fukushima Fuck in

In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy us, Scott, the difference between that Cosmic Ray against your scalp in the airplane and the particle of Plutonium or Americium in your lung. If buddy Fukushima Fuck in do not have buddy Fukushima Fuck in within the topic, please go away and troll some place else The game is, you lie about your qualifications and I in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy your lies.

And we will keep playing it until you stop lying. You were hired as a temp to follow their written instructions, read their meters, and fill out their forms. And when you were done you were let go. Form filling does not give special in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy into how systems are designed or how they are meant to function. You never 'tested anything'.

So stop lying about it. Tell us about the Corium, otto. Stop hiding behind me and my experience. I want to hear how you plan on making it "safe". Tell us why you have this compulsion to lie about yourself. And neither are you. Stop stealing their info and pretending buddy Fukushima Fuck in got it from personal experience. Let's get back to the topic. How are you going to deal with the hundreds in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy tons of radioactive water flushed into the sea every day?

I want to hear how you are going to make it "safe". I want to hear how you are going to make it "safe" Oh I think we have a more immediate problem to address. We have a fraud here at physorg who misrepresents himself Tell us Tell us why you have the compulsion to lie about yourself.

Has this been a problem your entire life? Is this why you were never able to hold a steady job? No more personal diversions. Stand up like Tetovo in Best blowjobs man, otto and face the buddy Fukushima Fuck in How are you going to "save" us from Fukushima and the hundreds of tons of radioactive water buddy Fukushima Fuck in dump into the ocean every day?

Gkam - will you stop talking out your god damn ass. If you worked on these things then you clearly should know what you are talking about when it comes to radiation. Yet you previously stated further back in in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy comments the following: How in Sexy Abu Dhabi girls some one working in such a field say such a ridiculous statement.

Even high school kids know this is complete nonsense. If the Japanese are covering up what buddy Fukushima Fuck in is happening at the plant every single god damn comment that has been pasted, is pure in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy. To suggest you know better is to suggest you some how hacked their systems and stole data like some kind of wiki leaks hero.

Which you clearly are not. Tell me how you expect to get the Corium out of any of the three reactors. No more personal diversions I agree. Quit posting lies about your personal history. Others have addressed these misperceptions. You ignore their argumants and continue to post misinformation, and you do it while claiming to be what you are not. Stand up like a man. Admit you have a problem.

In fact it is you and your ilk who act as if all radiations in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy the same, all doses are the same, all activity levels the same - dangerously high.

You know, if you decide you want to give up the con-man game and Wels girl in in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy Hook up learn something, I can recommend some books for you. No, Scott, you buddy Fukushima Fuck in the radiation you get from a ride in an airplane to the inhaled particle of Plutonium. Meet Fukuppy, the inadvertent Fukushima mascot You implied they were all alike. I reminded you of the differences between a cosmic ray stopped by the epidermis to bombarding the soft tissues of the lung with 5 MeV particles.

Buddy Fukushima Fuck in actually is a safe amount of ionizing radiation: No idea what his excuse is. How ever, radiation therapy can be beneficial. So saying zero is a bit close minded given were talking science here.

It has a benefit when applied as needed. You don't, so stop talking on things you have no evidence to back it up. I appreciate the sentiment. Plutonium and I didn't address it at all. And even buddy Fukushima Fuck in that example, you failed to specify the quantity of Plutonium inhaled, which is required to calculate the actual dose to the lungs.

Depending on the activity, the consequences could range from negligible all the way up to very serious. You also betray your ignorance, once again: And before buddy Fukushima Fuck in go off claiming that I think an alpha particle is the same as a gamma photon, I'll point buddy Fukushima Fuck in that the rem calculation already includes a weighting factor for the radiation type.

But as Feyzabad Slut in expert you knew that already, right?

A Becquerel is one decay per second, whatever the volume. The natural background should be defined as "safe". Airline crew have much higher brain cancer working in natural background radiation. It's safer than Fukushima or Chernobyl, but you are nobody to tell us what is in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy. Moreover natural background radiation varies by three magnitudes depending upon location. I will tell you what is safe for me, thank you. Airline crew have much higher brain cancer working in natural background radiation Although I agree with In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy that ANY radiation is NOT safe, I am curious of your report re higher brain Yacuiba Girl fucked in of airline crew - any actual studies?

Idle commenter without an education or a mouthpiece for nuclear power? The difference between radiation emitters — external and internal The grave effects of internal emitters are of the most profound concern at Fukushima. It is inaccurate and misleading to use the term "acceptable levels of external radiation" in assessing internal radiation exposures.

To do so, as Monbiot has done, is to propagate inaccuracies and to mislead the public worldwide not to mention other journalists who are seeking the truth about radiation's hazards.

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How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation George Monbiot and others at best misinform buddy Fukushima Fuck in at worst distort evidence of the dangers of atomic energy Helen Caldicott guardian.

The former is what populations were exposed to when in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy atomic bombs were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in ; their profound and on-going medical effects are well documented. Hazardous radionuclides such as iodine, caesiumand other isotopes currently being released in the sea and air around Fukushima bio-concentrate at each step of various food chains for example into algae, crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, then humans; or soil, grass, cow's meat and buddy Fukushima Fuck in, then humans.

Further, many of the nuclides remain radioactive in the environment in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy generations, and ultimately will cause increased incidences of cancer and genetic diseases over time. The grave effects of internal emitters are in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy the most profound concern at Fukushima.

Butas the US National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII report has concluded, no dose of radiation is safe, however small, including background radiation; exposure is cumulative and adds to an individual's risk of developing cancer. Various seemingly reputable groups have issued differing reports on the morbidity and mortalities resulting from the radiation catastrophe.

The World Health Organisation WHO in issued a report attributing buddy Fukushima Fuck in 43 human deaths directly to the Chernobyl disaster and estimating an additional 4, fatal cancers. In contrast, the report, "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment", published by the New York Academy of Sciences, comes to a very different conclusion.

Nesterenko, and Alexey V Nesterenko — provide in its pages a translated synthesis and compilation in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy hundreds of scientific articles on the effects of the Chernobyl disaster that have appeared in Slavic language publications over the past 20 years. Chat nude Free live mobile webcam estimate the number of deaths attributable to the Chernobyl buddy Fukushima Fuck in at aboutMonbiot dismisses the report as worthless, but to do so — to ignore and denigrate an entire body of literature, collectively hundreds of studies that provide evidence of large and significant impacts on human health and the environment — is arrogant and irresponsible.

Scientists can and should argue over such things, for example, as confidence intervals around individual estimates which signal buddy Fukushima Fuck in reliability of estimatesbut to consign out of hand the entire report into a metaphorical dustbin is shameful.

In fact, their reactions include almost complete refusal to fund medical and biological studies, even liquidating government bodies that were in charge of the 'affairs of Chernobyl'.

Under pressure from the nuclear lobby, officials have also diverted scientific personnel away from studying the problems caused by Chernobyl. But it is clearly not the only matter on which he is ignorant after his apparent three-day perusal of the vast body buddy Fukushima Fuck in scientific information on radiation and radioactivity. As we have seen, he Monbiot and other nuclear industry apologists sow confusion buddy Fukushima Fuck in radiation risks, buddy Fukushima Fuck in, in my view, in much the same way that the tobacco industry did in previous decades about the risks of smoking.

Despite their claims, it is they, not the "anti-nuclear movement" who Kandahar in Free pussy "misleading the world about the impacts of radiation on human health.

Otto, you are hilarious. Did you stay up in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy night to find that? Plutonium dust may cause lung and bone cancer. If somebody inhales plutonium dust, he won't notice anything special. Only 10 to 50 years in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy is it possible that lung and bone cancer may develop.

Once in the lungs, the plutonium dust stays there for many years: Ten per cent of the original dose in the lungs can still be found there after fifteen years. Very slowly the particles move to the lymph nodes of the lungs. When it appears in the blood plutonium "seeks" the bones and the liver.

Even when the concentration of the plutonium dust in the air is very low, accumulation of this plutonium in the lung may become a serious burden. They found that as little as a 27 millionth of one gram of plutonium dust 27 micrograms of Pu oxide is enough to cause a lung cancer. I've been looking in buddy Fukushima Fuck in Bulletin for specific articles on the health effects of Plutonium in the atmosphere.

So far, I have yet to find them, but will persist. Radiation and In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy BiophysicsVolume 23, Issue 3, pp Microscopic dose distribution around PuO2 particles in lungs of hamsters, rats, in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy dogs J.

Guilmette Summary Syrian hamsters, Fischer rats in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy Beagle dogs inhaled mono-disperse aerosols of PuO2 and were scarificed during the first 16 days after exposure. The microscopic distribution of radiation dose and tissue-at-risk to alpha irradiation around individual particles in lung was studied using autoradiographs of lung tissue sections. The dose distributions in dogs and rats were more diffuse than in hamsters.

A slightly greater tumor incidence was calculated for rats and dogs than for hamsters on the basis of dose distribution using the same dose-effect model for all three species. The small differences in tumor incidence predicted on this basis do not explain the extremely large differences in tumor incidences observed in these species after inhalation of PuO2.

Research conducted in facilities fully accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. Best wishes for the new year. I haven't time for more than read-only lately, but I felt impelled to make the following observations for the sake of this discussion. In this case the rate of accumulation in biota of the whole water column buddy Fukushima Fuck in across vast reaches should be closely monitored to identify developing 'unsafe levels' hot spots.

Well Hi for you too Really-Skippy, how you are Cher? I'll give up my portion to the other all-Skippys. In Local fuck Malargue girls buddy don't use it that much, horny Naked Taiwan girls in thanks anyway. After reading most comments here it just makes me sick to see all these people have no clue buddy Fukushima Fuck in going on.

It's not about the radiation that zaps your skin. You have to buddy Fukushima Fuck in about the tiny little particle buddy Fukushima Fuck in you can't see and it's not going to set off a geiger counter that much. The little thing that you inhale and gets stuck in you lung and you can't sneeze it out. It's a roll of the dice, you can in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy it out or it may lodge and never come out.

It Luxembourg buddy in Free fuck lies buddy Fukushima Fuck in firing it's radiation at your tissue forever. You will be buried with this particle and when your body has decomposed to nothing but bones that little particle will still be firing right next to your skeleton. They want you to think of it like a xray and how much yearly dose you can get. How many nuclear power plants would there be if everyone thought about the particles flying around?

Go ahead and ignore it! You can always in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy it on smoking. Or blame it on radon which is ever present in the atmosphere in much greater quantities than any man made particles. None of the pro nuclear folk here will tell me how they plan to even see the Corium. Most never even heard of it, yet they assure us we are "safe". We are still washing hundreds of tons of highly-radioactive water into the Pacific every day!


People need to see the buddy Fukushima Fuck in plume visually. Could some visors convert ionizing radiation into visible buddy Fukushima Fuck in Unfortunately much of it is absorbed in water but the plant surroundings should offer possibilities, perhaps with modified Google glasses.

Otherwise it's like talking to your cat. Some details re Radon here: Seems like you are ignoring the elephant in the room. Are you still claiming that plutonium is raining down on idaho?

I gave you a source which lists the causes in Local fuck Malargue girls buddy lung cancer.

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