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Sep 23, Pope Francis, during an encounter with Priests and Religious in Kaunas Cathedral, tells “As men and women of special consecration, he added, “we can the loneliness experienced by the elderly, the misuse of creation. A docile and shy girl transforms into a new persona, a dark and merciless woman with only revenge on her mind to get justice at her own hand. Despite increased career prospects, especially for women, Lithuanians tend to marry . The Lithuanian Film Studios (inheron.com), founded in Kaunas in and .

Peter and St. Paul, where he met with priests, men and women religious, in Lonely Kaunas women persons, and seminarians from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. After a time of prayer and reflection, the Holy Father addressed the gathering.

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Here is the full text of his address: Dear Brothers and Sisters, My entire visit to your country has been summed up in one expression: Now, as this day draws to its close, we have heard a text of the apostle In Lonely Kaunas women that invites us to hope with perseverance. Today I would like to share with you some aspects of this hope: Rom 8: This groaning comes from an enslavement of corruption, from a yearning for fulfilment.

Today we would do well to ask if we ourselves groan inwardly, or whether our hearts in Lonely Kaunas women still, no longer yearning for the living God. Perhaps it keeps us distracted and entertained, but not fulfilled. No instant news, no virtual communication can substitute for our need of concrete, prolonged and regular moments — calling for sustained effort — of daily dialogue with the Lord through prayer in Lonely Kaunas women adoration.

We need to keep cultivating our desire for God.

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As Saint John of the Cross wrote: This groaning can also come from our contemplation of the world around us, as a protest against the unsatisfied needs of our poorest brothers and sisters, before the absence of meaning in the lives of our young, the loneliness experienced by the elderly, the misuse of creation. It is a groaning in Lonely Kaunas women would mobilize efforts to shape events in in Lonely Kaunas women nation, in our cities, not by acting as a pressure group or in a bid for power, but in service to all.

We too should be moved by the cry of our people, like Moses before the burning bush, when God spoke to him of the suffering of his people cf. Yet we should also be concerned when our people stop groaning, when they stop seeking water to quench their thirst. At those times, we need to discern what is silencing the voice of our people.


The cry that makes us turn to God in prayer and adoration is the same that makes us sensitive to the plea of our brothers and sisters. Evangelii Gaudium The apostle also speaks of perseverance: This calls for our being centred in God, firmly rooted in him and faithful to his love.

Rom 4: The violence you endured for your defence of civil and religious freedom, the violence of slander, imprisonment and deportation, could not prevail over your faith in In Lonely Kaunas women Christ, the Lord of history. You have much to tell us and teach us. Yet you also have much advice to give, without the need to pass judgement on the apparent limitations of in Lonely Kaunas women young.


And you, the young, when you meet with little frustrations that can discourage you and make you want to turn in on yourselves, seeking activities and pastimes at odds with your consecration, go back to your roots and consider the path taken by your elders. There was in Lonely Kaunas women path that went straight down by the river.

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Only for the last part of the journey to the old town did I walk down there. There were some fishermen fishing early in the morning. As I walked past one of them holding a beer can asked me in Lonely Kaunas women in Lithuanian. Instinct told me not to answer and I shrugged politely looking confused.

Then he started calling out a word that in Spanish French and Italian I know means prostitute not sure about in Lithuanian Maybe it was because I didn t in Lonely Kaunas women him but I thought it was best to walk fast and get back on to the main road.

Maybe I d walked into an area known for prostitutes? The old town was lovely. It was empty early on a Sunday morning but the weather was perfect for photos. Then I walked up toward the hill. I managed to miss the Funiclar on the way up and walked up the stairs.


Though found it for the way down. It was great fun. Bought ticket to Vilnius no proble.

Pope to Priests and Religious: Persevere, be merciful and hope

Had a lovely lunch in Alias ritas off Laisves ayeas Vilnius was lovely. Here are some of the places to see I would really recommend. The cathedral. Gedimos tower.

Pope to Priests and Religious: Persevere, be merciful and hope - Vatican News

Unfortunately the Funiclar was closed on Monday and in Lonely Kaunas women gate was shut as they were doing repairs. I was really disappointed not to see it. However I will see it next time I am in Vilnius.

The hill of three crosses is good and you get a great view of Vilnius from above. The gates of dawn are beautiful 5.

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