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in Swing Guatemala Parties

have different traditions from those in Guatemala and swing to other rhythms. The Garífuna really know how to party, and if you get the chance to attend a. Jul 17, Semuc Champey is a gorgeous day trip near Lanquin, Guatemala. tackled adventures that intimidated me, and jumped off a rope swing, come to from the hostel (Zephyr has gorgeous views and party vibes while El Retiro. Feb 26, Backpacking Guatemala is an adventurous and culturally enriching looking to party, check out the Terrace hostel's rooftop bar or swing by the.

I actually have a fear of heights and it forced me to hang onto the swing a little too long, and I ended up flinging myself off the swing without any finesse because I was worried I would land on the ground.

A Little Adventure… A Stunning Day Trip to Guatemala’s Semuc Champey

A massive bruise from landing wrong in the water! That takes mad skills. Moving on, because the rest of our day trip to In Swing Guatemala Parties Champey was a thing of pure backpacker fun and adventure.

Exploring Caves Near Semuc Champey, Guatemala Lanquin is an unassuming, quite town that is completely uneventful save for its spectacular location. Low mountains surround the town, a ring of misty thin clouds obscuring the peaks. This was by far the easiest way to join other travelers on a fun adventure exploring the highlights.

We stood in ankle-deep water surrounded by the blackest darkness imaginable. Dozens of in Swing Guatemala Parties passed as we sat in pure silence, straining to hear the bats over the sound of our rapidly thudding hearts. It was probably only two minutes, but if felt like longer! I was relieved when our guide struck a match and relit all of our candles. Waterfalls and Clear Blue Waters at Semuc Champey Once we climbed and swam our way back out of the caves we grabbed inner tubes and floated down the ice-blue river.

Tubing is a pretty standard way to entertain backpackers Vang Vieng, Laos probably taking the cake as the most famous place to tube in the worldand this is a sedate option that will differ completely based on in Swing Guatemala Parties group and the weather.

If you have some rowdy people on your day trip then expect tubing shenanigans. We could see the others on our tour as tiny pinpricks soaking in the pools of water below. Even today, I have to pause when I review my old travel photos and take a closer look to identify which one is which national park! Guatemala Highlands This is a great itinerary if you only have 2 weeks in Swing Guatemala Parties backpack Guatemala. Next head to Lake Atitlan and base yourself for another 5 days.

You can make a day trip to Chichicastenango for the biggest market in Central America. Finish your adventures with 4 days in Xela, exploring the nearby volcanos, hot springs, and villages. Catch a ride back to Guatemala City just in time for your flight. In Swing Guatemala Parties and Ruins 1 Week: Next, take an overnight bus to Tikal and explore the ruins for two days before looping back to Guatemala City via an overnight bus, or moving on to Mexico for more Mayan ruins. Backpacking Antigua Most first-time travellers who are backpacking Guatemala will start their trip in Antigua.

This is a classic colonial town and a great girls in Vienna Fuck vip to kick back or wander around the cobblestone streets.


During the day, explore the main square, do some shopping, or in Swing Guatemala Parties chill in Swing Guatemala Parties in one of the hundreds of cafes. There are plenty of great places to eat here, like Cafe Condesa and the organic Cafe Boheme. Cafe No Se is the best bar in Antigua, set up somewhat like a speakeasy.

Tropicana Hostel is the party hostel in the area, but there are hundreds of guesthouses to choose from for something more relaxing. I can also recommend Tropicana Hostel for the nearby volcano climbs like Volcano Acatenango.

The backpackers oasis in Flores, near Tikal

They offer fair prices, decent gear, and a great view from their base camp. For a real treat, head outside Antigua to Home Earth Lodgean eco hotel and avocado farm. There are plenty of other great farms to visit too. Make sure to visit a coffee farm for an afternoon, or better yet, volunteer at one. in Swing Guatemala Parties

How to Visit Semuc Champey, Guatemala: Everything You Should Know ()

Antigua is a vibrant colonial city with cobble stone streets. Volcan Pacaya is in Swing Guatemala Parties easiest volcano to climb, and just takes a few hours. You can even roast marshmallows on the in Swing Guatemala Parties. The last eruption — in — was catostraphic for the nearby villages. My favorite volcano is Volcan Acatenango, which offers stunning views of the nearby Volcano Fuego an active volcano erupting constantly.

This is usually a 2 day climb where you spend the night near the top. There are a number of villages surrounding the lake with completely different atmospheres.


Many of them require a boat to reach them. Many expats live here for its convenient shops, restaurants, and bars. I definitely recommend hanging out by the lake or renting kayaks. Loved the inspiration zone, crazy good showers, lovely staff in Swing Guatemala Parties great, reliable travel advice. Ella and Richie Love it here! Thank your for what you are doing! Jama and Martin, Czech Republic Super friendly staff! Fantastic hostel! Made my first impression of Guatemala one in Swing Guatemala Parties remember.


Great food, chill vibes! Hope to make it back some day. Mark, Canada Lived up to the hype. Thanks for a great stay! Andrea, Germany Great vibe, people and food. Wish I could have stayed longer!

Great atmosphere, lovely food and great for tours. The staff are lovely, really friendly in Swing Guatemala Parties smiley. The rooms were really cool, like staying in a treehouse. Definitely recommend staying here! What a great time I had in Los Amigos! The Tikal tour was fantastic, the food in in Swing Guatemala Parties restaurant was great, the back room for late-night partying was legendary and the atmosphere was perfect.

Best place in Flores! Absolute gem of a hostel! Loved this hostel, really comfortable room and the bar has some lovely food.

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