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Nude his head jolt back. Arawelo had had enough of playing with her prey. The crowd jeered as they saw him. The guards pushed him through the mob as their jeers became louder and louder. The guards pushed him to him to his knees and shackled his hands to the chains. Arawelo walked across the platform and cleared her now in needs company Bridgeport Bbw to address the crowd.

Arawelo smiled as she looked down at the faces of all the women. She had finally achieved her in Swinging Boosaaso women. Nude of giving her country women a voice and a strong purpose. Guleed looked up at his tormentor, as guard continued to hold him down. Eyes still menacing and cutting. Arawelo raised her index finger. That was the command.

He gasped. Arawelo watched as blood cascaded down the crevasses of his skin, ending up in a crimson puddle on the African soil. The soil was a deep red. Her mother use to tell her that the soil of Buraan was red because all the bloodshed and war that that had happened here.

The crimson puddle grew in size. Guleed took his last gasps of breath.


Arawelo moved closer and looked her uncle right in the eyes. His eyes opened wide as his gasping mouth fell limp. The rest of his body followed. She looked deep into his eyes. His eyes were wide open and lifeless, his in Swinging Boosaaso women. Nude still black as charcoal. Arawelo could see her reflection through his eyes. Her reflection was clear as day.


She looked away. What had she become? Her traumatising childhood had turned her heart black. Her anger had infected her. A monster stared back at her.

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