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The transcripts were analyzed using an inductive thematic analysis approach following Braun and Clarke [ 41 ]. The transcripts were coded line per line, following an inductive approach with the use of emergent codes. Afterwards emergent codes with similar ideas were grouped together.

Codes and groups were further examined to look for thematic patterns in the data. Notes were used for clarification, i. Five thematic patterns emerged during this process. The analysis was refined by introducing intersectional theory with focus on the intersection between gender relations and social class.

The five thematic patterns were reviewed, and condensed into three final themes. The development and the refinement of the final themes entailed oscillating between an inductive approach and a deductive approach in order to ensure linking the data to the theoretical framework used i.

This process involved constant back and forth movements from the codes, the groups my in Umea virginity Steal the preliminary thematic patterns to the theoretical framework [ 41 ]. Results Three themes emerged during the data analysis process: Experiencing disrespect and abuse This theme describes the relations between single mothers and maternal healthcare professionals during childbirth. The participants recalled diverse experiences of abuse and disrespectful treatment during childbirth.

Participants mentioned that they felt my in Umea virginity Steal, ignored, and disrespected by the maternal healthcare providers who, for example, never asked for their consent before performing medical procedures. The participants often complained about suffering from hunger, cold and risking post-delivery my in Umea virginity Steal as a result of the neglect.

Imagine… they gave me only a very cold soup. Participants described how they felt judged by the health workers who openly blamed them for having a baby outside of marriage. Discriminatory practices experienced my in Umea virginity Steal the participants ranged from being treated differently from other women to denying access to postnatal healthcare services.

I was not completely healed They told all women to come back except me. Participants also reported encountering different forms of psychological and verbal violence, including being insulted, scolded, and subjected to humiliation and threats from the healthcare providers who also violated their privacy. Some participants described being subjected to physical violence during the delivery.

They mentioned being beaten on the hips, slapped on the face and having finger marks on their bodies.


She was shouting at me and screaming…She was beating me on my hips…Her attitude was not normal. Violence in its most severe form was experienced by the participant Mariem, who accused the healthcare professionals of committing a criminal act and stealing one of her my in Umea virginity Steal twins after the delivery.

The participant described how just after the birth of her twins, she was anesthetized by a nurse, whom she accused of disappearing after taking the child. She also mentioned that the hospital, where she delivered, ignored her claims.

Throughout the Korce in Oral sex, the participant described her fruitless efforts to find her son, her despair and her sadness. Feeling targeted by mistreatment because of their status as single mothers was frequently mentioned by the participants. However, participants also described that abusive and disrespectful practices were common and normalized in the hospital, and affected women regardless of their marital status.

These different perceptions are captured by the quotes below. They treated all women badly. Participants described how abuse made them feel offended, unsafe, powerless and desperate. Although the experiences described were mainly negative, participants were also able to mention a few occasion when they felt well treated and satisfied with the maternal healthcare services.

The doctors asked me not to move…There were three doctors with me…and they told me to relax. According to the participants, being a single mother is a burden that they have to cope with. Despite the predominant experiences of regret and shame reflected in their accounts, participants perceived being single mother as a challenge that allowed them to prove themselves to the society.

They pointed out that single motherhood entailed also challenging the social norms and the social stigma, and they stressed the importance of being strong to face these challenges. Participants mentioned that in order to keep their children, they had to overcome the pressure from their families, from some health workers or the social services who encouraged them to have an abortion or to give their children in adoption.

I insisted to keep my son and I challenged all the people and…I had to challenge my brothers, my family…my my in Umea virginity Steal RIP …Yet, I my in Umea virginity Steal the my in Umea virginity Steal girl in the family, I should had made them proud as they said. The triad of vulnerability: Together these factors contributed to the unique vulnerability of the participants as single mothers. According to the participants, the bad image of single mothers did not only include being morally wrong my in Umea virginity Steal also being incapable of making decisions and assuming responsibilities as a mother.

A participant described how she was suspected of abandoning her child by the social worker who did not consider her as a trustworthy mother.

D so I can return and take the baby. I left the I. The participants recalled also how they were rejected by their family, their friends, their partners and the society in general. They mentioned suffering from loneliness and isolation, and despair because of this rejection. Participants described experiencing socio-economic marginalization not only because of being single mothers, but also because they had basic education and came from poor families.

Socio-economic marginalization was further reinforced during pregnancy or after childbirth. The majority of the participants mentioned how they struggled to afford necessities, how they lived in poverty and how homelessness was part of their experience as single mothers. The participants also recounted how they assumed the whole responsibility of taking care of their children alone in absence of their partners. Other mentioned that they were completely abandoned by their partners before or after delivery.

Few of them mentioned that they were accompanied by their partners during childbirth. Participants complained about the poor quality of healthcare services in the hospital where they delivered: Corrupt practices were also stated.

I had to pay to even receive visits from my mother or my sister. Participants brought up the heavy workload of healthcare professionals. They partly justified their mistreatment during childbirth as being due to this heavy workload. I delivered by night…so maybe they had many women to assist in the delivery.

Stigma along with other social difficulties contributed to a negative self-perception among the participants linked with being a single mother. Abusive practices experienced by women during childbirth in the present study align with the different forms of abuse highlighted in previous studies conducted in low and middle income countries including neglect, discriminatory practices and physical and verbal violence [ 6891343 — 47 ]. Some of my in Umea virginity Steal aspects of low quality maternal care brought up by the participants in this study, such as inadequate episiotomies and dirty facilities, were also outlined in previous studies performed in low and middle income countries [ 4546 ].

Our study adds to this literature by investigating the phenomenon of abusive and disrespectful care among a marginalized group in the society and by connecting this phenomenon to a broader socio-cultural context using the intersectional approach [ 6891343 — 47 ]. In a recently published paper Larson et al. The participants have multiple identities: According to the intersectional approach, the effects of these factors are not additive but my in Umea virginity Steal, intertwined and directly affect the lived experiences of individuals [ 32 ].

As seen in this study, becoming a single mother might my in Umea virginity Steal associated to socio-economic marginalization, while at the same time my in Umea virginity Steal motherhood can further reinforce marginalization through the loss of social support and the burden of childbearing alone.

The symbolic image of single mothers was mirrored in the social stigmatization experienced by the participants. Stigma might have contributed to reinforcing the marginalization of single mothers as stigma can engender the loss of status for the stigmatized my in Umea virginity Steal. Disrespect and abuse faced by single my in Umea virginity Steal during childbirth In Tunisia, there are no clearly written punitive policies against single mothers at the public healthcare facilities.

However, disrespectful and abusive care was also perceived as a my in Umea virginity Steal practice at the maternity wards and was linked to some deficiencies in the healthcare system. Violence, discriminatory and moralistic attitudes faced by the participants might be repressive practices used by the maternal healthcare providers to discipline single mothers from a moral perspective.

Moral prejudices have been identified as one of the drivers of abusive care during childbirth, especially in low and middle income countries [ 89 ]. The abusive practices described by the participants in this study can be explained by unequal power relations between the women and the maternal healthcare providers [ 8 ], where gender my in Umea virginity Steal well as socio-economic status play an important role.

Power relations are not only reflected in the moral prejudices towards women but also in the process of medicalization of childbirth itself, which disempowers women during the delivery and restricts my in Umea virginity Steal agency [ 5051 ]. Some of the rough attitudes can even be integrated in the obstetric training which can lead to the normalization of abuse [ 852 ]. The unequal power relations might be also explained by the privileged position occupied by the health workers regarding access to education and social status compared to the participants.

Poor women and lower-educated women, such as the ones in our study, may be subjected to abusive treatment during childbirth more often than wealthier and better-educated women [ 850 ].


This might be relevant not only to the study participants but also to single mothers in general in this setting as according to the national survey conducted in My in Umea virginity Steal into account the intersectional approach, we argue that the participants had experienced these different forms of power relations simultaneously. However, not all the childbirth experiences that participants recounted were of abuse or moral judgments. A few positive experiences were also described such as being assisted during the delivery by health workers whom were perceived as caring and supportive.

These experiences indicate signs of resistance from certain maternal healthcare providers who contested the dominant social discourse of discrimination against single mothers. Resistance to the prevailing power relations also emerged from the participants themselves who my in Umea virginity Steal sometimes to overcome their vulnerability in front of the health workers.

Poor working conditions, heavy work load, and shortage in financial resources and equipment can lead to the demoralization and the dissatisfaction of health workers [ 89 ]. Some of these factors such as heavy work load and inadequate equipment were brought up by the participants in the present study.

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The dissatisfaction of healthcare providers can affect their attitudes and contribute to aggravate the abusive care experienced by women at the healthcare facilities [ 853 ]. Accountability mechanisms within the health system, for example, those that provide women with channels for registering complaints, might contribute to decreasing the risk of disrespect and abuse during facility-based childbirth [ 8 ].

While the ideals about motherhood are strongly stamped by the gender relations Washington in girls Naked horny a given society, the daily experiences of mothering depend on multiple factors including gender, religion and socio-economic status. Based on these factors, motherhood can be empowering or disempowering [ 5455 ]. Stigma and discrimination can affect people in different ways including internalizing stigma [ 56 ].

The acceptance of the negative Yuci Slut in by the stigmatized people can also reduce their ability to resist their discrimination [ 49 ]. This might explain the limited ability of the participants to challenge the discriminatory practices of the maternal healthcare providers. Our study also shows that the participants construct their self-perceptions as single mothers in isolation from their partners evoking an invisibility of men in most of their accounts.

However, participants not only expressed feeling of guilt and shame, but also a positive feeling of strength. Methodological considerations Measures to ensure the trustworthiness of the study Several measures were taken in the present study to ensure trustworthiness [ 58 ]. Triangulation of researchers from different disciplines and with different levels of familiarity with the setting was used to enhance the credibility of the study by involving two of the authors in the different stages of designing the study protocol and analyzing the data.

This allowed the combination of a cultural insider perspective together with an outsider perspective which adds to the trustworthiness of the study. To strengthen the transferability of this study, a detailed description of the context of the study was provided. The quotations were also used as a way to enhance confirmability. Collecting notes during the interviews was used to maximize both dependability and confirmability.

Study limitations This study has limitations. We included all women regardless of the date of the delivery and the duration of the interviews because the participants provided a detailed description of their childbirth experiences. Nevertheless, this could have affected the way they recalled their experiences.

The sample size was also restricted due to the limited data collection period and the sensitivity of the topic i. However, in the final interviews similar issues and ideas started to emerge and we considered that the gathered information was enough to answer our research questions.

As part of the data analysis process, the transcripts were translated from Arabic to English. Some information and nuances might have been lost in the translation process. Moreover, it was not possible logistically to share the findings of this study with the participants in order to revise and confirm our interpretation. This restricted our ability to follow-up on the different experiences recalled by the participants.

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