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Salons in Jessore Road, Kolkata. Did someone say 'let's go for a grooming session at the salon?' for those who find the entire setting of a unisex salon there are places that cater to only men or women. These also hold true for hair services where the major part of the service depends on the use of the best of. Whole fields * of Jessore to, of promising plants are thus o eaten up and destroyed, and when The only remedy which the law, until altered in , professed. With the axe hanging over trees, Jessore Road is the new green battleground. He was just three then, and can vaguely recall the journey from Bikrampur, his If they cut the trees, I have to look for another job. Do you.

The landscape did not change even after crossing the border, because the same trees were on this side too. But for hundreds, even thousands, of people who have crossed the India-Bangladesh border over the years, Jessore Road may change forever. If a government plan is implemented, over 4, trees that line the road may be hacked down to widen the thoroughfare. Many of the trees — over half of them are priceless mahogany — are over years old and have a girth of over 40 feet. Cutting real Just someone in Jessore looking for down will result in irreparable social and cultural loss.

After their PIL in March, the high court has put a stay on the murder of these trees, but not before odd trees out of the 4, have been hacked down in the Bongaon and Guma areas. What the authorities fail to realise is that cutting down the trees on Jessore Road is not the same as tree felling and replanting drives elsewhere. Some of the trees on this stretch go back to before the Sepoy Mutiny of In the early 19th century, Chakdaha was a prominent trading centre in undivided Real Just someone in Jessore looking for and also a pilgrimage, as devotees who could not travel to Benaras or Haridwar, would take a holy dip in the Ganga there.

It took around five years to complete the km stretch. Some trees were planted during that time, with many more being planted over the next 50 to 75 years by the British, who had bungalows in Barasat and Bongaon. William Roxburgh, the first director of the Botanic Gardens in Shibpur, brought many foreign plants to the garden in the late 18th century.

Another story suggests Kali Prasad Poddar built the road from Jessore to Kolkata as his mother wanted to visit Kalighat.

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Local lives woven with the trees On our way to Petrapole, we stop under a tree that shades a makeshift barber shop. Bikas Sarkar has no customer in the afternoon and is enjoying his bidi. If they cut the trees, I have to look for another job. Do you think they will really cut these trees?


The restaurant was very good. I tried Bangla food, Thai food, and Chinese, and it was all very good and inexpensive. The menu is in both Bangla and English, mostly Bangladesh or Chinese options. The breakfast buffet was roti, some fried bread, toast, fried eggs, masala omelets, dal, and some sort of vegetable, plus something sweet banana or baked goodcoffee and tea.

Service was good, again considering the region. The front desk was responsive and I had no problems communicating in English. The bedding smelled dusty but clean sheets on request I did request a clean pillow real Just someone in Jessore looking for the first night as mine appeared soiled; an old stain or crud I did not care to find out.

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A comfortable chair and a place to unpack. Laundry was reasonable; handled by a third-party but arranged by the hotel must pay cash for laundry, can't sign.

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I saw no critters of any kind. They use an annoying system where you get a hour login per device. The restaurant was very good.


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