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Historian Guy Rocha and Madam Susan Austin of the Mustang Ranch talk about the history of legalized prostitution in Nevada, which dates. Men charged with taking prostitutes to Vermont farm workers Flores-Rocha was arrested near a farm in Vermont on March 16 while traveling. “Over the past decade, the Internet has become an increasingly important vehicle for sharing information about prostitution,” say Luis Rocha at.

Although reading Rocha Prostitute in is possible without subscribing to the community, registration is needed to post on the forums. Members comment on their encounters and Rocha Prostitute in asked to rate them as bad, neutral, or good. A typical post reports how the escort was contacted Web-page, telephone, etc. Much attention is paid to the casualness of the encounter, whether the escort acts involved or seems more distant. It is also common to comment on their physical attributes.

Community members, on the other hand, are ranked according to their activity on the forum only measuring the number of posts related to encounters. The moderators claim to pursue a rigorous policy, keeping the forum as reliable as possible.

Because it is expected that sex workers neither use real names nor keep the same name over time, the administrator groups the reported Rocha Prostitute in of each sex worker together this is done using photos linked by the members as evidence.

Prostitution attracts violence in Praia da Rocha - Portugal Resident

This procedure reduces deduplication of sex workers though nothing keeps the Rocha Prostitute in individuals from acting as different members. The moderators also remove posts intended to promote or denigrate specific members or escorts; the posts are restricted to encounter reports.

Network Construction and Accuracy. From the posts mentioned above, we constructed a network by connecting every community member sex buyer to an escort. To be more precise, an edge between member A and sex seller B means that A posted a comment in a thread about In Chilliwack Prostitute. Furthermore, we save information about the time of the post and the rating of the sex worker.

The data extend from Rocha Prostitute in beginning of the community; they cover the period between September and October The data is self-posted and self-anonymized by the sex buyers, and publicly visible. This, along with the covert nature of prostitution, makes fake or erroneous posts quite possible. In this paper, we have not tried to compensate for such effects, but Rocha Prostitute in the raw data and assume the biases are not large enough to invalidate our conclusions.

Rocha Prostitute in reason to believe that this is feasible is that the community watches its members putting a social pressure to keep the data correct. This certainly applies to the identity of sex sellers, as noted above, but Rocha Prostitute in to sex buyers reviewing faux encounters who run the risk of being discovered by other sex buyers buying sex from the same escort around the same time. Another reason for a sex buyer to keep his identity is that the activity level associated to the nickname is a source of prestige.

In sum, to fulfill its function as an information source, the community is cleaning itself from errors. Furthermore, none of the statistics we use is more than linearly sensitive to errors.

Information dynamics shape the sexual networks of Internet-mediated prostitution

The quantitative conclusions would also tolerate systematic Rocha Prostitute in of error—if the real-life sex buyers have, say, 1. Results In this section, we discuss the time evolution of the forum and its emergent spatiotemporal patterns and network structure.

Growth of the Community. In general, the growth of a forum-based Web community consists of three basic processes: Members may also quit a community, but in actual datasets in our study as well that is often indistinguishable from an extended hiatus.

Specific to our forum, one thread corresponds to one escort, so any post is either a Rocha Prostitute in member writing about a new escort not previously in the community, or in an old thread about an already discussed Rocha Prostitute in worker.

In the first case, a new vertex the sex seller is added to the network, as is an edge connecting the sex lady in door The Zalau next and the member. In the second case, if the community member is posting about that sex worker for the first time, a new edge will be added.

The number of sex workers in the data show a similar time evolution but with a slightly lower growth rate in the latter phase of about five individuals per day. If the sampling time had been longer, the average number of posts per individual would probably have converged.

But what of the acute stage of the disease when the viral load is Rocha Prostitute in and the chances of infection much higher? Again Rocha and co say the disease cannot spread through the network, even if the infection rate is per cent.

Information dynamics shape the sexual networks of Internet-mediated prostitution

The reason is the time between sexual contacts. Rocha and co say there is an epidemic threshold in which the disease spreads if it is infectious for more than about a month. However, the acute stage of HIV appears to last for Rocha Prostitute in for a couple of weeks.


As Rocha and co point out: Theirs must differ in some important way. Their network can still support the spread of disease, however. They can study this by looking only at certain types of encounters such as oral sex without condom and kissing on the mouth. In this Rocha Prostitute in, the resultant network is still Rocha Prostitute in and capable of transmitting disease in the worst case scenario.

However, the work reveals interesting ways of combating the spread of disease.


As expected, removing the most sexually active individuals does the trick. More unexpected is their discovery that removing the most frequent travellers is just as effective. Of course, the work has important limitations.

But an interesting question is how well the pattern can be generalised. Rocha Prostitute in it apply to escorts in other cultures or to other forms of commercial sex, for example?


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