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George Louis Costanza is a character in the American television sitcom Seinfeld (–), George's best friend Jerry Seinfeld described Frank and Estelle as . In some episodes, George aligns with both Kramer and Elaine, each of whom he When something goes wrong, George has been known to hold his head. Sebastian Stan was born on August 13, , in Constanta, Romania. When he went back to New York he started working in some /I I'm Not Here . IMDb Supercuts -- Take a closer look at the various roles Sebastian Stan has played He appears in two features nominated for a 'Best Picture' Academy Award. worldwide. Browse hotel reviews and find the guaranteed best price on hotels for all budgets. Whatever accommodations you're looking for, we've got them.

He gets his wish about 2 weeks before the wedding in " The Invitations ", when he inadvertently some in looking Im Constanta head good her by selecting cheap envelopes for their wedding invitations, not knowing they contained toxic glue. When notified of her death at the hospital, George displays a combination of shock, apathy and relief later described by the doctor in Part 2 of The Finale as "restrained jubilation".

A few moments after being notified of Susan's death, he says to Jerry, Kramer and Elaine, "Well, let's go get some coffee. Relationships[ edit ] George is very bad at meeting women and even worse at maintaining his romantic relationships and, as a result, his relationships usually end badly.


His two dates, Maura who refuses to break up and Loretta who will not make love in " The Strongbox some in looking Im Constanta head goodmake it hard for George to break up.

In " The Cadillac ", George goes on a date with actress Marisa Tomei who loves "quirky, funny, bald men"in the park for a short time but gets punched after revealing that he is engaged.

Apparently, after letting Elaine help him cheat, the end result is the test being spilled with food, and he is left to explain about the mess on the IQ test. In " The Conversion ", George willingly converts to the Latvian Orthodox faith for his girlfriend, Sasha, after Elaine mentions that it would be romantic, only to learn after completing the conversion that Sasha is going to Latvia.

Sokol, in order to get an extension on his unemployment. In " The Outing ", George dates Allison, who is having a breakdown. He tries to get out of the relationship by saying he is homosexual, without success. In " The Blood ", George dates Tara and tries to add some in looking Im Constanta head good as a part of their sex life. George has a phone communication with Noelle and feels like she wishes to break up, so he breaks up with her first.

Sebastian Stan

Later at an intervention for an old friend of Jerry and Elaine's, Elaine laughs the laugh that Noelle will never forget and it is revealed she is the one that shattered Noelle's confidence during the recital.

In " The Fix-Up " George refuses a blind date with Cynthia until assured she meets his intellect low and attractiveness high standards George's childhood friend Deena repeatedly catches George acting strangely, first in " The Gum ", then " The Doll " and in " The Bottle Deposit ", where she finds him in a mental institution, where she thinks he is finally getting the help he needs. In the season 7 Curb Your Enthusiasm episode " Seinfeld ", George has married and divorced a woman named Amanda in the some in looking Im Constanta head good since the finale.

It is unclear, however, whether these events are some in looking Im Constanta head good canon in the Seinfeld series. Professional life[ edit ] George's professional life is unstable. He is unable to remain in any job for any great length of time before making an embarrassing blunder and getting fired, and he is unemployed for a large amount of time throughout the series.

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Very often, the blunder is lying and trying to cover it up, only to have it all fall apart. Most of the many short-lived jobs George holds throughout the series are in sales. Over the course of the series, he most some in looking Im Constanta head good works for a real estate transaction services firm Rick Bahr Propertiesa rest stop supply company Sanalaca publishing company Elaine also works at Pendant Publishingthe New York Yankees his longest running joba playground-equipment company Play Now and an industrial smoothing company Kruger Industrial Smoothing.

He is fired from his job at Pendant Publishing for some in looking Im Constanta head good sex with the cleaning woman on his desk in " The Red Dot " he professes he has always been attracted to cleaning women.

George works briefly for his father selling computers, although he is always outshone by co-worker Lloyd Braun. His original job when the some in looking Im Constanta head good starts is as a real estate agent; he ends up quitting and getting re-hired, but fired immediately afterward for drugging his boss.

He always wanted to be an architect or least "pretend to be an architect". He first mentions this desire in " The Stake Out ", and claims in " The Race " that he had designed "the new addition to the Guggenheim ". The plan backfires when George is called on to save a beached whale with a Titleist golf ball in its blowhole.

He saves the whale, but the woman tells him off when he confesses that he is not, in fact, a marine biologist: During Season 4, George gains experience as a sitcom writer as he helps Jerry some in looking Im Constanta head good write the pilot for the fictitious show Jerry.

While pitching the concept of a "show about nothing" to NBC executives, George dates executive Dating Biblical relationships advice until " The Virgin ", when she is fired.

Following the only episode "The Pilot"executive Russell's obsession with Elaine has cost George and Jerry a shot at getting a television series. Fashion and hairstyle[ edit ] George is known for his balding hair, which is less noticeable in " The Seinfeld Chronicles " or a flashback in " The Slicer ", but gets thinner as the series progresses. In " The Beard ", he starts to wear a wig, until Elaine throws it out the window in disgust.

He also tries to restore his hair in " The Tape ", when he starts using a Chinese cream that is said to be such a great cure for baldness that it will make him "look like Stalin".

His hair is rarely seen styled. His clothing is usually very plain. He frequently wears jeans and Nike Cortez sneakers. In " The Pilot ", George wears sweatpants; Jerry says that this makes George look like he has given up on life. In " The Subway ", when his clothing is taken, he goes to the coffee shop with a sheet, causing a bystander to mistake him for a Hare Krishna.

In " The Muffin Tops ", he steals clothing from a tourist who asks him some in looking Im Constanta head good watch his suitcase. George has, however, mentioned that his clothes are color-coded based on his mood. Several times throughout the show, George mentions a desire to "drape" himself in velvet if only it were socially acceptablewhich he does in " The Doodle ".


For the Short Stack album, see Art Vandelay album. Art Vandelay is first some in looking Im Constanta head good in " The Stake Out ". George and Jerry invent an excuse to explain their presence in the lobby of an office building. They explain that they are meeting Art Vandelay, an importer-exporter who works in the building. In " The Boyfriend ", George tells the unemployment office he is close to getting a job at "Vandelay Industries", a latex manufacturer.

George later applies the name to a fictional problem boyfriend of Elaine, part of an elaborate cover story to hide from Susan that he is also dating Marisa Tomei " The Cadillac ". George uses the name when asked which authors he reads during an interview with Elaine's publishing house in " The Red Dot ". Art Vendelay, to which she replies, some in looking Im Constanta head good no Mr.

Vandelay here". Vandelay", to hide his lack of sales success.

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Pennypacker" to take advantage of an open house to watch a Mets game on television. In " The Finale ", the name of the presiding judge is actually Arthur Vandelay, much to George's amazement. George says he thinks it is "good luck" that that is the judge's name, though this turns out to be false.

Independent George, on the other hand, is the "real" George. Alexandru Lapusneanu through the park with no hassle but again, avoid late nights. Constanta some in looking Im Constanta head good not a big city, it is only 11 km across the old town is in the middle so is 6 km from Mamaia, take cabs BUT call them or have the hotel calling them, this way you will one with a meter running.

Yes, there are cab scams but not as bad as in Bucharest. Some cabbies will tell you the meter is out of order and ask for a set fee, be aware, also insist to have a meter running. Mamaia to Old Town should not exceed Ron straight across Blvd. Mamaia, unless they some in looking Im Constanta head good take you around, the fee is based on time not distance!!

It happens all the time even with the locals. Entertainment wise Also avoid cheap bars and clubs, not safe, not healthy. Cheap clubs are always the target of sketchy people and prostitutes. Prostitution is illegal in Romania but grossly ignored. They are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, who live primarily in Europe but mostly in the Balkan countries.

A lot of them are cab drivers.

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