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to in fuck want Kobe I

What the fuck does that mean Kobe Bryant?” gets me every time. The funniest thing about Kobe Bryant's retirement “announcement” No, that's a fucking logo. I've said it before: if you want to retire, retire. In celebration of Kobe's birthday, we want to remember all the 4 oz cups of lean have him too fucked up to move, and he's using Kobe's No.

Bryant feels a sensation in the back of his left foot. Barnes says no. Teammates surround him. He can feel his Achilles roll up his leg.

8 Times Kobe Bryant Didn’t Give a F–k

And then he does the most Kobe To in fuck want Kobe I thing ever. Using his fingers, Bryant tries to pull the tendon back down.

I had worked so hard to get us there. I tried to finish the job. The result is an egregious airball. And nothing embodies that quite like as his final game against the Utah Jazz. He attempted 50 shots and scored 60 pointsthe most this NBA season, making him the oldest player to score 60, the most by any player in their final game.


And oh yeah, he pulled the Lakers back into it and got the win. You ever play Halo? To in fuck want Kobe I Halo: Reach, the game moved away from Master Chief and toward the story of Noble Team, left to defend the planet Reach as humanity escapes from an invading alien force. Eventually, you are left marooned on Reach to fight as long as you can, your defeat inevitable. And he gave zero fucks whilst doing so.

Well done, Master Mamba.

8 Times Kobe Bryant Didn’t Give a F–k – Rolling Stone

Want more Rolling Stone? Sign up for our newsletter. I'm a five-time champion. I to in fuck want Kobe I killed it on the court during the finals while being accused of rape!

But, Kobe, that was a long time ago. And you have been shooting poorly this season. What do you expect us to do? I'm only 28 years old. Swaggy P: Kobe, I hate to break it to you but you're not 28 years old. You're Kobe in utter to in fuck want Kobe I glares at his teammates and Coach Scott. Just give me the damn ball and get the fuck out of the way. Edit - Part 2: In the locker room Kobe sits in his chair with his face buried into his palms.


His sweat-heavy towel is draped over his head. Coach Scott: Well, that was a hell of a game, guys.


Pretty good effort overall. We kind of lost focus there in the fourth quarter but… Lin: Coughs …Kobe… coughs Swaggy P: Coughs …ballhog… coughs Soft chuckles echo through the locker room.

Kobe tells his teammates to "Get the f*ck out of my way" in the 4th : nba

His mad eyes flit over to Lin. Maybe if you guys shot better and held them to 60 points on defense we would have won that game. You went in the fourth! Yeah, so what? You missed two crucial free throws and Swaggy went But we were up, man. What happened? You were sharing the ball for most of the game and to in fuck want Kobe I were winning.

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