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Patterns of economic and social development were strongly affected by the Asian economic crisis that first hit Thailand in Julyand then rapidly spread to all other East and South- east Asian countries. Before the economic crisis people were being drawn to the new indus- trial, business and women in Semarang Er Nude centers, away from the land and the informal sector, in search of waged employment and higher levels of income, welfare and prosperity.

These patterns changed and took on new dimensions with the economic crisis. Women in Semarang Er Nude all countries affected by the economic crisis, Indonesia was one of most devastated and endured some of the most far-reaching consequences. In other states, for example Ma- laysia and South Korea, the governments managed to stabilize economies following a mix- ture of orthodox cutting state spending in South Korea and controversial currency con- trols in Malaysia measures.


In Indonesia, however, the economic crisis was more basic than an imbalance in economic fundamentals. Rather, the crisis exposed the very weaknesses of the Indonesian state. All state institutions women in Semarang Er Nude tamed to serve the interests of the elite rather than to act as independent bodies with their own roles and functions. Regu- latory bodies that could check for financial or legal impropriety were weakened to such an extent that the rule of law effectively ceased to exist.

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With the onset of the financial crisis, the national economy could no longer shelter from international realities, in Loreto Singles sex party the true extent of the weaknesses of the Indonesian economy was revealed. The Women in Semarang Er Nude rupiah lost 4 Trafficking of Women and Childern in Indonesia eighty percent of its dollar value making companies unable to repay their dollar-denomi- nated loansthe value of company assets were wiped out overnight, and all but a few busi- nesses sank into negative equity.

The economic implosion acted as a catalyst for the collapse of the New Order authoritarian regime that ruled Indonesia for over thirty years. With the collapse of the regime came the collapse of the legitimacy of the political, bureaucratic, judicial, business and military elites. Therefore, at a time of economic devastation, Indonesia also had to go through a transition to establish a more democratic polity based on the rule of law.

Yet, with the weaknesses of the state women in Semarang Er Nude, it has become far more difficult to rebuild governance in Indonesia, or to exert any kind of control over restive civil servants or regions. The new lack of confidence in Indonesia is both a national and international phenomenon.

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One indicator is the collapse of investment in Indonesia. Such statistics do not bring to life the realities of the situation on the ground. In addition to indicating the paucity of new development, and hence employment and welfare opportunities for ordinary citizens, it shows that new money is not being ploughed into existing enterprises to make them more competitive and able to cope with future demand.

Indeed, in Guarapuava Slut are fears of a possible de-industrialization in Indonesia in the years ahead — women in Semarang Er Nude only the extractive industries i. Such economic difficulties are reflected in the countries GDP women in Semarang Er Nude and are shown clearly by comparing GDP at constant prices over the years from as shown in Table 1.

This economic weakness is devastating for an economy that needs to create over 2 million new jobs a year just to absorb new job seekers. Other socio-economic data highlight the profound impact of the economic crisis. For example, at the onset of the crisis, although sixty percent of the population was still rural and working in the agricultural sector, two-thirds of the women in Semarang Er Nude forty percent of the population were working in the formal sector — in offices, factories or the civil service.

How- ever, as workers have been retrenched, this has been reversed. Many of the new unemployed have had to find new ways to make a living, and sincethe informal sector has grown to account for seventy percent of the non-agricultural working population. Many unemployed have also had to return to hometowns and villages to work as casual women in Semarang Er Nude or to work back on the land and so again increasing rural poverty.

One sector that has long been an important outlet for the rural unemployed is migrant labor. However, even migrant work is insecure during a global Background 5 economic women in Semarang Er Nude, or as relations between states sour.

For example an estimated half- million Indonesian migrant workers were expelled from Malaysia in earlyand migrant workers living in the Gulf states are likely to be evacuated from the region in fear of interna- tional conflict with Iraq in Yet many independent experts estimate the real number of unemployed and under- employed to be at 40 million Witular, These alarming employment figures are matched by the poverty levels found in Indonesia, where two-thirds of the population is estimated to live on fewer than two dollars a day, and about 15 percent of the population on less than one dollar a day.

It is very difficult to obtain reliable data and statistics for the levels of economic hardship endured by Indonesian citizens since However, it is clear that the conditions for traf- ficking and exploitation and abuse of workers, potential workers, women and children are ideal, as many people are caught up in situations of urban and rural poverty in a country that has changed drastically over thirty years, and more dramatically over the past five years.

Liquified Natural Gas 4, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3, Manufacturing excl.

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Railways Transport: Pandanaran Street: Approximately 50 people c. Ahmad Yani Street: Approximately 20 people d. Pemuda Street: Age under 14 years: Age 14 — 17 years: Age 17 — 20 years: Overall, it is estimated 2. Due to this closing, the commercial sexual workers moved to women in Semarang Er Nude streets in Semarang. Another factor that also influences is condition of economic crisis, which is worse.

Thousands of women in Semarang Er Nude in the industrial sector were fired. In order to fulfill the cost of living, for women become the commercial sexual prostitution is one of alternatives they can do. On the other hand, Setara Foundation pays close attention that the existence of the commercial sexual prostitution in the streets have a bad impact to female street children.

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Children, especially those live in the street have direct contact women in Semarang Er Nude the commercial sexual prostitution, the brokers, and the pimps. There are plunging female street children in the prostitution. The prostituted children also married Leicester dating others children to be trapped into prostitution. The closing of the brothels is not effective. In fact, not in a long time, both of brothels are re-opening the practice of prostitution although women in Semarang Er Nude having the regulation legally or otherwise is illegal.

It is a surprising because the number of sexual workers women in Semarang Er Nude more than before closing. A social worker who works in the Sunan Kuning said that based on the data they have the number of brokers and commercial sexual worker is rising.

Before Sunan Kuning was closed, it had pimps and commercial sexual workers. After re-opening, the amounts of them are increased to pimps and commercial sexual workers Solopos 19 July The practice of prostitution illegally in the red light areas without controlling and service from the state enable the children become the victims of CSEC by plunging them in the practice of prostitution. Prostituted children are also exist in the hidden practice of prostitution, by meaning not in one certain location nor do activity there but have connection directly with the consumers both personally or being organized.

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As the illustration about this, there was revealed the sale of children for prostitution in by a woman who victimized six children who were studying in Junior High School and Senior High School. She worked with her friend whom acted as consumer seeker. The operation areas are not only in Semarang but also to various cities including Jakarta see Suara Merdeka Newpaper, 20 November and Kompas, 26 November Now, the existences of the child who are prostituted in the public space in Women in Semarang Er Nude are not so prominent.

Dating chester montana in Sex the area of Simpang Lima especially around the the Simpang Lima, Pandanaran Street and Ahmad Yani Street which are the center of the crowd city, originally prostituted children are easily to be found. They usually are in the stalls of teapot it is also called as pocinan which are spreading since the economic crisis. However, the policy of the city government that makes serious effort to make this region is women in Semarang Er Nude from the stall of teapot where as work place of prostitute children, apparently have succeeded.

At least, the existence of the teapot stalls is not easy to be found. Women in Semarang Er Nude that need to be paid attention is the plunging children into prostitution in the hidden places and can only be accessed in limited.

Thus, it needs the ability to uncover this kind of practice to save the children also do various prevention efforts so that children will not become victims. Child Pornography So far, there is no available data or dept information about the situation of child pornography in Semarang. Quarrying the information to various informants in the women in Semarang Er Nude of research more reveals the existence of internet cafes, which provides pornographic materials in the folders on their computer so that it is easy to be accessed by the consumers including children without accessing through internet.

Information on pornography cases include the children in Semarang is not able to be traced and still can not be proven. The research team gets information that in a settlement where one of program location of Setara Foundation, there is is a child who becomes women in Semarang Er Nude victim of pornography. The recording about the pornographic film, which is recorded by mobile phone, has been distributed by her boyfriend.

When trying to contact the child, her and dating Science did not wan to give any information.


According to the information from her neighbors, the child has been evacuated by her family to an unknown location. Based on the information from the subjects of research, four subjects had been the victims of pornography.

One subject was only victims of pornography, but not being victim of other forms of CSEC, while three others subjects besides becoming the victims of pornography, they also become victims of prostitution. Nn 16 yearsa female street child admitted she and her friend 15 years old had been taken nude photos by foreigner who could not speak Indonesia.

She was persuaded by her friend and asked to go to a house by taxi. After taking photos, she got Rp. Two subjects said they had been taken photos and recorded by their consumer. When he was having sex, he women in Semarang Er Nude a photo. All women had been taken photos.

Then Women in Semarang Er Nude have to dance on the salon. When the guest gave tips, they did not put the money to my hand, but women in Semarang Er Nude into my bra.

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