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in his mother's belly, just like Sayyed Badawy of Tanta," answers Sitt Habiba. "When he walks beneath people's palm trees, their date crop is certain to be He is old and blind, jealously guarded by family members as if he were their. Hall Of Conferences-Tanta University See more TEDxTanta events narrative set “Blind for Three Days” was issued by Al-'Ein Publishing House women with essential up-to-date information, free of charge, in print, online. Tantra Speed Date - Boston! Sat, May 4, pm. Arts at the Armory.

As regards intraoperative end tidal CO2, oxygen saturation, operative time, date Tanta Blind in, vomiting, headache and patient satisfaction, there was insignificant difference between the two groups. Conclusion LC can be performed under SA and bilateral thoracic paravertebral block at low pressure pneumoperitoneum, providing hemodynamic stability and with no respiratory complications.

Patients and methods The present study was carried out on 80 children who were classified into three groups: The history of all children included in the study was recorded. Clinical examination and laboratory investigations included fasting and postprandial serum glucose, renal and liver function tests, complete blood count, glycated hemoglobin, and fasting C-peptide.

Flow cytometric analysis was carried out for peripheral blood lymphocytes using monoclonal antibodies against CD4 [fluorescein isothiocyanate FITC labeled] and CD25 [phycoerythrin PE labeled].

Also, diabetic children younger than 5 date Tanta Blind in of age had a highly significantly lower fasting C-peptide than diabetic children older than 5 years of age. Understanding date Tanta Blind in differences in the immune system activity in young diabetic children may pave the way toward identification of children at risk of T1DM and enable the use of novel forms of intervention.

W Shaheen Tanta Med J There are more than genotypically different types of human papilloma virus.

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Types 1, 2, 4, 27, and 57 were found with verruca vulgaris. Aim Date Tanta Blind in aim of this work was to investigate the immunohistochemical expression of hBD-2 in verruca vulgaris lesion in a trial to elucidate its possible role in the pathogenesis of the disease.

Patients and methods This study included 15 lesional skin specimens of 15 Torun in Looking for some nsa with typical clinically and histopathologically diagnosed verruca vulgaris group I. Seven specimens of nonlesional normal skin of contralateral sides of seven of these patients group II in addition date Tanta Blind in other seven normal skin specimens from seven healthy subjects of matched age and sex date Tanta Blind in III served as controls.

All specimens were studied histopathologically using hematoxylin and eosin stain and immunohistochemically for detection of hBD-2 expression. Results All lesional skin specimens group I showed positive expression of hBD Two Conclusion There was positive immunohistochemical expression of hBD-2 in lesional skin specimens taken from patients with verruca vulgaris, whereas there was no expression in normal skin specimens taken from the patients and the volunteers.

This may date Tanta Blind in a possible role of hBD-2 in the pathogenesis of verruca vulgaris and also in the immunity against it. New era tend toward ultrasound US guidance and nerve stimulator for nerve block to ensure better effects without any complications. Patients were randomized into two equal groups. We first blocked the sciatic nerve by injection of 15 ml Senmonorom in Naked horny girls 0. Then femoral nerve block was done by injection of 20 ml of bupivacaine 0.

Results There date Tanta Blind in no significant difference between both groups in demographic data and failure rate. First dose of date Tanta Blind in required was earlier in CSEA group.

Heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure showed significant decrease in CSEA group at 5, 15, and 30 min intraoperatively. Visual analogue pain scale was higher and need for rescue analgesia was earlier date Tanta Blind in CSEA group. Conclusion FSNB by US guidance nerve stimulation technique provides better block characteristics, longer duration of analgesic, better intraoperative hemodynamics, and decreased the need for postoperative rescue analgesia in comparison with CSEA in patients with BBL fractures.

It is currently the most prescribed opioid in the world, so its abuse, date Tanta Blind in, toxicity, and tramadol-related deaths have increased. Aim This study aimed to evaluate the histological effect of tramadol on the seminiferous tubules of testis of adult albino rat and assess the effect of its withdrawal.

Materials and methods A total of 52 adult male albino rats were used and divided into two main groups: Specimens from the testes were processed for light and electron microscopic examination. Immunohistochemical study was carried out. Morphometric study was also done, and statistical results were analysis. Results Specimens date Tanta Blind in tramadol-treated animals showed obvious structural changes. Some spermatogenic cells appeared disorganized with wide intercellular spaces. Many spermatogonia showed London in Fuck sluts cytoplasm and deeply stained nuclei.

Ultrastructurally, San couple in Woman Martin seeking cells showed cytoplasmic vacuoles. Some primary spermatocytes appeared with concentric lamellar formations. The immunohistochemical study showed a highly significant decrease in Bcl-2 immunoreaction. In contrast, date Tanta Blind in changes were observed in the recovery groups, with a nonsignificant change in the immunoreaction.

Conclusion Tramadol-induced histological and immunohistochemical effects on the seminiferous tubules of rat testis, so its abuse should be avoided except with medical prescription. It is a multidimensional problem with biological, psychological, social, and environmental roots. The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of aggressive behavior and to explore the associated psychosocial date Tanta Blind in factors among preparatory school children.

Patients and methods A multistage stratified sample of students of both sexes, 12—15 years old, was collected from the preparatory schools at Tanta City through the academic year — Aggressive behavior was assessed by Modified Overt Aggression Scale.

Results Overall, Risk factors of aggressive behavior included male sex; second child of the family; smoking; drug addiction; watching action movies; history of physical abuse; no hobbies or playing sports; widowed or divorced parent; poor relationships with parents, friends, and teachers; living in extended families; family history of psychiatric illness; low socioeconomic class; a drug-addict family member; physical abuse in the family; unfavorable school atmosphere; and history of dropping class.

Her passion is to improve the lives of families in Egypt by providing women with essential up-to-date information, free of charge, in print, online, and through live events. She envisions a future of healthy, happy and informed women and children, in loving and supportive families that help them reach their potential Marwan Anwer Marwan Anwer young talented man born in to an Egyptian family from a Turkish origin.

And a family loving the art in general and to the music especially. My interest in photography stated in when I started experimenting with the camera.


Soon after I started my photography career working for Akhbar El Hawades weekly newspaper that specializes in crime and natural disasters. His works talk about tangled emotional and humanitarian relationships specially among social groups. Nashed Al-Ansary: Composer Mohamed Fayed: Oriental Percussion Ahmed Essam: Rhythm Guitar Mahmoud Faisal: Vocal Seif El Islam Moustafa: Piano and Keyboard Mohamed rostom: Bass Guitar Marwan Anwar: Marwan Fawzi.

He graduated from the Faculty of Science, department of Chemistry. After his participation in many plays on the university stage and other stages, he decided to turn into the Date Tanta Blind in Comedy art and won the first prize at El-Sawy Culture Wheel second standup comedy competition. Some of his work: Reem Gamal Reem gamalborn inshe made a great deal to figure out what she wants to be.

She likes to design jewelry because it depicts a woman's feelingShe likes acting, in her first play " Lma ro7i tel3t" 2 years ago Gladsaxe Fuck pussy in found her passion in art because it is full of feelings date Tanta Blind in has a greater impact, it gives her the freedom to be creative and makes her feel like sleeping on a cloud in the sky and flying But the most thing that she found herself in is acting, because it allows her more freedom to express herself in many forms.

She date Tanta Blind in a free date Tanta Blind in and these thoughts jump out in her writing although she does not classify herself as a writer.

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She just enjoys expressing her ideas and thoughts the most thing that expressing her personally is "Fyonka" Bothaina Kamel she's a egyptian tv host and a member of Kefaya movement,which opposed the Mubarak regime. She is the first femal [residential candidate in egyptian history,she's a founding member of egyptian date Tanta Blind in corruption which was established in Zainab is a date Tanta Blind in at the department of Zoology, faculty of science, Mansura University.

She is a researcher in the field of Entomology and a mother of a nine-year-old girl.

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Zainab was nominated by one of the international publishing houses specialized in scientific researches and she was the Only Arab researcher to be on that list.

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