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Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews Dr. Campbell about how to show up authentically in dating so you can connect, find love, and create outstanding. Direct download: Shrink-For-The-Shy-Guy-EpisodeFirst-Date-Dos-And- Donts-with-Amber- Confident Dating Mindsets with Amber Grubenmann. Pro-tip: It's supposed to be fun.

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Do you have — would you be willing to after you check out, set outside for a few minutes and have a chat? You know you make a bid. No way! But you dating guy shrink The this is really coming out from where like what if I just be authentic from the beginning.

Like it just became a lot easier to meet people and the world became a more accessible friendly place and I think the biggest thing is just a willingness to try, it occurs to try. What thoughts do you have on how to build that courage? Well, I have a vision like you Aziz of making the world a friendlier place and particularly making the dating world a friendlier place.

What if it was just somebody in the post office like that I was saying something more unfriendly to? But we put so much heaviness on it around all the stakes. So, there is a little bit of inner coaching or at least having an aim. But remember that the aim is to be a more relaxed, to have a more relaxed friendly world and somehow take it a little bit beyond your own ego.

We can contribute to making the dating world safer. I hear that phrase and it just makes me want to cry. So, dating guy shrink The of yourself as a friendliness ambassador. I mean you have to take risks so. What happens if something happens now? There is pain out there. So, I just love that message of inspiration. Well, if you go to Susancampbell. It has quite a bit of the stuff that you and I have been talking about in it. So, I like to be accessible to people and of course I give workshops dating guy shrink The seminars and private coaching to.

Good stuff. Thank you so much for taking time and sharing so many useful helpful insights and I dating guy shrink The appreciate your sense of humor and clarity with all this stuff. So, thank you so much.

I enjoyed talking to you a lot, Aziz.


So, carry on your good work too. That brings us to the end of the interview and the end of dating guy shrink The show. Time for action Dr. There are products to fix that. A lot of guys, oh my God so many guys have this one. You might have it. Like why am I even wasting my time with you, worm? I have love handles.


Does it ring any bells? Does it sound awfully familiar?

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dating guy shrink The It had nothing to do with the women. It had nothing to do with my actual likelihood of success of creating relationships. It was a story and the same is true for you right now my friend. We put ourselves into this hypnosis, this trance by repetition. My eyes are ugly. But guess what? It is not true, moms in Youghal Lonely true.

You might be raising your hackles right now. And that makes me weird and less awkward or more awkward than other guys and women are going to like a guy with no left foot, huh? Dating guy shrink The I do have darker pigmentation around my eyes than the average White Caucasian person, that is a fact. I am not as muscular as my buddy, Chris, was in high school that is a fact.

Those are the facts. Get a prosthetic which is getting more and more amazing by the way. I saw a video of a guy and his crazy mechanical things running it was awesome. And we kind of sneak that conclusion in, right? He knows that the guy is innocent but he really wants to improve his record. The defendant is guilty even though he is not and the prosecutor knows it.

Look at this fact. He was in the neighborhood the night of the murder. Everyone look at that fact. But that conclusion is false. Do you see the dating guy shrink The of this? Do you see the absurdity of this? Do you see how this is going to keep you stuck for the rest of your life?

And believe me I have met dating guy shrink The that are in their 40s or women Roll nwokc Any near in their 50s that are stuck. We have to be real. We have to look at reality and not dating guy shrink The in this fantasy world of this fear. That safety is killing you.

The purpose of life is not to be safe a thousand percent of the time to feel safe. You want to feel safe live in a dating guy shrink The and wait for the world to crumble around you, safe in your bunker. Damn it. How can we do that? How do you take charge? The first thing you must do is realized I am not an effect in the world, I am a cause.

I am not controlled entirely by the winds and currents.

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I have an ore. I have a rotor. I have a map. I have a steering where and I am going to guide my boat to the island that I want. I am in charge. Now of course there is current, there is wind. We are often taught to dating guy shrink The comparing and just live our own lives. And yet, this is quite difficult to actually do.

Join Dr. Aziz and Jonathan as they discuss the scame dating Samuel osei of comparison, and how to work with it for optimal benefit. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Aziz as he reveals what people are really feeling on a daily basis.

And would your life benefit from being able to lean in more to positive, healthy risks? Aziz as he examines the fundamental elements of this game of being human, and how risk is an essential quality of our lives. Do you often feel a fear of missing out? Aziz and Confidence Coach Jonathan as they discuss this topic in this humorous and fast-paced episode. Ever cell in our body wants to move away from what makes us dating guy shrink The, uncomfortable, or dating guy shrink The. And yet, the confidence you seek, and the life you want to create requires you to fundamentally change your relationship with fear.


Find out how! While this is partly true, there is a deeper, stronger, and more persistent form of love—unconditional love.

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Is it your appearance, your status, or dating guy shrink The smile? Aziz in this fascinating episode as he reveals the key things that create a confidence that draws people in. What is one thing you would love to experience more of in your daily life?

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