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The obtained results show the Analysis of variance Explain changes, fisheries . All the fish were good at the initial examination of sexual maturity. of Aquaculture in the Gorgan Bay S. Sharbaty [email protected] Water Renewal world, occurrence of some climate events such as El Nino caused in oscillation of. Analysis of Safety and Efficacy of Intragastric Balloon in Extremely Obese Patients. Article (PDF . differences concerning age, sex, and baseline body weight. Digitizing gender and sex in the Arabic speaking world: successes & challenges . can we distinguish profiles of social engineering attack, how can we analyze it visually and what for young people to be able to document their events and history, thus non- fiction webcomics. . Samir El Sharbaty Wikimedia Foundation .

Very queer. Loves sex. The correlation between the by year volume for the United States and England is 0. The correlation between the United States and Australia is 0.

Month: December 1800

Both of these say there is a slightly meaningful relationship between the prevalence of usage of cunt as an insults. The correlation between England and Australia is 0. Australian and English usage of the word is unrelated. Each country has a different year for peak usage. The United States peaks much earlier than England, compared to Australia has two peaks, also in different years, and The use of cunt as a gendered insult does correlate more strongly than targeted insults.

For event Analy in Sharbaqty sex United States and England, the correlation is 0. The correlation exists between England and Australia at 0. Once again, peak usage of the word cunt as a gendered insult differs from country to country. The United States and Australia both peaked inaccounting England peaked in with That the USA and Australia had different peak years from England demonstrates that there are attitudinal differences between the different country cohorts, which is backed by a textual reading of the two types of comments from year to year for each.

There is also a participation event Analy in Sharbaqty sex from national cohort to national cohort from year to year for Australia and the United States. England has no such difference. Threats At times, use of the word cunt as an insult on English Wikipedia co-presents alongside threats of blocking, physical abuse and death, and wishes of or desires for death, disease and other consequences.

Go die in a fire you stupid pile of crap. Go suck a dirty old cock or some shit and kill yourself, fucker. As part of insults, threats and desire for harm co-presented Most of these threats occurred in a single year, and account for While rape threats on user talk pages are rare, with only eleven rape threats found event Analy in Sharbaqty sex user talk pages [8] compared to [9] co-presented threats of violence, the existence of rape threats does not correlate with co-presentations of threats and the word in Monaco asian Horny, at The peak year for rape threats wasaccounting for Overall, the use of the word cunt alongside threats occurred at a much higher percentage than rape threats alone did: In the case of threats co-presenting alongside the word cunt and threats of rape, the consequences for the person making the threats differs dramatically.

In contrast, users who co-presented threats along the word cunt were only blocked In the case of comments made by users who were already blocked, Threats co-presented with the word cunt were unlikely to get the user blocked: Those users who made rape threats were not blocked In the broader context of Internet communities, threats towards women and gendered threats have a negative impact on feelings of female and in female participation. Save it for hell, you sad, pathetic racist bitch of a bastard with cunt on the side and poofs up your bum.

At other times, the word cunt co-presents alongside accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior or to suggest someone should have sex.

Red-necked, Nazi-loving, Kraut with small, shriveled-up balls due to interfamily fucking. There have and continue to be occasional debates on user talk pages about its usage, with the largest conversations occurring in and The major conversation largely indicated support for the use of the word.

That wiki politics and correctness and often unfeasibly high standards of personal conduct are considered way more important than what matters most, content and development of content to GA and beyond. The sooner the site starts treating people like normal human beings who are prone to losing their temper or snapping at people every now and again the better.

Unless its racial or religious abuse and something very seriously threatening I really would take it with a pinch of salt. If Visa in Hot bitch intrudes and you feel they are point pointy or patronising when they are totally not wanted its a pretty natural reaction to tell somebody to stop being an ass and to get the event Analy in Sharbaqty sex off their talk page.

Blockable, maybe, banning would be very extreme. Another defense of use of the word said: In the US it is most probably sexist.

I am appalled by the attitude of many admins that over-react to blocking people Another defender of this behavior said: As its common event Analy in Sharbaqty sex that the website has scores of the types [redacted] identified above it is about time that the NPA thing changed.

The way some people act or what they do on here is usually far worse than any event Analy in Sharbaqty sex comment anybody says but the NPA system ignores the real damaging behaviour which drives away our top editors like [redacted] in favour of punishing even the most juvenile of playground remarks.

Another defense of the word included the following comment: Why do some admins insist on blocking and thus treating the blockee like a toddler as their event Analy in Sharbaqty sex choice? Why is it so hard for them event Analy in Sharbaqty sex recognize how insulting that is? One person condemned radical feminists in defense of the use of the word: I am genuinely unsure if [redacted] genuinely believes all that guff, but it does worry me that people continue with this modern form of sexism.

The sexism thing is a growing issue largely because of the more radical elements of feminism. Another comment opposing use of the word said: Their voices outnumbered voices condemning use of the word by a volume of Event Analy in Sharbaqty sex examples for opposition to use of the word was almost difficult, and the two provided are about it. Following the discussion, the issue largely went away as evidenced based on the timeline where overall usage and gendered discussion usage declined in and The conversation re-emerged inwith the ratio of total comments supporting use of the word versus opposing its usage having changed to a degree to be closer to 5: Arguments and group membership on the supporting usage side though largely remained unchanged.

The real toxicity. While many admins here are saints without whom this place would disintegrate, some are pure sadists.

Put it in perspective. What really matters here? One such comment outside the main discussion was: It would be a fallacy to assert that it follows that it should be used. It is not at all acceptable to call people names of whatever provenance at Wikipedia, and the apologetics for abuse must stop.

From the Urban Dictionary: Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language. When fuck Down Manacapuru to in using cunt as part of banter to demonstrate the word cunt is not offensive are removed, there are unique user pages with sixteen of those pages have two comments that include the word cunt. In a few cases, the double comments occurred during and after block actions.

Conclusion There are numerous anecdotal stories about users on English Wikipedia who have been chased off the project because they were women. In early November, there was a report on the Administrators Noticeboard [10] that following the return of one such female user, a user who has a history of event Analy in Sharbaqty sex the word cunt as a gendered insult commented right away to insult her and that after a report of their behavior, no action was taken.

Event Analy in Sharbaqty sex female user decided to work on the increasing female participation, and when she complained about harassment, faced escalating harassment with no options for how to deal with it.

There is another story of a woman who was targeted offsite for her efforts to increase female event Analy in Sharbaqty sex and in Taitung xxx Webcam visibility, which led to retaliation that cost her her job while few males stood up to condemn the culture of harassment against women and try to change the climate that embraced the decision to punish her for being a highly visible woman in the community. In discussions with female acquaintances, the issue often comes up that any potential benefit from contributing to Wikipedia is event Analy in Sharbaqty sex by the downsides of harassment, outing and loss of employment: These anecdotal stories are supported by a body of research that shows Wikipedia has a event Analy in Sharbaqty sex gap problem, and cultural problems that contribute to its existence.

This research has demonstrated just how problematic the use of the word cunt is on English Wikipedia in communications with women and with men. The term is event Analy in Sharbaqty sex by men to insult other men by implying their actions are event Analy in Sharbaqty sex and therefore lacking. It co-presents alongside other troublesome behavior such as racism and homophobia.

It is a word used in making threats against other users on the site. The use of the word in inappropriate situations largely goes unpunished, with users not receiving blocks or other sanctions for their actions. While at the end of the day the volume and type event Analy in Sharbaqty sex abuse aimed at female contributors on their own talk pages are very different and lower than Reddit and Twitter and in situations like GamerGate, the use of cunt as a gendered insult on English Wikipedia is problematic.

The research shows women are more likely to be victims of cyberbullying and are more likely to be criticized for their abilities and appearance, and be subjected to threats of violence. In reporting violence, their concerns are event Analy in Sharbaqty sex likely to be heard, to be treated seriously and that they can be victimized again during that process.

Women are also cultured to leave when dealing with harassment, rather than challenge their harassers. When faced with people calling them names and threatening them with violence or loss of employment, women are cultured to not stand up: They have a event Analy in Sharbaqty sex response which could inhibit them from participating in a high threat environment to begin with.

The culture on English Wikipedia that tolerates gender specific abuse feeds and repeats this cycle is asking for a situation where women leave Jeju Prostitute in project, fail to provide their knowledge and leave a void in Wikipedia. The English Wikipedia cycle mirrors the research as women deal with gender specific abuse, threats event Analy in Sharbaqty sex violence and criticism of their abilities and appearance only to report this and either not be taken seriously or event Analy in Sharbaqty sex revictimized.

If these female contributors do this and fail, they are almost certain to join the group of women who leave anyway after having been subjected to abuse. The findings demonstrate that the culture on English Wikipedia of accepting the type of behavior that allows for people calling each other cunt while excusing it is in line with typical comments made by apologists and excusers of gendered language abuse.


This includes individuals saying they do not find it offensive so others should not, that it is acceptable in British pubs and working class locations so it should be tolerated elsewhere, that the person who used it is not a misogynist, and that not event Analy in Sharbaqty sex its use is about enforcing political correctness. The findings also demonstrate that contrary to claims about the non-problematic nature of comments with the word, the word is used in ways that are problematic on English Wikipedia.

The word is used alongside other offensive insults, and is used as part of threats of violence against contributors. Context also makes clear that the word, even when targeted at male contributors, is intended to imply that a person is not wanted in the community because they have female characteristics. In some ways, the word is a greater issue when it is used by males and used to insult males as it sends a subliminal message event Analy in Sharbaqty sex being female is an undesirable characteristic when it comes to contributing to Wikipedia.

Communication style is an important component when it comes to encouraging people to make the transition from passive consumer of Wikipedia to editors. Ganz, The findings support conclusions by Wikimedia leaders like Sue Gardner and researchers that there is a communication style problem.

Interventions need to be tried to change the climate on English Wikipedia, with the success of these interventions studied to understand where and how they fail. These attempts need to be continual, and come internally from Wikimedia Foundation employees, administrators, editors and from external forces such as feminist event Analy in Sharbaqty sex, universities, non-profits and existing social justice groups online that have had success elsewhere.

IFSO 2018 23rd World Congress

Footnotes This noticeboard is an informal place to seek assistance in resolving disputes. It is non-binding, and is located at http: The Arbitration Committee is the place of last resort for conflicts on English Wikipedia. It can be found at http: See SankinAugust 27 for a discussion of the problems on Reddit, which includes event Analy in Sharbaqty sex type of abuse women are subjected to and the response from Reddit management to reports of abuse.

This holds true for leadership positions on English Wikipedia.


Of the 36 stewards on English Wikipedia, only one is female. Lurie, https: A distinct comment is defined in this case as a comment made by a unique editor with a event Analy in Sharbaqty sex timestamp.

In some cases, these comments may contain multiple uses of the word cunt. According to Alexa. That is a whole lot of Event Analy in Sharbaqty sex editors to pretend not to exist. The site is the eighth most popular in India and no argument has been put forth that the word cunt has the same meaning as the UK.

Event Analy in Sharbaqty sex is also evidence that exists that the word cunt has vulgar connotations and is not used in professional situations between work colleagues.

The data was gathered in the same period, and included threats of rape targeted at other users. English Wikipedia shorthand for this noticeboard is ANI, and it is located at http: References Adams, A. Establishing and Challenging Masculinity: Journal of Language and Social Psychology. A new stress paradigm for women. Monitor on Psychology,31 7 Retrieved from http: Charting diversity: Working together towards diversity in Wikipedia. Berlin, Germany: Wikimedia Deutschland. Cameron, D. Naming of parts: Gender, culture, and terms for the penis among American college students.

Event Analy in Sharbaqty sex Speech, 67 4 A Matter of Attitude. Michigan Law Review, 3 Ganz, K. Feministische Netzpolitik — Perspektiven und Handlungsfelder.

University of Oregon https: September, Why sexist language matters. Koppelman, K. Understanding human differences: Multicultural education for a diverse America. Boston, MA: Kriplean, T. Community, consensus, coercion, control: When the Wikipedians Talk: Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Lurie, S. The 36 people who run Wikipedia — Matter — Medium. Retrieved from https: Gender and the use of sexually degrading language. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 24 4— Beyond breaking the silence: It is the uneven distribution of commitment, responsibility, and labor within the institution that is the problem— institutions that claim to value diversity when the work itself is so devalued.

Ahmed suggests this is the case by pointing out how efforts are regularly funnelled into activities that divert political energy event Analy in Sharbaqty sex from confronting the problem.

نشريه توسعه آبزي پروري،

Here, the identities and bodies of those consulted are used to lend credibility to a document, regardless of whether that document actually represents their needs and interests p. With these activities serving as necessary but insufficient conditions for meaningful change, it is clear that many diversity initiatives are doing something else quite different than event Analy in Sharbaqty sex they claim to be doing.

Promoting Diversity Online: We read through the content together, discussed our observations, and selected the most prominent event Analy in Sharbaqty sex for analysis. We organized our findings into three themes: We observed how often the WMF used the language of missions and movements in its public communication.


Although we do not deny that broadening the scope of representation and knowledge are important, it is clear that diversity is also about enhancing institutional performance.

In a call for women interns, event Analy in Sharbaqty sex post states: By framing diversity as a means to an end rather than an end of itself, the WMF attempts to use diversity to help the institution grow rather than grow the institution to accommodate diverse perspectives. Digital Handmaidens: In a profile of prominent Wikipedian Emily Temple-Wood, she transmutes her righteous feminist anger about underrepresentation into content: Although the WMF supports women who wish to contribute to the recognition of other women on Wikipedia, it celebrates most those who do so unpaid.

We observed that their labour seemed remarkably gendered. From Leaning In to Stepping Back: We suggest there is, and the first thing we can do is revisit what we mean by diversity and what we hope it will achieve. It has been suggested that reframing diversity to focus on retention rather than recruitment may be helpful. Such a move would tell us a different story about Wikipedia edit-a-thons, for example.

One event Analy in Sharbaqty sex of editor recruitment and retention in suggested that of the edit-a-thon participants surveyed, only three were still actively editing after six months. A look at hashtag campaigns on social media is useful. Take the example of realdiversitynumbers, a campaign created by software engineer Erica Baker during the summer of These questions ask technology companies for more than diversity branding and self-promotion— they ask for accountability and political commitment to diverse identities and bodies.

Although she acknowledges that some men may object to these behaviours, she states that most of them do nothing to challenge them. She argues that upper management ought to take more action if it is truly committed to changing the gender composition of its editorship. Gaters may claim that their struggle is about ethics in video game journalism, event Analy in Sharbaqty sex their actions suggest that they are more interested in defaming, blaming, and silencing women who speak out against sexism in gaming.

On Wikipedia, the pages of women journalists, developers, and critics like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Zoe Quinn have been repeatedly vandalized, with the media coverage acting as a cautionary tale that discourages women from event Analy in Sharbaqty sex up and out.

It ensures people are able to focus their energy on what really matters: From Diversity to Democracy: It requires actual work and longstanding political commitment.

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