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She teaches creative writing at Women's Studies of Belgrade and is a downtown Belgrade with two men and another woman when two policemen came to our. It's very easy to spot a tourist/foreigner in Belgrade and in Serbia in general. and usually stick out from the crowd with the way they look or dress. If you're black, you're gonna stick out from the crowd “like a black man in the. Belgrade, Serbia, November 29, – The FIVB and IMG conducted a country's hosting of Men's and Women's Volleyball Nations League events in

In fact, some looked pretty chiseled complete with angular, well-defined jawlines—yikes! But if masculine-faced women are your cup of tea, well, more power to you then.


Be warned: Are they approachable? What are Serbian women like?

How to blend in with the Serbs: no messy hair, no headgear, no skinny

I must say, though, they are a bit less laid-back to approaches compared to Budapest chicks. I told them I wanted to meet Serbian women and I was planning on having as many one-night stands as possible during my stay in Belgrade.

Some were rather self-conscious of their ability to communicate in English, but with a little praise, they got more confident and chatty. What about one-night stands?

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Speaking of one night stands, I can tell you that for in looking Belgrade men Women is NOT easy to hook up with the women here solely for such purpose. The local beauties would be more receptive to dating you if you tell them that you plan on hanging around in Belgrade for a longer period of time. To put it another way: Actually, in Belgrade, I would recommend dating one girl at a time just to be safe—or maybe two at most.

Belgrade nightlife Belgrade girls — I can tell you a thing or two about my nights in Belgrade.

How to blend in with the Serbs: no messy hair, no headgear, no skinny | BTURN

Each establishment is a new adventure, so stop in and see what eye candy each one has to offer. Peron Savamala This club looks pretty casual but offers pure partying fun, plays fantastic tunes more often than not, and drinks are inexpensive. Unfortunately the place is always packed and girls come in big groups.

Serbian Dating - Serbian Dating Customs & How we pick up girls in Belgrade

Hats and other things you put on your head such as caps, hairbandanas or anything else really are a sign that you just arrived from the train station or exited a hostel. Throw your headgear in the nearest trash bin and tidy your hair.

Dating in Serbia...do's and don'ts. - Belgrade Forum

You can have that smoke, but no hats, please. Your boxers sticking out is a dead giveaway that your mother tongue is not Serbian. Balkanize yourself by putting those pants for in looking Belgrade men Women where they belong and tuck in your shirt, but not in your boxers.

If you happen to like wearing your jeans too tight and too low, that means you are not aware of how ridiculously un-Serbian you look right now.


What you are basically saying is this: I am gay, but not a local one. If you're a guy, skinny jeans will get you nowhere.


If you are a girl, good thing to do is to carry your purse over your bent arm, but keep your arm real high and possibly have a cellphone in the same hand. If you do not own a purse or a bag, you are not Srpkinja and will have difficulties blending in.

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