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Expectations of what a partner should be like are thorny issues to navigate. Life found that men's concerns tend to revolve around appearances and child-bearing abilities of their partners, while women's preoccupations centre on for ladies Looking in Singapore small stability in their potential husbands. Private investor James Foo, 44, who has gone on dates via a dating agency, admits that he is "quite picky in terms of looks". But he counters that women in Singapore also have very high expectations.

Those he dated tried to suss out, for instance, whether he owned a car by asking if he knew where to park at certain locations.


On the other side of the fence, Ms Eunice H, 43, who lost her husband in a traffic accident three years ago, recently felt ready for ladies Looking in Singapore small look for a new partner on dating websites and agencies. She found that many guys were tactless pragmatists. In a first phone conversation, a man rejected her because he said he needed a woman young enough to bear him children.

And sometimes, singletons are too independent and comfortable with their lifestyle to make the effort to find a partner. Ms Wee Le Fong, 40, a former air stewardess of 11 years, wonders if she has led the lifestyle of a cabin crew member for too long, and is too used to doing things on her own. She is now an administrative associate at a bank. She does not go clubbing and seldom takes the initiative to meet people, prefering to leave such things for ladies Looking in Singapore small chance.

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I sometimes spend weekends with my elder brother and sister and their children," she says. Mr Victor Chua, 50, who runs his own tour operations business, lost his wife seven years ago when she was knocked down by a lorry, leaving behind their son, who was just one then. Four years later, he started a relationship that lasted a year.

It broke down because the woman for ladies Looking in Singapore small realise that caring for a child was so tough". These days, Mr Chua, who mostly finds dates through work, says anyone he has a relationship with has to understand that "my time will not be spent entirely with her. I find I'm more attracted to divorced women who can handle my kid because they have kids too". For ladies Looking in Singapore small and son are so close that his son comes along on dates.

More singles than ever looking for love

We might go on those dates for a simple dinner at a cafe, no pubs or discotheques," he says. Putting his profile picture on an online dating site, he said, was like trying to sell "a second-hand golf set". At social events organised by a dating agency, he found himself sitting across for ladies Looking in Singapore small in their 20s. The adjunct lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, now 50, has not given up on the search for a life partner. But he takes a more low-key, relaxed approach now, guided by the philosophy of que sera, sera whatever will be, will be.

After all, he says that "the status quo is okay". To help things along, he signed up with CompleteMe, whose services include speed-dating events held in restaurants. But now he has wised up and attends events targeted at overs, every two months or so. Via the Lovestruck dating website, he found a girlfriend. But the year-long relationship floundered last year when he brought up the topic of getting engaged. He says that the woman, who was in her early 30s, did not want to take things further, choosing to focus on setting up a beverage business instead.

He tells for ladies Looking in Singapore small dates about his only child Leo, 14, "as early as is convenient", as a future partner "might feel a bit cheated" if he introduced his son to her only when the relationship was getting serious. He adds: I must also be able to answer the question, can I trust her when a special needs child is involved? Now, he shares custody of the boy with his ex-wife. In for ladies Looking in Singapore small, because he trusted his for ladies Looking in Singapore small to do the best she can for Leo, there had been a period when he was reluctant to accept that his marriage was over.

Perhaps because he had met his ex-wife at a tea organised by the now-defunct SDU Social Development Unitwhich was the matchmaking arm of the Government, Mr Wong found that he was "open to matchmaking".

Outside of dating, he occupies himself with causes and pastimes to enrich his life. On weekends, besides spending time with his son, Mr Wong sometimes volunteers with a group that practises mindfulness. He enjoys travelling. This year, he set up a small shop and cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal, a country that he has visited several times.

He is confident that he would make a good partner. He says: She was chatted up by men she met in different situations, including through her club, Singapore Recreation Club, at dinner parties and at community centre events. Some men sent private messages on Facebook.

Once, during what she thought was an innocent tea with a married acquaintance, she realised that he wanted something more when he urged her to call him whenever she felt lonely. Despite these experiences, she has not ruled out dating, but would only go for ladies Looking in Singapore small with people she knows and trusts.

If I go through a break-up, it's hard for me. Also, some for ladies Looking in Singapore small I know have been conned by men they met online. I felt the need for a companion at that time. Her two adult children from her first marriage of 19 years live in France and Britain. She and her second ex-husband, a retired engineer in his 60s, had travelled and played competitive bridge together. She attributes her current reluctance to date to a "very protected" upbringing. Born in Bombay the fourth of six children, she lived in India, England and Pakistan as the family moved on account of her father's work running an import and export business.

Japanese women looking for Singaporean men, dating agency aims to bridge the two worlds

She "regrets" that she was never allowed to go out with boys for fun. Her first experience of love, as a for ladies Looking in Singapore small schoolgirl of 18, in Tennant Creek Prostitute conducted mostly through letters. She has had only two long relationships with people she had known previously. Her first marriage, which ended in divorce, was a matchmade one while her second husband is a relative. Among Japanese women, Singapore holds a reputation as being clean, organized, filled with rich people, and a comfortable place to live in.

They also have nice bodies and for ladies Looking in Singapore small smiles. When asked about their ideal marriage lifestyle, there is still a big number of Japanese women who wish to be housewives that will prepare homecooked meals for their husbands after coming home from work.


Japanese women tend to like or prefer being a damsel in distress and would expect her partner to be the hero who will save or help her. In a country that is still quite patriarchal, women are used for ladies Looking in Singapore small guys taking the lead which reflects even in romantic relationships. The whole dating agency idea is not an uncommon thing, especially in Japan.

Aside from popular online dating apps and websites, there are people who specialize in matchmaking. You could be passing through a subway junction and come across a few small booths that look cosy and inviting with many pictures of happy couples scattered everywhere.

In the middle is a table and behind it is a lady who looks like a for ladies Looking in Singapore small. The process will usually include an interview with a series of questions that look into your character, preferences, goals, etc.

Research and interviews show that the main issues for Japanese women when considering a foreigner partner are culture differences, language barriers, and relocation. For some more tips on how to date a Japanese girl, the following video could prove helpful.


Singaporean men are expressing their interest via social media and tagging their friends as well. Facebook screengrab Shah Nair says he might consider this option if that girl is Marie Kondo.

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