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A single small yellow and red pebble in her the pupil of her eye creates a genuinely rare look on the woman's figure.[6] Her braided crown of auburn hair is . As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12 and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' The work in Durres started as an outreach of the church in Tirana. I'm so glad she made this decision to follow Christ in the young age. There were about ladies together and they heard the gospel one more time. You can also go by mini buses which you can find in many cities in Albania. [10 ]; Take a look at interesting films from around the world at the annual Durres boys, street gangs drug pushers and child beggars, taxis promoting pretty girls.

We no longer struggle to find medicine, receive medical treatment and the working tools needed for beekeeping.

Photo Essay: How gender-responsive budgeting is advancing gender equality in Albania

Now the Cake family feel more optimistic. They plan a 20 per cent increase in production and revenue next year. Liljana Jaku, 38, has three children and a passion for family and work.


But, the past 20 years as a beekeeper have been difficult. Being an informal business means a lack of State assistance. Now that we have formalized our business, we benefit from the agricultural schemes.

These subsidy schemes were put in place as a result of for small ladies in Durres Looking budgeting by the State and Ms. Jaku has now expanded her business.

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She inherited a passion for cooking from her grandmother. She registered in a vocational training program and benefited from an employment scheme provided by the Ministry of Finance as a result of its gender-responsive budgeting program. Laura Talo, 19, is a waitress from Tirana, working for a prestigious hotel in the city.

She did an internship provided by the gender-responsive budgeting schemes of the government for vocational schools. Elvis Orhani, 36, single parent from the Roma community in Tirana.

Due to his economic situation, his son is being raised in an Italian orphanage. But, things started looking better when Mr. Orhani discovered that single parents can benefit from the social housing scheme.

Orhani is now living and working at the National Emergency Transition Centre for for small ladies in Durres Looking homeless in Tirana.

They are kind, helpful, and so much fun! For small ladies in Durres Looking celebrated my birthday and shared lots of time together! The volunteers here are great fun! Near everything! The roof terrace is great and one of my favourite places in this hostel.


I ate all my breakfast there! To get into the hostel, you need to pass a locked gate. This gives a feeling of security. Quiet rooms. I liked the quotes on the walls, names of the rooms, and decor of the hostel and garden.

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Wifi works! Good vibes.


Veera, Indonesia Well it was more than i expected, fluffy bed, people from all around the world, happy and calm, exactly how every hostel should be. Thanks keep it up guys! Roland, Albania Location, price and staff are excellent.

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Durres is a popular tourist destination and you don't feel like you are in the center of town. It's a small oasis of its own. Robin, United States of America Staff was lovely! I panicked when I lost my wallet but they helped me look and we found it.

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