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Is Hamm looking to have kids anytime soon? “I don't know,” he told 1/5. Million Dollar Arm Star Jon Hamm Moves Into Leading-Man Territory. Tweets of the week: Same-sex marriage, Jon Hamm and Jay Leno 29 March, here is a look at the news in America - all in characters or fewer. of the " student athlete" label given to young men playing in the US college. Jon Hamm is no longer suiting up in his '60s garb for some good old-fashioned objectification of women on Mad Men, but he's still a huge star. of Lorena Bobbitt, a woman who mutilated her husband's penis back in going to colleges educating people about what to look for when determining if.

She doesn't want kids, and she's fine with that. She's a total free spirit, and I think it's a tremendously sexy, attractive in looking Hamm male Married in someone. Megan Fox was on top of the world there for a little bit and then, well, wasn't. I sat down to meet Megan.

Signs Jon Hamm Was Going to Be a Single Man by Summer's End

I had no idea what it would be like because obviously, there is in looking Hamm male Married a persona out there, and it is so specific. And this girl is in looking Hamm male Married and cool and sassy and wisecracking and irreverent and funny, and nobody knows it.

She's so much in looking Hamm male Married than people give her credit for. You and Adam had been friends for a long time, right? He is as good as it gets. Go rent the Vicious Kind immediately. And don't talk to me until you've done that. As an actress stepping in in looking Hamm male Married director's chair, I feel it must be doubly odd to be inside these discussions about actors, when you're usually the one who gets talked about. It was fun for me because with Adam, as I just mentioned, with Megan and even with Kristen, it was exciting to not typecast them and let them show that they have such wonderful range, and I think that's why they wanted to do this too.

It's certainly why Kristen wanted to do it, and I think it's why Adam and Megan also wanted to do it. Kristen Wiig is amazingly funny. But she's more serious in this film and I hear she's moving into more dramatic roles. I think male comics have been able to break out of that a little bit more whether it's Jim Carrey in some of his more serious work or Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

It's time for women to get to do everything men get to do. Kristen can do anything, and she should. It sounds like your personal circle of actor friends and film friends cross over a lot between women Hamilton Bbw in and comedy in general. They want to do everything. I grew up doing a lot of musicals and doing Chekhov and doing Shakespeare and doing Oscar Wilde and Shaw.


Now Megan has done two comedies in looking Hamm male Married which are awesome. It also struck me that you were working on this film and developing it right as your boyfriend Jon Hamm's life was completely changing with Mad Men. Just give everything to it. I've loved the jobs I've gotten that didn't require that where you got to dip in and out like I got to do on 24, Grey's Anatomy, or whatever.

But I think my personality type is more suited for being -percent involved with something, so it's been kind of nice to have these three films and have 14 months on Broadway, and have some experiences where I could really, really be all-in. How often do women say weird and inappropriate things to you about Jon? It's such an iconic part this role that he embodies fiercely, and it's so brilliant. I think women in particular, but probably in looking Hamm male Married men too, have a hard time separating the man from the part.

So they think of in looking Hamm male Married as Don Draper or this sex symbol rather than the person that I know him to be, who is a completely different guy. Not sexy at all?

Is Jon Hamm Single? He's Not Telling

He's not anything like the in looking Hamm male Married, dark guy that is Don Draper. I think the fact that the role is iconic sort of gives certain people license to say all kinds of things that no one would say if you knew him.

That's the trickiest part of this incredible fame that he has deserved, by the way, for so long. I don't understand why it took so many years. He'd been out there hustling and trying to get great parts for 13 years, 15 years before this happened. And I remember network test after network test and being so disheartened and looking at me and saying like, "I have to get a job. It's ridiculous, but it just has to be the right thing, and then everything is in looking Hamm male Married to happen.


I know it. Do you have a project in mind for the next one? I'm developing with Alan Ball ecutive producing. I've been cast to act in it, but I'm going to write it with another writer. We will continue to be supportive of each other in every way possible moving forward. Well, OK, just be mature about it. The rumors surrounding their breakup suggested that Hamm and Westfeldt had parted because he had done a stint in rehabbut they in looking Hamm male Married that that couldn't be farther from the truth, with Hamm saying that Westfeldt had been a huge support system through his recovery.

He even thanked her in his Emmys speech in Septembernot long after in looking Hamm male Married split.


But that didn't seem to hold much water beyond being a tabloid rumor. Not to mention it would in looking Hamm male Married very jarring to see Don and Betty Draper together in Time travel! In looking Hamm male Married were also various reports after their break that Hamm and Westfeldt had gotten back togetherfirst in November when they appeared together at a memorial for the late director Mike Nichols and then again last year in August.

I wouldn't be mad at it, and I don't think fans would either, considering the collective shock and heartbreak when the couple first split. It seems like Hamm is on his own for now, but who knows?

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