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They are those who used to fight the government troops in the neighbouring Sri Lanka until They speak their own language — Tamil, with its own alphabet and original civilization.


Most of the invading troops settled in North, pushing the Dravidians towards the south. I guess they are not sorry — during winter, when the north freezes and it in Madurai nude Women lost in the fog, the South gets a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees, ideal for anyone. If the Muslims poured over the Northerners who have left a strong in Madurai nude Women on then, in the south, the Hindus have not suffered… the Hindu temples of the South are huge and, in addition, they are a real spectacle of colours … the local taste dictated that temples should have huge towers called gopura, adorned with thousands in Madurai nude Women brightly-colored statues depicting gods, animals, but also humans… These gopura represent the symbol of the Tamil Nadu state.

Obviously, there are many places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Madurai is one of the oldest cities in Southern Asia.

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Later on, the Roman geographer Strabo lamented that the silk, the pearls and the spices exported by Madurai severely hit in Madurai nude Women state budget of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, not a lot of things remained from the time of the Athenians and the Romans, but, instead, Madurai boasts with one of the largest temples in India- Sri Meeknashi. It is true that is not just any goddess, it is the wife of the dancing Shiva… In the north, Meeknashi is known as the goddess Parvati and it is a warrior goddess.


Fortunately, the all pious pilgrims of Meeknashi are not as warriors, most of them watching the foreign tourists with curiosity, and the bravest of them asking in Madurai nude Women to take pictures of them. After you have taken off your shoes, including your socks, you can enter the temple.

Actually, in Tamil Nadu, many people walk barefoot. So are the many students who are taken by teachers to visit the various objectives — in Madurai nude Women … So, take off your shoes in the temple, too! As I said, Sri Meeknashi is a world in itself — you will be able to haunt everywhere except in the sanctuaries of Shiva and his Meeknashi, you will be able to walk in the market where you can buy garlands.

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You will seek the Brahmin, a priest in this temple and, after giving him a hundred rupees, he will enter a holy shrine and will sanctify your garland. Then he will hang it to your neck and he will draw a very auspicious stripe on your forehead. You can in Madurai nude Women around a sacred pool, but also wake up with an elephant trunk on your head… for good luck!

However, the bazaar, the sanctuaries, the pool or the elephant are not the main attractions, but twelve gopura, towers reaching the pinnacle of the Tamil architecture here.

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