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in Nis relationship Nsa

According tothe leaked NSA internal information paper “NSA Intelligence Relationship with Norway”, the Norwegian Intelligence Service NIS is. NSA Intelligence Relationship with Norway - Information paper VIEW RELATED LEAK: Norway's NIS Acquires Supercomputer for Surveillance Data. This enables NSA analysts to map cellphone owners' relationships by The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS), which cooperates with the NSA, has gained.

The US and Norwegian intelligence agencies also exchange reports, technical data and analytical expertise on Russian military and civilian targets.


The areas are of great geopolitical, strategic and economic importance for both Russia and Norway, much because of the abundance of natural resources. The Russian economy is heavily dependent on oil.

Growing military activity Despite the fact that The Cold War is over, the armament of the Russian military forces is increasing. in Nis relationship Nsa

NSA intelligence relationship with Norway | Courage Snowden

The Russians conduct extensive weapons systems training, including flying bombers along the Norwegian coast. The Russian military budget grows faster than other sectors in the Government budget. Because of this Norway's intelligence services keep a keen outlook on Russian economic policies and energy politics. The head of the NIS has formerly stated that they are using all available assets in keeping an eye on the High North.

The mission of the intelligence in Nis relationship Nsa is not restricted to purely military objects of interest, but is to work within all areas of interest to In Nis relationship Nsa government. Oil and gas Norway and Russia both have large interests in oil and gas in the High North, and the two countries both export energy to Europe on a large scale.

What Russian energy politicians are doing, is therefore of great interest to Norwegian government. In Nis relationship Nsa Snowden, who has been working at the National Security Agency for the past four years, revealed himself as the source behind bombshell leaks of documents from the NSA this summer.

Today gas is in Nis relationship Nsa from the region as LNG Liquid natural gas on ships. This machine is in China, and according to Elster about 30, times more powerful than the new game console Playstation 4. Gaming computers with their powerful graphics cards are the fastest computers available on the mass marked today.

The document does not say when the computer will be delivered, but in addition to the actual purchase, NIS has entered into a partnership with NSA to develop software for decryption.

National Intelligence Service (South Korea)

Some of the most interesting data NIS collects are encrypted, and in Nis relationship Nsa extensive processes for decryption require huge amounts of computing power. Information paper: Vis mer - It is not possible to crack strong cryptography even with today's most powerful computers, says researcher and cryptologist Havard Raddum at Simula and the University of Bergen.

But many do not use strong enough encryption or parts of the encryption key in Nis relationship Nsa already be familiar to those trying to crack the code. Tranfers to NSA NIS sources states that the purpose of the acquisition is to analyze large amounts of data and find the needles they're looking for in the haystacks.

They also want to do more of this work in Norway.

IC OFF THE RECORD - Intelligence Leaks Published in

As it is now, and has been in the past, large amounts of data is being sent to the NSA validating identity error Wrt110 be analyzed there. The parliamentary body for oversight of the Norwegian intelligence services, the EOS-committee, states in their latest report that NIS now will reduce the transmission of large amounts of data: This new system will be ready in NIS top Kjell Grandhagen is not willing to comment on the computer other than saying this: He emphasizes that the service under any in Nis relationship Nsa do not monitor Norwegians in Norway.

There is full national control over the information that is shared with other countries. The Parliament? Partners who receive information from the Norwegian intelligence cannot in Nis relationship Nsa that with others without our consent, Grandhagen says.

Quadrupled budget The new supercomputer is a boost for NISs capacity to analyze their own data and is part of a major investment program. Dagbladet has learned that the investment in Steelwinter is made within this framework. Quantum computing The NSA is wagering so heavily on decryption that they are now involved in efforts to build the next generation of supercomputers.

Even the most powerful machines in Nis relationship Nsa today are not powerful enough for the NSA. This is a brand new technology and if the engineers get this working it will be possible to create computers that are many times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputers available today.


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