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For example, that old woman from Vratsa mentioned earlier is interesting in this respect because she is inclined to save, stockpile, preserve, and very slowly. A year-old woman died in a car. Shock on the Vratsa-Krivodol roadannounced the press center of the Ministry of the Interior. The police. 25 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio. Looking for: woman In age: Hi! My name is Katrin. I am never married christian white woman without kids from Vratsa.

The first forum day was garnished with an EmpathEAT dinner - our unique networking event that brought all people somehow connected to the forum together and involved them in a culinary play: The most challenging aspect was that in the middle of the food preparation process, electricity was gone for a in Vratsa women Older. International and Bulgarian social innovators presented projects they in Vratsa women Older working on in their home countries: The performance is based on the real, heartful and hurtful, stories of refugees living in Bulgaria.

It was combined with a live crowdfunding applying practices of Feast Greece. The main idea of this offline crowdfunding practice is a community to be able to support directly with a certain sum of money a project which it finds the most meaningful.

What connects us? EMPATHEAST in Vratsa, Bulgaria gathered answers

It is a great way to support the local production and and their amazing culinary skills and, of course, an additional source of income for these old local women. The last day of the forum was in Vratsa women Older on unlocking personal creativity and connecting it to social issues around.


Stories of Concordia workshop of Georges Sachinis shared the powerful empathic method of community-mapping entwined with performing in Vratsa women Older. Adeshola Adetunde Adefioye took up the theme of theatrical empathy and what is meant to be a city dramaturg.

In the 7th century, the Bulgars and the Slavs founded the Bulgarian state and the Slavic Vratsa became part of it. The town grew into an important strategic city because of its proximity to the south state border.


The name of the city was changed from Valve to the Slavic Vratitsa, which has the same meaning and is the source of the modern name. Vratsa became famous for its goldsmith's and silversmith's production and trade, high-quality earthenware and military significance.

A day in Vratsa.

In Vratsa women Older the 8th century, the Bulgarian army captured Sofia, which led to the decreasing of Vratsa's importance because of the better strategic position of Sofia, its more developed economy and larger size. But Vratsa was again key for the resistance against the Byzantine, Serbian and Magyar invaders during the Middle Ages. During the Osman domination the town was established as a big craftsman's center.

The wares, work of the jewelers and silk producers from Vratsa, are famous all over the Osman Empire. The Renaissance is a historical period connected with the Bulgarian national isolation within the boundaries of the Osman Empire and fight for a mundane education, in Vratsa women Older independent church and political liberation. The inhabitants of the town and the surroundings took an active part in the preparation of the April rebellion in Its bloody end was marked by the heroic march of the big Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev's detachment, who died in the Vratsa Balkan's mountain.

After the liberation of the Bulgarian lands from Osman domination inthe town of Vratsa itself as an important manufacturing centre in which the traditional craft was transformed into a fashionable industry. In in the town was opened an experimental sericulture station - the oldest scientific research institution in our country, in the field of the agriculture.

The quality of the produced silk in Vratsa found public and in Vratsa women Older recognition. Already during the Bulgarian Renaissance, the town of Vratsa and the surroundings were glorified as a wine production center.

Oldest European Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - inheron.com - Sofia News Agency

Archaeology There are many archeological sites in the region of Vratsa. In the period archaeologists discovered three tombs with a rich stock belonging to a rich ruler family governed the lands of the whole North West Bulgaria. One of the most valuable finds was the treasure of Rogozhen, consisting of silver vessels. One of the most important findings was made near the village of Ohoden in October - a skeleton of a woman in Vratsa women Older to be at the age of about 9 years the oldest skeleton in Europenicknamed Todorka by the finders.

According to the scientists this is a truly sensational discovery because it shows with certainty that the birthplace of European agriculture is exactly here.

Nature The most resourceful and large, from any point in Vratsa women Older view, place for rock climbing in Bulgaria is the area called Vratzata near the town of Vratsa. Vratzata is situated in the western part of Stara Planina mountain range and is in Vratsa women Older of the Vrachanski Balkan National Park which includes the biggest part of Vrachanska In Vratsa women Older in order to preserve its unique speleological phenomena.

Ledenika is a cave of national importance included in the National Tourist Sites list 16km away from the town of Vratsa, its entrance being at m above sea level.


It features an in Vratsa women Older of in Vratsa women Older and impressive Karst formations, dating back a thousand years. The cave is about m long. There are ten halls in it. The biggest one is the Concert Hall. The way to it is through the Passage of Sinners.

Only those whose heart is pure can pass through it. Once the cave was full of water but now only a small lake has remained - the Lake of Wishes. The legend says that if you dip your hand in the ice-cold water of the lake and make a wish, it will come true. During the different historical ages it was developed and established as an important social, market and cultural center.


Today not only in the administrative center but also on the territory of the whole District Vratsa, there are state, social and departmental cultural institutes.

The District has given us not a small contribution to the cultural heritage of the in Vratsa women Older, which is kept in museums, museum collections and galleries.

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