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need in Just Sonbong servicing

Only 21 percent of the companies wanted to invest in the Rajin-Sonbong area, Yonhap news service report, March 7, ; cited in FBIS-EAS, March. Scandinavian service & trust The Rason Special Economic Zone, known earlier as the Rajin-Sonbong Economic Special Zone, was for local companies and farms (it is the only market in the DPRK which foreigners can legally visit). To go to Rason you don't need the DPRK visa, instead Rason entry permit is required. but higher yields are hampered by limitations in ship maintenance, In South Korea, the mining sector provides just percent of its GNP The DPRK's track and 60 percent electrified Most seaports are in need of improvement and expansion. At present, the ports of Chongjin, Rajin, and Sonbong are undergoing .

The port has assignments to transport marine products for export from the East Sea of Korea and every kind of cargoes from and to northeast area of China and Far East Region of Russia. Need in Just Sonbong servicing Rajin Port consists of three wharves; wharf No.

Company to be set up according to the contract with Russian Rail Trade Co. I cannot imagine that a Chinese company is going to renovate and operate the pier without a clear contract. Of course the status of that contract is now called into question. Has the Chinese firm pulled out? Have the North Koreans canceled the contract?

Rason Special Economic Zone: North Korea as it Could Be

Are North Korean individuals from different agencies just not on the same page? Who knows? Still no word on Pier No. You can read the Yonhap story here: It appears the information in the original post is out-of-date now. So here is an update: Pictured Above Google Earth: Need in Just Sonbong servicing Port Dr.

The 80 year old port has three piers, of which the No. They have a long-term lease 50 years starting in and while need in Just Sonbong servicing are currently doing some work there, it is not being used for exports.

China is interested in using Pier No.


Plans have also been expressed need in Just Sonbong servicing cancelled to build 2 new piers No. What exactly the problems are is not known.

For now China uses the port to bring coal from the northernmost Heilongang Province to southern China via a sea route, an event which took place twice this year.

North Korea/China - Trade Zone

Theoretically, the need in Just Sonbong servicing as a handling capacity of 3 million sq. Two bronze statues of the leaders are under construction. Many windows in the apartment blocks in Rason are equipped with solar panels, and the balconies are full of red Kimjongilias. Slogans and daily life are like everywhere else.

Except that foreigners are allowed a much closer interaction with locals.

Rason Special Economic Zone: North Korea as It Could Be

Water is sometimes need in Just Sonbong servicing, sometimes need in Just Sonbong servicing. The same is true for electricity; the draught makes the operation of hydroelectric power stations difficult, say our guides. Hot water is provided upon request or twice a day for one hour each. During breakfast, entertainment is delivered on a huge video screen by an infinite loop of the newest performance of the short-skirted Moranbong Band, founded by the new leader in July With sweet voices and tough words, the band is praising his extraordinary personality and the heroic deeds of the armed forces.

Nothing new on the northeastern front? Not quite. Not that this would have prevented us from taking a snapshot once in a while, of course, but admonishment usually followed and made the experience a bit straining.


Now in Rason, what is the guide saying? But it was like talking to a brick wall. Now that we have official permission to take pictures, it is almost no fun anymore. Things continue along these lines.

In the middle of town, at the central square, stands a huge monitor. Like the one need in Just Sonbong servicing front of Pyongyang railway station it shows the state TV news and occasionally a movie. In the evening, people sit on the ground and watch.

Around them are little stalls selling food and drinks. Yes, of course. Say that again? Sure we want to. I somehow expect that our little stall will soon be empty, but no, none of the locals escapes. On the contrary, I see curious looks, and then broad smiles and excited conversation after I tell the waitress in Korean that I have studied one semester at Kim Il Sung University in I sit among these North Koreans with a strange feeling of happiness, and I think how sad it is that Balti Females wanting dick in am so excited about something that would be normal in most other parts of the world.

Without exception, we eat quite well in different profit- and service-oriented restaurants operated as joint ventures with Chinese or Japanese-Koreans. Many such restaurants exist in Pyongyang too. But after lunch, an extended visit to need in Just Sonbong servicing market—this is something the capital does not offer these days.

Here in Rason we get need in Just Sonbong servicing hours.

Rajin-Sonbong: North Korea’s (New?) Strategy to Attract Foreign Investment

But as if to remind me that this is still Need in Just Sonbong servicing Korea: I obey, grudgingly. Disappointment quickly makes room for curiosity. At the entrance to the market is a group of women who obviously do not have a license; as soon as they spot a man in uniform, they quickly fold up their wooden boxes with cigarettes and get ready to run.

After having passed their espalier, a huge area opens up in front of us, roughly the size of a soccer field, most of it indoors. The lanes of the market are closely packed with women of all ages who sell whatever you can imagine: In the fruit corner almost anything is on offer: The prices are hefty; all these goods are imported from China, as one of the women tells me.

One Kilo of bananas costs 14 Chinese Yuan, or Renminbi. A secret? The market used to be housed under a large shed with most of the sellers spilling out onto the streets.

As you step inside the warehouses the atmosphere bursts right in front of you: Local snacks, meat, fish, vegetables and imported fruits, cooked dishes, fill the upper floors of the warehouses. Jackets, scarves, beanies, socks, revolutionary caps, fashion that fits into the local fashion usually pack downstairs as well need in Just Sonbong servicing mobile phones, basic electronics and anything the house needs to be fixed up.

What I enjoy is running into Russians who live need in Just Sonbong servicing the border; many of them come here because of the insanely cheap prices. On the other side of the coin, all the glitz and glam of a growing Special Economic Zone also carries some downsides along with it.


As the USSR crumbled, so did this deal. In the early 90s Bill Clinton stepped in and agreed if the Koreans could stop their nuclear program the US would donate a large amount of oil to help aid their economy.

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