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old and looks 30, and is married to a Vietnamese gal who lives up in Tay Ninh. Americans' involvement is with drug pushers, prostitutes, and bar maids. included former prostitutes—many of whom were mothers of Amerasians. was sent was between Phuoc Long and Tay Ninh provinces, in a primitive section. The city still has its share of prostitutes, beggars and severely wounded veterans, but their approach is much more subdued The next day we went to Tay Ninh.

Buses leave from the corners of Streets and at the rather ungodly hour of 5: The bus trip can take 13 hours as often there is a stop of several hours at the border while customs officers 'negotiate' taxes for goods being smuggled into Vietnam. A better method of traveling perhaps is Ninh Tay Prostitute in catch a taxi to the Moc Bai border crossing from the taxi-stand at Street on the eastern side of the Tonle Bassac, just over the Monivong Bridge.

The trip takes three hours, and the scenery is pleasant though a Ninh Tay Prostitute in of it is arid landscape during the dry season. One is struck by the relaxed and relatively prosperous lives of the people especially close to the border.


There is also a refreshing lack of military checkpoints or armed men of any description. This stop is a good place to change dollars into smaller denominations which are useful in rural Vietnam, and also to get some Vietnamese dong. After some bargaining here you'll generally get as good a rate as in the Ninh Tay Prostitute in of Vietnam - 11, dong to the dollar. Actually it is not as bad as it sounds as the roads are generally in better condition than those in Cambodia, as are the motorcycle taxis.

Around 10 km past the border is the turnoff to Tay Ninh, which is the world cradle of the Cao Dai religion. The town lies 20 km north of the highway and nurses dating Police officer home to 20, adherents. At 6am and 6pmof them get together and worship in the Great Temple, 4 km south of the town.

Cao Daism is a fusion of many religions, principally Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and was founded in The temple is spectacularly and Ninh Tay Prostitute in painted and there are English guides to show you around. By the way one point to bear in mind when visiting most attractions is that unofficial private operators offer the same guide and hire services as state-run Saigon Tourism at Ninh Tay Prostitute in fraction of the price.

While at Tay Ninh, try to make a brief stop for lunch at the Long Hoa market, 3 km south of the temple. The people Ninh Tay Prostitute in are especially warm and friendly.

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The second attraction worth stopping off at on the way to Ho Chi Minh is Cu Chi, renowned Ninh Tay Prostitute in the amazing km tunnel network which was a key factor in the Viet Cong confounding their far better equipped American and South Vietnamese adversaries in the war. The tunnels lie 10 km from Highway 1 and are about 60 km from the border. The turn off to them is clearly marked. Visitors can clamber through a meter section of tunnel, try the Viet Cong's staple diet of boiled tree roots and see some of the deadly traps they built to snare US troops and sniffer dogs brave enough to venture Ninh Tay Prostitute in. If traveling along Highway 1 by moto be prepared to pull over and ask to shelter in houses along the way from the rain - it helps having international cigarettes to offer your host.

The weather across the country is quite variable at present, the sky can be perfectly clear but 20 minutes down the road you can be caught in a cloudburst. It can be difficult to find cheap rooms at this time especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I was pulled off the street by a kind middle-aged lady who offered me an upstairs room in her house - but unfortunately it turned out to Ninh Tay Prostitute in the type of room you'd Ninh Tay Prostitute in second thoughts about boarding your dog in.

By the way staying in such unauthorized places, along with using dollars or exchanging money outside of official banks is illegal, though all three are fairly freely done. Police have apparently relaxed on enforcing these laws in the last year but it's probably best to stick to the rules if it doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience.

The official exchange rate is only marginally less than the black market rate and obviously is a lot safer. One of the first points of reference newcomers should head for is Sinh Cafe. The eaterie is located on Pham Ngu Lao Street near the center blowjobs in Damme Best the city, which has become a haven for backpackers.

Here Vietnamese speak good English Ninh Tay Prostitute in are well-versed in coping with travelers needs. If you've never been to Vietnam, be prepared for a major culture shock. Vietnamese mores and manners are vastly different from those in Cambodia.

They tend to be far more aggressive in their behavior. Be prepared for them to take your hat off and try it on, to pull books out of your hand and read them and Ninh Tay Prostitute in them to their friends. The Vietnamese are very inquisitive and there's little which escapes their attention.

What was supposed to be a quick and decisive action soon degenerated into a quagmire, and U. An estimated 3 million Vietnamese and over 55, Americans were killed. The American Vietnamese war was only one of many that the Vietnamese have fought, but it was the most brutal in its history. Over two thirds of the current population was born after American tourists will receive a particularly friendly welcome in Vietnam, as many young Vietnamese aspire to Ninh Tay Prostitute in culture.

The Vietnamese legislature is the unicameral National Assembly, from which the Prime Minister is selected. In practice, the President's position is only ceremonial, with the Prime Minister wielding the most authority in government.


Economy Economic reconstruction of Ninh Tay Prostitute in reunited country has proven difficult. The economy is much stronger than those of Cambodia, Laos, and other neighboring developing countries. Like most Communist countries around the world, there is a fine balance between allowing foreign investors and opening up the market. According to government estimates Vietnam sees over 5 millions tourist arrivals each year and People Most people in Vietnam are ethnic Vietnamese Kinhthough there is a sizable ethnic Chinese community in Ho Chi Minh City, most who are descended from migrants from Guangdong province and Ninh Tay Prostitute in hence bilingual in Cantonese or other Chinese dialects and Vietnamese.


There are also numerous other ethnic Ninh Tay Prostitute in who occupy the mountainous parts of the country, such as the Hmong, Muong and Dao people.

Theres also a minority ethnic group in the lowlands near the border with Cambodia known as the Khmer Krom. Catholicism is the second largest religion, followed by the local Cao Dai religion.

Other Christian denominations, Islam, Ninh Tay Prostitute in local religions also share small followings throughout the southern and central areas.


Culture Due to its long history as a tributary state of China, as well as several periods of Chinese occupations, Vietnamese culture is heavily influenced by that of Southern China, with Confucianism forming the basis of Vietnamese society.

The Vietnamese language also contains many loan words from Chinese, though the two Ninh Tay Prostitute in are unrelated. Buddhism remains the single largest religion in Vietnam, though like in China but unlike Ninh Tay Prostitute in the Ninh Tay Prostitute in of northern Southeast Asia, the dominant school of Buddhism in Vietnam is the Mahayana School. Nevertheless, Vietnamese culture remains distinct from Chinese culture as it has also absorbed cultural elements from neighboring Hindu civilizations such as the Champa and the Khmer empires.

The French colonization has also left a lasting impact on Vietnamese society, with baguettes and coffee remaining popular among locals. Climate Vietnam is large enough to have several distinct climate zones. The South has three somewhat distinct seasons: During the rainy season, downpours can happen every afternoon, and occasional street flooding occurs.

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Temperatures Ninh Tay Prostitute in from stifling hot before a rainstorm to pleasantly cool afterward. Mosquitoes are most numerous in the rainy season. In the Central regions the Hai Van pass separates two different weather patterns of the North starting in Ninh Tay Prostitute in which is hotter in summer and cooler in winter from the milder conditions South starting in Danang.

North East Monsoon conditions September - February with often strong winds, large sea swells and rain make this a miserable and difficult time to travel through Central Vietnam. Normally summers are hot and dry. Guys on motorbikes rush around delivering potted tangerine trees and flowering bushes, the traditional household decorations.

People get a little bit stressed out and the elbows get sharper, especially in big cities, where the usual hectic level of traffic becomes almost homicidal. Finally on the first day of the new year an abrupt transformation occurs:

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