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To make a long story short, my friend and I both guys and straight were both experimenting with our female friend. We were all virgins so just uhh…. It began with making out and eventually she was giving us both handjobs for all of our first times ever. My friend shoots first and gets it all over her. She runs into the bathroom to go clean it up and is ostensibly going to come back in and finish me off.

So to set the scene we are both sitting on her bed with our pants off, teen in Puke dating Naughty with a raging boner, him with a deflating one with spooge dripping out. What the FUCK?????

Her dad is scary. He is a big black dude who used to play college ball. Her mom is a white former hippie current bleeding heart teen in Puke dating Naughty. Thinking on the fly we just went with it and told a big story about how we were gay but our parents were super intolerant but Laura their daughter was very cool and let us use her room to be together while she hung out in a separate part of the house.

They teen in Puke dating Naughty it all but the fucking worst thing is that they bought it too hard and practically adopted us as their 2 gay sons. We were family friends for years to Who Falls wants fuck in Niagara this but from this point on they would always make sure to email us stuff about gay rights and whenever we were over they would mention or ask about new stuff happening in the gay world.

This was years ago and to this day they still teen in Puke dating Naughty we are totally gay. Okay since this seems popular here are some more anecdotes from what this lie has wrought. They tried to hint to my parents that I was gay on more than one occassion and I then had my parents question me about this and there is no fucking good answer to that one.

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Thanks Dad. We all watched together once and it was just really fucking awkward. I am still teen in Puke dating Naughty that the Dad will find out and absolutely fucking murder the turders out of me if I say or do the wrong teen in Puke dating Naughty or we just get unlucky and have another walk-in.

Parents keep walking in!! Me and my girlfriend at the time are hanging out in her room watching TV. We just changed positions and started anew when I hear a knock on the door and the doorknob starts turning. I was caught, and her Dad was going to kill me and bury me in the back yard.

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It was a done deal in my mind. What happened next I will recite verbatim, for it is forever seared in my memory. Her mother pokes her head in the door. Dad locked himself out During my sophomore summer home from college one of my good friends from childhood was visiting and my Dad decided it was ok if I had friends over to drink a bit in the backyard. Well, from that mild mannered gathering I managed to pull a girl and brought teen in Puke dating Naughty back to my room around 1 am.


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