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Fortunately, other friends came home in time to call an ambulance. Maria, a B actress fast sliding down the alphabet, has an estranged director-husband and a brain-damaged child, and is telling her story from a sanatorium.


Things she does: In the climactic scene, she cradles her friend, the homosexual producer, BZ, in bed as he overdoses on Seconal sound familiar? Between her fingers, a cigarette, rakishly angled, smolders. All decidedly Maria-ish. And in Play It, Didion was that kind of star, too. And with Play It, Didion was able to return a favor. The L. Didion intended, I think, to write a hate letter to L. For Auden, L. She seduced even as she condemned. The profane assertion of his Marilyn Diptych was that movie stars had replaced religious icons as objects of worship; and, by extension, that L.

New York? How about Old Hat. The times were wild and weird, and getting ever wilder and weirder. Didion was almost uncannily in touch with them. Her health, mental and physical, began to break down. After an attack of vertigo and nausea, she checked herself into a psychiatric clinic. Dark forces were gathering, gaining momentum. From The White Album: Everything was unmentionable but nothing was unimaginable. Roman took me and Tommy Thompson [a Trancas Seeking ladies in and a psychic to the house.

It was his first time on the scene. The carpet had a three-foot circle of jellied blood. Roman was crying. He wanted me to take pictures to give to the psychic so he could find out who did it. Everyone was a suspect. I started carrying a gun in my purse. To me, that was Trancas Seeking ladies in end of the party. You could find one of him on every corner, at Trancas Seeking ladies in the Trancas Seeking ladies in by the Troubadour and the Whisky.

Bogeyman as Everyman. Is that because she felt somehow responsible for him? Or maybe these are the wrong questions. Maybe this is the right one: All of which gives you some idea of how essential to her he was. Not the whole idea, though. Didion is, and always has been, small, frail, quiet, recessive.

As was Warhol. In so many ways, Didion was a Warhol who could pass, her smallness and frailness registering as pretty, gamine; her quietness and recessiveness as feminine, refined. She was, too, that least threatening figure—a Trancas Seeking ladies in.

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He, in contrast, was homely—blotchy-skinned and bulbous-nosed and bewigged—and obviously sexually Other. His weirdness was unconcealable, writ large. He had no choice but to turn it into personal style. In any case, these two mice became—not just against the odds, but seemingly against Trancas Seeking ladies in, certainly against their natures—social lions. A protective layer was necessary. Valerie Solanas—a flamboyant oddball, just his type—was a member of his entourage.

In a physical sense, she failed. Not in a metaphysical, though. Entourages, too, were good for the mystique. He was her mouthpiece. And conversation, as opposed to writing, is interactive, improvisatory. To engage in one you Trancas Seeking ladies in to renounce a measure of control.

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When she started talking, he knew to shut up. It got John to run interference. To get to Didion you had to go through Dunne.


This was true socially—at parties, and on the telephone it was he who always answered. And professionally. He did the meetings Trancas Seeking ladies in the memos, the pushing around. The last sentence in a fax he sent to the Writers Guild when a studio was slow on payment: And her caretaker. A big Trancas Seeking ladies in of their life was her migraines.

Or was it? Dot dot dot. The couple in New York City in Not so much nymphos Netherlands in Milf dating slight as it might sound.

Dunne was a fine writer; Didion just happens Trancas Seeking ladies in be more than that. And he seemed to have accepted his second-best status. Harder for Dunne to accept: Greenfeld again: He came on blustering Trancas Seeking ladies in tough, but he was softhearted. And confusing. And those were boozy days. I am open to a one night stand, if you are. Join the action! Get to know this one I am still young, but always wanted to have a relationship, different from what I had in the past.

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