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violence Speakers dating for teen

PADV not only addresses the issue of intimate partner violence by PADV's Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program has been developed to inform pre- teens. Speakers: Eleanor Davis. Futures Without Violence. Tonjie Reese That's Not Cool, Futures Without Violence's teen dating violence prevention program, is very . Dating for teens can be an excellent part of development as well as an exciting part of becoming an adult. While many teens learn the basics of. Diana

Teen dating violence is more common than we may think and research estimates that between one in four girls between 11 and 15 have experienced some type of emotional abuse, sexual abuse or physical abuse in a relationship.

Teen dating violence has no age, race, or gender attached to it. In He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love I violence Speakers dating for teen my violence Speakers dating for teen story of teen dating violence as a means of awareness. Awareness and education in these portrayals of unhealthy relationships can help to prevent teens from entering into abusive relationships and condoning this behavior in their relationships.

Lisa Freeman

When I saw my boyfriend as a young teen beginning to elicit violent behavior I was not about to continue on into an abusive relationship or condone this type of behavior for the future. Our teens really liked how you got so personal with them.

It's a message of pain, recovery, and hope.


A message that needs to be heard today. The students were engaged as you shared your story and gave them specific ways to stop bullying and abuse. You helped define what it really is and how students should confront it.

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Students talked with me afterwards about standing together and standing up to bullies. Her damaging college relationship derailed her studies, goals, and aspirations, leaving her homeless, penniless, and forcing her to drop out of college.

After a never-expected attack, Ashley finally left. Inspired to rebuild her life and drive change, she was able to heal and overcome, achieve career success, break stereotypes as Miss New Bedford, return to school to study the justice system and graduate as Valedictorian of her class, only to lead an accomplished career in the prevention, Ipiales Slut in, and criminal justice fields.

With a mission to violence Speakers dating for teen other teens and put an end to abuse, Ashley's presentation will educate and inspire, and violence Speakers dating for teen your audience to stand up and violence Speakers dating for teen change. Attendees will learn: Request an abstract of the college version!

What happens when social interaction becomes social distraction, or worse, destructive to a student's well-being, safety, and ability to succeed? For many students, studentlife is consumed by sociallife - from constant connection online and a need to fit in, to social pressures, toxic friendships, bullying, and the disturbingly high rates of dating violence and sexual abuse.

Great Speaker Lisa Freeman Tackles Dating Violence and Domestic Violence

These issues can result in depression, academic struggles, disengagement, eating disorders, substance abuse, and serious harm.

Ashley knows She learned firsthand how damaging unhealthy dating and peer pressure can be. In high school, she was a victim of sexual violence Speakers dating for teen and severely bullied. As a freshman in college, she was sexually assaulted by someone she knew and trusted. Then, as a sophomore, she found herself trapped in a severely abusive dating relationship that caused her overwhelming stress, academic struggle, and forced her to drop out of college and become homeless.


After a physical attack, Ashley finally ended the relationship and made the decision to consciously rebuild her life She returned to college, set big academic goals, engaged on campus, and 7 years after dropping out, graduated as Valedictorian of her violence Speakers dating for teen, and led an accomplished career with her degree in justice.

Violence Speakers dating for teen accomplished youth motivational speaker, Ashley shares the powerful story of how she lost both herself and everything she had entered college hoping for, and the life-changing lessons she gained about the power of choice, self, focus, and vision. Attendees will hear: How to be violence Speakers dating for teen Leader, Helper, and Change-Maker in Social Settings All of us are bystanders… and bystanders play a key role in preventing harm and helping those who may experience abuse.

Understanding our individual responsibility to act and the impact it can provide is necessary for change. In addition to her work as a top motivational youth speaker, Ashley is diversely experienced in bystander intervention methodology, and training persons of all ages to use it for harm prevention.

Keys to a Healthy Relationship by Teen Dating Violence & Prevention Expert & Speaker

The skills participants learn are violence Speakers dating for teen limited to abuse, and can be applied to other forms of harm including bullying, harassment, and hate speech. As a whole, empowered bystanders and collective attitude shifts can violence Speakers dating for teen improve a campus or community's overall campus culture for big leadership and lasting change.

What Exactly is Dating Abuse? An excellent supplement to an assembly or as a standalone workshop, students will gain a complete understanding of what dating abuse really is This interactive workshop combines lecture with open conversation, dialogue, self-reflection and group work.

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