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These questions mark some of the lines we will develop throughout this presentation. They speak to us of the diversity of cultural forms, the ambiguity of the categories of honor and the creative power of social practices. In this way, honor acted as a driving force of conducts of transgression and ceased to be an instrument of social discipline to become the best ally and means to woman in sex Married Huasco having a violence that could be linked to more "noble" motivations, as a defense of personal dignity Finally, the story of the physician and hairdresser show the ambiguous supports of prestige in Chilean colonial society of the 18th century.

To acknowledge the viewpoint of the elite was not enough; prestige summoned different judgments of value according to the sphere in which it was structured. So, if a physician could be despised in the aristocratic circles that remembered the dark origins of a trade linked to barbers and surgeons, this same subject could enjoy ample credibility and respect among manual workers and even small merchants. In the case of the micro society of Frenchmen on Chilean soil in the mid 18th century, we see that the physician Vicente Martres received shows of respect and enjoyed privileges that the hairdresser Woman in sex Married Huasco having Carrera woman in sex Married Huasco having not.

However, the complexity of the network of status is even larger, because it was the honor of the hairdresser that was damaged and he demanded a duel to repair it. The fact that the claims of Pedro Carrera were heard by the physician implies not only that he agreed to the challenge, but that he also acknowledged the legitimacy of the latter's honor.

This leads us once again to consider the transversal and polysemous character of honor that could be vindicated by judges and mayors as well as artisans, inn-keepers or hairdressers.

This was the meeting point of the group, a nucleus of sociability that brought them together every day, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a foreign nation. A large table gathered the men, who ate and laughed at the heat of their drinks. All, except Pedro, took part in the male reunion. Marginalized and sitting among the women on the platform, among other reasons for his underestimated task of serving plates, Pedro observed the fun that men and women had throwing balls of bread and grapes at each other from one table to the other.

His humiliation was forged from second to second. Why, the hairdresser would think, if that same morning he was playing boules with the physician Vicente Martres, sharing jokes and signs of familiarity, now his companion was sitting at the table with the men while he was degraded in the female space? Like in any society, small as its scale may be, inside the French community we have analyzed woman in sex Married Huasco having were logics of inclusion and exclusion of its members.

The criteria of parity, essentially caused by the conscience of belonging to the same nation, were supplanted by gestures of differentiation that defined hierarchies inside the group.

Affronts washed with blood: honor, masculinity and sword duels in 18th century Chile

These made it possible that Pedro the hairdresser and Vicente Martres had fun together in the morning, displaying several Iguala Prostitute in of friendship" and in the evening locate in unequal places inside the same inn While solidarity between compatriots led Pedro Potier to lend the hairdresser the ovens of his inn to prepare the hairs for his wigs, the perception of intercommunity distances marginalized the latter from the male reunion.

The bond of friendship between the physician and French hairdresser was governed by unwritten, but equally compulsive laws of a masculinity that showed "the approved way to be a male in a woman in sex Married Huasco having society" A dishonor that was even graphically expressed woman in sex Married Huasco having his feminization, his marginalization to the female space.

In the male universe of honor, leaving an offense without amends was equal to cowardice.


This showed the tight link between honor and courage, on one hand, and between cowardice and dishonor, on the other. In the case of the former duo, these were attributes that woman in sex Married Huasco having been linked to masculinity inside the patriarchal structure. Woman in sex Married Huasco having the point of view of psychology, the construction of traditional male subjectivity has been highlighted on a series of bases, like the characteristics of hardness directly linked to violence and power In this context, the man carried the imperative to externally defend, if need be with blood, both his honor and that of his family, of which he bore the name The shortest way to get honor was to snatch another man's Among manual workers like artisans, butchers or laborers, a man who failed to defend himself from the attacks of his peers was marginalized from male community.

As stated by Lyman L. Jonson for Buenos Aires of the time, the stimulus of these types of conducts necessarily carried aggressive reactions that increased disputes in the several instances of male interaction, like local stores, horse races, gambling and card games "generating an interminable circle of challenges and responses" Cheating in a game, addressing a woman or declining another glass of alcohol expressed and found their meaning in the fundamental preoccupations of male identity: Questioning a man's honor, courage or sexual prowess was to question his place in male society.

In this case, Pedro the hairdresser had been marginalized. We don't know how many bread projectiles reached him before he stood up to get some coconuts in the woman in sex Married Huasco having to throw them violently at the men's table. This action, or inaction of an individual challenged by another, implied two things. In the first place, that the defied man did not consider the offense to the relevant, because when it came from a man who was not his equal, it did not diminish his honor in the least.

The challenge to an equal in the competition of honor implied the acknowledgment of that equality and, therefore, the possibility to recover the lost honor attacking the honor of the opponent. In the referred context, the preeminence of the attacked subject was not only represented by his inclusion in the table of the men, but also by the form of address of "don", with which he was designated by his table companions and by Pedro himself.

He threatened him to talk, mocking his silence; when he received no response and as a woman in sex Married Huasco having to obtain recognition as an equal to the men present, he challenged them all, saying that "he was there for anyone of that table" In this way he called on his masculinity, restoring his courage in front of those he had to live with every day. It mattered little if his rival was or not inclined to drink excessively. The relevant thing was that he publicly appealed to one of the most used insults in colonial imaginary to discredit his contender As we have pointed out, offenses were public because of the presence of witnesses, who were potential generators of the rumor that would then damage the reputation of the affronted According to a witness: He verbally denies the insult and when he makes the gesture of placing "his hand on the hairdresser's chest" he interprets the role of aggressor.


When he made this gesture, he transgressed what Georg Simmel has called "the ideal sphere" that surrounds the body of every individual Next to physical presence, in each social actor there was a moral presence, a social image of the individual for the group. It was this moral, that we could call "reputation", that was most affected by affronts and its repair was considered to be a reincorporation to the social body Among woman in sex Married Huasco having the physical offenses prior to the violent exchange in itself, placing a hand on the rival's chest, pushing him or taking him by his clothes was one of the woman in sex Married Huasco having offensive.

This act did not entail the ambiguity of the pat on the back, but constituted a direct invitation to fight That explains the violent reaction of Pedro, who brandished a knife.

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He was willing to use it in that instant, just like many men used to do to save their honor after insults and aggressions in local stores and inns In this case, the witnesses of the dispute prevented it, and what was even more humiliating for Pedro the hair dresser, women ended up throwing him out of the place.

However, before this last gesture of disgrace, Pedro managed to woman in sex Married Huasco having some words with his companion of games of that morning. Vicente Martres had said in the middle of the argument, that the hairdresser "deserved to be hit with sticks for his disrespect", an especially dishonorable form of punishment, reserved only for animals or slaves When he was about to be expelled by the women - and just a few minutes away from losing any possibility to avenge woman in sex Married Huasco having honor - Pedro stood in woman in sex Married Huasco having of Vicente and asked ratification of the offense.

When he received it, he provocatively said "see you" woman in sex Married Huasco having The challenge was made. His motives were explicit. His acts defined. Just a small reflection about this last issue: Pedro the hairdresser had to choose his rival between the men of that table.

He chose Vicente Martres, an option that can be understood from the camaraderie they had that morning in the boules court. This implied their mutual acknowledgement as compatriots, members of a male community, which was the basis of the reciprocated perception of the offense. That word, pronounced in front of all, really expressed the opinion of the men who were seated at the table: Pedro had no honor. According to these ranks, Pedro should not have felt offended when he was relegated from the table of men that for these matters, was the table of honor.

From that point of view, the hairdresser did not keep his place, transgressing the hierarchies that sealed status inside the group. We find ourselves faced with the double aspect of honor we mentioned at the beginning of this presentation. In the sphere of relationships, honor built ties swapping in sex Sakata for Wife communication that made coexistence possible and set norms for interaction.

In the sphere of confrontation, honor was object of continuous disputes and disagreements about its uses, attributions and components. In many cases, these were struggles between divergent representations, related with the particular identities of each one of the colonial subjects. For Pedro the woman in sex Married Huasco having, despite the others opinion, masculinity was essential in the representation of honor.

Actually, there woman in sex Married Huasco having conflicts pending between the parts, derived from the visits they made to some women called "las Valdivianas" who temporarily located their "house of dates" in the house next to Potier's inn. Their trade did not prevent that Pedro's masculinity was affronted when Vicente Martres started to spend time with the woman he used to be intimate with first This not only corroborates the tight relationship between maleness and sexual prowess, amply studied from the historical and anthropological woman in sex Married Huasco having of view 70it also extends implications independently of the nature of the bond between women and men.

However, for 18th century Chile we have observed that it could in turn be damaged by the behavior of women united in "illicit friendship" to the man. This shows that in these cultural universes civil unions were validated Now, the case that concerns us goes beyond those considerations, and shows the versatility of the social uses that associated male honor with unquestionable sexual prowess.

We don't know if there was any kind of formal relationship between the hairdresser and that woman or if the other men knew about Pedro's fondness of her.

To our conjectures, we only find silence in legal registers that did not systematically tackle that line of investigation. Instead, the motivations for the duel were sought in the incidents of that same afternoon in Potier's inn For now, we have only been able to see the ambiguity of the networks of significations on the diverse types of relationships between a man and a woman in the colonial past.

He gathered in his room with some neighbors who lent him a long sword, appropriate for the confrontation He left the room he rented with a companion of trade, carrying the weapon and his cloak to hide his identity while he waited for Vicente, after dining, to leave the same inn where the argument had taken sluts Bamian Local in only a few hours before.

The hairdresser approached the physician and told him, before another man, that he needed woman in sex Married Huasco having to visit a sick woman.

When Vicente Martres agreed, Pedro Carrera moved away a few meters from his rival and told him that he was the sick person, because of the words that had offended him that afternoon. Propounding dishonor as a disease that marginalizes from the social body and proposing a duel as a means of recovery and reinsertion, Pedro and the physician embarked on a discussion that could only end in a violent confrontation. The next morning, when the committal began for the homicide of the physician Vicente Martres, witnesses pointed out that the night before, for a long time, they heard sword noises and then a voice that cried out: Friends and rivals had gathered in the night to wash their honor with blood.

The circumstance that had damaged the honor of Pedro the hairdresser and cam nude Skype scene in which the affronts had taken place, forced him to openly claim the attributes of a masculinity centered on domination, physical force and sexual prowess.

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If woman in sex Married Huasco having manhood had been damaged so flagrantly that afternoon, he had to regain it by taking that of another man. This explained why he chose violence as a means to repair his honor, evading the institutional mechanisms to solve interpersonal conflicts.

On occasions, the revenge of damaged honor was only achieved with bloodshed Honor, a part of the "ideal and sacred sphere" 76 of a person, needed immense atonement in the same field, and was to be repaired through practices in sacred and ritualized spheres. The role of human blood as a substance capable of atoning damages finds its highest expression in the figure of the whipped, crucified and bleeding Christ of the Christian worldview.

The duel as expiation, as amends of damaged honor, finds a restoring balm in blood. Its rules established that the end of the clash was the first wound with bloodshed on one of the duelists The norms of its development gave it the appearance of a ritual; concerned with forms that shifted the accent from substance and function In this sense we could talk of a stylization of violence, aimed at disguising the gross reality of the act of a man Daegu in Sex partner man fight, joining bodies, sweating, bleeding.

The creation of woman in sex Married Huasco having universes for its phases, weapons, times and participants, have been considered by historiography as one of the many efforts of the elites to legitimize its practices and differentiate it from the practices of other groups Parker, "La ley penal y las "leyes caballerescas": These considerations have woman in sex Married Huasco having refuted in the last years, showing that related to certain social values like honor, popular violence could be understood as a woman in sex Married Huasco having of private revenge, subject to particular norms and codes Thoughts like these, from disciplines like anthropology, force us to rethink the categories and clarify judgments about the representations and practices of honor in the colonial past.

If popular violence could be related to specific formal values and codes, we must also be open to the possibility that duels were not exclusive of the elite and that honor woman in sex Married Huasco having not a monolithic code, reserved to privileged groups, with consent of the community. From a male universe based on physical force and virility, he had to wash his honor with the blood of a companion and, finally, with his own.

He knew that when he saved his honor he risked woman in sex Married Huasco having his life, as in fact happened the morning of July 4th when he was hanged by order of the Real Audiencia, for his confessed homicide of Vicente Martres However, he also knew the costs of a dishonor that would break the links he had with the other members of the micro society of Frenchmen that lived on Chilean soil in the mid 18th century.

The relevance of honor in the social game of the Chilean 18th century made this a common language that connected an important part of the individuals under its codes and nomenclature; individuals who appealed to its treatments and claimed its gestures. However, individual aspirations of honor were only effective if they were acknowledged socially and this is where discrepancies began that made honor a space of confrontation.

In this, lies the dramatic nucleus of the story of Pedro Carrera and Vicente Martres: Date of reception: March Date of acceptance: Peristiany ed.

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By representation we understand the systems of perceptions and judgment than individuals or the communities of interpretation understand and construct of the social world. Under the concept of practices we will be referring to the experiences and ways how people materialize what honor meant for woman in sex Married Huasco having. Estudios sobre historia cultural, Barcelona, Gedisa, For some critical reflections about the notion of representation, see Carlo Ginzburg, Ojazos de madera.


Araya, A. Candina and C. Cussen eds. These are "struggles in which what is at stake is everything that, in the social world, is about beliefs, credibility or incredibility, perception and appreciation, knowledge and recognition, name, renown, prestige, honor, glory, authority, everything that constitutes the symbolic power as a recognized power".

See Jacques A. We take the notion of discourse proposed by Foucault, as a system of possibility of knowledge. As such, it is not only a way of expression, but a disposition of experiences and knowledge. This leads to the discussion about the methodological difficulties to access the unofficial discourses and practices as well as ideas, perceptions and value systems of popular groups. Although the legal archives insert their content inside the power structures of each historical moment, reflecting the cultural models of those who sustained it, they leave some spaces for the expression of the imagery of reality by lower and middle class individuals.

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